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Oracle Exec Summary 7000 Unified Storage
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Oracle Exec Summary 7000 Unified Storage


Oracle\'s SUN Data Storage Executive Solution Summary - SUN 7000 Series Unified Storage Platform -

Oracle\'s SUN Data Storage Executive Solution Summary - SUN 7000 Series Unified Storage Platform -

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  • Faced with a challenging economic climate and rapid data growth, now is the time for storage operators and administrators to demand alternative ways to keep pace. Based on industry standard components, Sun's open source software, and supported by a passionate, global community of developers and ISVs, Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems are 10x (NEED VALIDATION) faster to install and require no additional training to configure. These systems have the industry's most comprehensive analytics environment including innovative new tools to help isolate and resolve issues before they impact your business. These systems are the only storage systems with Hybrid Storage Pools that automatically optimize performance while lowering your power and cooling requirements. The Sun Storage 7000 family delivers up to 2X (NEED VALIDATION) higher performance and capacity while radically simplifying the way you manage your storage with breakthrough cost savings, speed and scale.
  • Customers are rapidly deploying Sun TM Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems for new, simplified storage management and breakthrough performance and economics Shipped over 17 PB of storage to hundreds of customers in less than 6 months Saving customer $50M of storage costs and 6,500 days of management time Customer data suggests we have twice the performance at half the cost Fastest ramping Storage product ever from Sun Achieving broad market adoption across multiple industries Customers are buying the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System for use in Windows environments (consolidation, file sharing) Customers are using the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System in various heterogenous environments including Windows, Linux and Solaris environments Sun has saved customers more than $50 million in storage costs and increased data center efficiencies by more than 50% over traditional storage offerings with the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System family. Customers are re-thinking their storage and turning away from traditional storage and vendors such as NetApp, and are looking to the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System to cut storage costs and simplify data management. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems have saved customers $50M in storage costs Over 800 customers have purchased a Sun Storage 7000 System to store more than 17 petabytes of total data Sun currently has 13 partners participating in the Open Storage Partner Specialty Program, including AvcomEast, Continental Resources, CSC, Groupware Technology, Integrated Archive Systems, Open Technologies,Technologent, FusionStorm and Versatile, among others. Nearly 10,000 Software Simulator downloads and 500 Try and Buy units shipped in less than 60 days 23,000+ people are looking at Sun's approach to Unified Storage 1,000's of customers have attend worldwide Open Storage meet up conferences in nearly 100 cities Analysts are reporting increased storage customer inquiries regarding Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
  • Product Family Positioning Sun Storage 7110: The Sun Storage 7110 Unified Storage Systems deliver enterprise features at entry-level pricing for companies who require simple ways to manage their storage up to 4TB. Sun Storage 7210: Designed for companies with high-density and space-saving requirements, the Sun Storage 7210 Unified Storage System provides dramatically easier ways to manage and scale storage up to 142 TB. Sun Storage 7310: Designed for companies requiring mission-critical entry storage, the Sun Storage 7310 Unified Storage System delivers simplified management, performance, efficiency, and seamless expansion to meet your growing needs up to 96 TB. Sun Storage 7410: Ideal for enterprises requiring mission-critical storage and provides dramatically easier and faster ways to manage and scale your storage up to 288 TB.
  • The Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System is the first open storage appliance that radically simplifies the way you manage your data. Quick to install and configure storage 10x faster install/config (4 minutes), click & drag administration, requires no additional training vs. NetApp (forthcoming) Installation wizard takes the guesswork out of tuning Pre-loaded profiles match HW config to workload (capacity, performance and/or reliability) *Easy to configure and deploy a clustered solution (NEED VALIDATION) Easy to analyze and optimize your storage system Extremely simple to use graphical tools and analytics software provide real time visibility throughout the entire data path The browser interface provides an intuitive environment for administration tasks, visualizing concepts and analyzing performance data. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems utilize an advanced DTrace-based facility for storage analytics. Analytics provide real time graphs of various statistics so you can locate, isolate problems, and optimize storage performance and capacity. *Rebuild in minutes, not days (instant RAID rebuilder) – (NEED VALIDATION) Save and analyze performance data for the life of the product With the “archive” function, statistics may be archived to disk. Archived data sets can be suspended or resumed as desired or destroyed if no longer needed. Dedicated archive capacity allows the administrator to preserve historical data up to 7-10 years (average competitor is 24 hours) (NEED VALIDATION) Most comprehensive self healing storage system Sun's Fault Management Architecture (FMA) automatically and silently detects and diagnoses the underlying problem, with an extensible set of agents automatically responding by taking the faulty component