Emerging Opportunities on the Geoweb

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Presentation given at Where 2.0 to discuss potential startup opportunities in the geoweb, geomobile, geovoice and geocar markets.

Presentation given at Where 2.0 to discuss potential startup opportunities in the geoweb, geomobile, geovoice and geocar markets.

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  • 1. Emerging Opportunities on the GeoWeb Dev Khare dkhare at venrock dot com / www.NextWala.com May 2008
  • 2. Geo Is Impacting Many Industries Travel Telecom Logistics Real Estate Technology Automotive Media Advertising Retail Sports
  • 3. Many (New) Ways to Consume Geo Laptop Mobile PND Outdoors On person Marine Ambient Paper
  • 4. GeoWeb
    • What’s hot
      • Apps : 3D maps, location-based social networking, location/map widgets, user-generated content entry
      • Enabling : WiFi locationing, standards (KML, geoRSS, ..), media geotagging, open source maps
    • Opportunities
      • Apps : Geobrowser, local communities, location-based vertical content networks, real places within virtual worlds, connecting online to offline, predictive algorithms for geoactivity (retail, traffic, travel, ..)
      • Enabling : ad network/ ad serving for maps, UGC geodata aggregation, location brokers
    Image source: Everyscape.com
  • 5. GeoMobile
    • What’s hot
      • Apps : Location-based social networking/dating/flirting, local search/reviews, 2D maps/navigation
      • Enabling : WiFi locationing, iPhone, Android
    • Opportunities in the next few years
      • Apps : Geobrowser, location-based gaming, geocommerce, 3D maps/navigation, local communities
      • Enabling : Location-based ad network for mobile, MMS, cellphone GPS data aggregation, location presence management
    Image source: Where.com
  • 6. GeoCar
    • What’s hot
      • Apps : Real-time traffic, connected services/telematics, local search, navigation
      • Enabling : Connected personal navigation devices, Ford Sync, nav software, WIMAX, data MVNOs
    • Opportunities
      • Apps : location-based gaming, geocommerce, ADAS, on-board diagnostics, services for electric cars, personalized insurance
      • Enabling : Location-based audio/display advertising, embedded natural language speech recognition, on-board databases
    Image source: Wired Magazine
  • 7. GeoVoice
    • What’s hot
      • Apps : Automated directory assistance
      • Enabling : Text-to-speech, automated speech recognition
    • Opportunities
      • Apps : Search, navigation, user-generated audio
      • Enabling : Location-based audio advertising, location-based radio, multi-modal integration with mobile/PND displays, natural language processing
    Image source: Corbis
  • 8. Emerging Markets – GeoMobile, GeoVoice
  • 9. Investor and Acquirer Interest is High
  • 10. Thank You
    • This presentation is available online
      • http://www.slideshare.net/dkman
    • Contact me if you are building a geo company!
      • Email: dkhare at venrock dot com
      • Technology Blog: http://www.NextWala.com
      • Travel Blog: http://shahkhare.typepad.com
  • 11. Selected Venrock Geo and Media Investments Mobile social networking Location enabled mobile platform Nationwide, real-time, predictive traffic information Mobile advertising company focused on rich media messaging Open Linux system platform provider for mobile devices Online advertising service provider and network focused on web publishers Media property focused on blogging for women by women Business information search engine for industries, companies, people World’s largest community for sharing presentations Content management software for handsets More at http://www.venrock.com Content and community site focused on anime and Asian content