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Klier flipping education
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Klier flipping education


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Flipping Over Education com/Flips.jpg Debbie Klier 21st Century Teaching and Learning February 2012
  • 2. "The way we were taught is not necessarily the way we should be teaching students."- Stacey Roshan, HS Algebra Teacher, Bullis School
  • 3. Flipped Classroom = Reverse InstructionClassroom “lectures” takeplace at home – online Homework takes place in the classroom
  • 4. “When you do a standard lecture in class, and then the students go home to do the problems, some of them are lost. They spend a whole lot of time being frustrated and, even worse, doing it wrong,”Karl Fisch, Arapahoe HS, Denver CO (Pink)
  • 5. What happens outside of class?Students… /view_photog.php?photogid= Watch video lessons Listen to podcasts Use interactive websites Can work at their own pace Chat online w/peers & teacher": Salvatore Vuono
  • 6. Tools .htm r pute com op_ t esk c _d iM a _ ple Ap __T ee- he_ t/19 .ne per iew llpa rev ://wa http com c om ed. oy. pb wir p g.a b lo m .co iz mo g er ub
  • 7. flippedInside the classroom
  • 8. Students… arnstable/images/MVC-001S.JPG Complete assignments Hands-on work Practice what they’ve learned Bring questions to class Discuss content/concepts
  • 9. Content mastery takes place in class Collaborative work / Under guidance of teacher
  • 10. Student Advantages Student Centered Work at their own pace Pause, play and rewindChat online with peers Advanced learn independently Chat online with teachers Absent students have opportunity to learn
  • 11. Classroom Benefits
  • 12. “…allows educators to differentiate instruction to meet individual student “Students use needs and spend more knowledge and time in the classroom lead one another focused on collaboration without prompting and higher-order from teacher” thinking.” (Daily Riff) (Should You Flip Your Classroom) “…students improved“Discussions reach Educator on their AP Calculushigher orders of critical exams after using thethinking” Impressions! “flipped model” for (Daily Riff) instruction.” Stacy Roshan (Toppo) “Flipping the classroom has made her students “It’s going to offer a more independent, huge opportunity to less-stressed change the way kids learners…” says Stacy learn.” Roshan HS Teacher Jason Just, HS (Toppo) Teacher (Heron)
  • 13. “It’s definitely a change, I like that you can stop and “It makes it easier to pause the lecture if you think learn at your own pace, you missed something. You You can kind of get can always go back and ahead.” review. I feel like I retain Josephine, 10th grade more information.” student (Heron) Haylee, 10th grade student (Heron) “You can get more help on the assignments when you are at school, rather than struggling with them at home because you don’t have the teacher help at home.”“You can go at your own “Student (Learning4Mastery)pace and don’t have to wait Impressions”for the rest of the class tomove on.”(Learning4Mastery) “It gives you the opportunity to do the work in class and talk to your teacher about the problems you are struggling “I like this better because with.” it gives the student a (Learning4Mastery) chance to teach themselves…” (Learning4Mastery)
  • 14. A Closer Look
  • 15. Are you ready to flip? Try one or all of these freetools to create lessons, videos, podcasts, etc. thatyour students will flip over!Click on an image to access website to find out more or sign up!
  • 16. Find out more!• The Flipped Classroom Defined• Flipped-Mastery Classroom• The Flipped Classroom• What Students are Saying about our Flipped Classro• Flipped/Mastery Educational Model: Student Impress• My Flipped Classroom
  • 17. Works CitedBarseghian, Tina. "The Flipped Classroom Defined." Mind/Shift. N.p., 08 Sep 2011. Web. 16 Feb 2012. < flipped-classroom-defined/>.Heron, Minneapolis. “Lakeville schools take plunge into high-tech.” McClatchy – Tribune Business News. 08 Feb. 2012 eLibrary Web. 17 Feb. 2012KDAF-TV, Amanda Salinas, Dallas. “Flipping Our OUver Homework And Loving It!.” McClatchy – Tribune Business News. 07 Feb. 2012 eLibrary. Web. 17 Feb., 2012.Leader-Telegram, The., Claire, Eau., Wis.. “Editorial: Future of learning will be exciting by challenging.” McClatchy – Tribune Business News. 18 Oct. 2011 eLibrary. Web 16 Feb. 2012Learning4Mastery. Flipped/Mastery Educational Model: Student Impressions. 2010. Video. YouTube Web. 21 Feb 2012. <>.Mclean, Claire, Eau., Wis.. “Technology could bring teaching into the home” McClatchy – Tribune Business News. 16 Oct. 2011 eLibrary. Web. 16 Feb. 2012Pink, Daniel. "Think Tank: Flip-thinking - the New Buzz Word Sweeping the US." Review. The Telegraph. Telegraph Media Group Linited 2012, 12 Sept. 2010. Web. 20 Feb. 2012. < new-buzz-word-sweeping-the-US.html>.“Should You Flip Your Classroom?" K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies That Work. Web. 28 Feb. 2012. <>.“The Daily Riff - BE SMARTER. ABOUT EDUCATION." The Flipped Class Revealed. Web. 28 Feb. 2012. <>."Time-shifting instruction: flipped classroom and teaching." Technology with Invention. N.p., 14 Aug 2011. Web. 28 Feb 2012. <>.Toppo Greg.. “’Flipped’ classrooms offer virtual learning ; Technology lets students hear the lecture at home and work on ;homework in class” USA Today. 07 Oct. 2011: A3. eLibrary. Web. 16 Feb. 2012“User Generated Education." User Generated Education. Web. 28 Feb. 2012. < flipped-classroom-model-a-full-picture/>. Logo ImagesAnimoto [online image] available at: 25 Feb 2012Google docs [online image] available at: Feb 2012Jing [online image] available at: 25 Feb 2012Show Me [online image] available at: fabulous-fourth.blogspot.comSlideshare [online image] available at: 25 Feb 2012Voicethread Me [online image] available at: 25 Feb 2012YouTube [online image] available at: 25 Feb 2012