offline. Easy-to-understand diagnostic messages link to articles in Sun's knowledge base that clearly guide administrators through corrective tasks that require human intervention. Includes automatic data integrity checking & correction with block level checksums. When a corrupt block is identified, ZFS automatically repairs it with another copy, providing for self-healing capabilities at the block level. The Fault Management tools and architecture enable open storage developers to create self-healing content for software and hardware failures, all with a unified, simple view for administrators and system management software. (Keep or move to community section) Rapidly diagnose, trouble shoot and resolve issues before they impact your business Real time visibility from CPU to user helps to ensure performance and health Drill down analytics quickly narrow the focus to the most likely troubled areas (network bytes/sec, NFS ops/sec, disc ops/sec, CPU utilization). Easy to read dashboard summarizes the status of the appliance software and hardware and displays status for the following areas: disk usage, main memory usage, appliances services (NFS, CIFS, http, etc.), hardware, activities statistics, and recent appliance alerts.
  • Easy to scale your storage and obtain optimal performance Leading the industry with Hybrid Storage Pools that dramatically reduce storage I/O bottlenecks requiring no administrator intervention. ZFS was designed to automatically recognize different I/O patterns and optimize the placement of data to maximize performance and utilization of disk space. By combining high performance storage such as Solid State Disks (SSD) with other storage media-- usually hard disk drives (HDDs)-- in the same system, a Hybrid Storage Pool is automatically created without requiring intervention from the administrator. Leveraging key OpenSolaris features such as ZFS, the appliance optimizes the use of all available tiers of storage - DRAM, read optimized storage (read cache, SSD), write optimized storage (write cache, SSD), and a general storage tier (SATA HDDs). Protect your investment in training and custom scripting as you scale your hardware environment The Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems' software stack is hardware agnostic, making skills sets and scripting portable. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems include a comprehensive data services suite at no additional cost. Mirroring, remote replication snapshots and data compression are included.
  • High Performance Read & Write Cache Pool ZFS combines main memory and SSDs for read caching Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC) Linear pattern multi-stream detection Second-level ARC (L2ARC) for NAND Flash ZFS Intent Log pool ZFS is a transactional file system Intent Log stores small transactions without doing the transaction ZFS can use a separate intent log device (slog) Typically NVRAM or dedicated SDD pool used High Capacity Pool The ZFS pool manager automatically stripes across any number of high capacity HDDs ZFS IO-scheduler bundles disk IO to optimize arm movement and sector allocation Shipping now in OpenSolaris
  • Unlike common Flash, enterprise SSDs have a controller that pools the individual FLASH chips and virtualized the address space so it looks like a hard disk. The controller also performs wear leveling, CRC and bad block mapping for data integrity and high reliability. Just like disk controllers, SSD controllers also provide host interfaces. We (Sun) also reserve an additional 25% of the capacity for hot sparing and write shifting as to provide the highest level of reliability, writeability and longevity.
  • Gain up to a 90% (NEED VALIDATION) cost savings over traditional storage solutions while realizing significant space, power and cooling efficiencies with the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System-- up to X% lower price and 2X the performance of any system in its class. Limited software license fees: Rich built in software features are included when you purchase a Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Provides the highest efficiencies at the best capacity/square foot in its class with XX% less power consumed Reduce costly operational down time by X% Reduce break-fix calls by 75%, and enjoy a single-point-of-contact (SPOC) for support with Sun Services Uses general purpose storage and compute components and open source software
  • This is how the ISV sees the 1.0 version of appliance view
  • Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems bring unprecedented levels of simplicity and observability to a virtualized infrastructure. Sun and VMware offer the best combination to deliver Windows server consolidation through virtualization. Simplicity: Increase overall data-center efficiency by reducing time to provision virtual server – storage environments; DTrace ppervasive observability With DTrace Analytics, drill down to Virtual Machine (VM) level to determine overall performance while determining optimal VM placement With NFS, significantly reduce time to deploy & manage storage in virtual environment (unlike other data protocols like FC) Speed/Scale: Dramatically reduce time to create VMs for each server instance (HSP, ZFS snap/clones) Savings: Increase hard dollar savings by at least 50% Increase VM space efficiency savings (Compression, ZFS snap/clones) No additional licenses (NFS, iSCSI, Compression, Replication, Snapshots/Clones)
  • Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems bring unprecedented levels of performance and simplicity to a Windows, Linux, UNIX or mixed file sharing environments. Simplicity : Create shares and access user files simultaneously and across multiple operating systems (Windows, Unix, Mac O/S, Linux); optimize and troubleshoot peak share access performance (user logins) by 50% Transparent & seamless file sharing across protocols (CIFS/NFS); In mixed Windows and UNIX environments, it is not necessary to replicate files to allow concurrent access; only a single instance of the file is needed, even in a mixed network environment (i.e. we can share files across NFS and CIFS without user access permission issues) Speed/Scale: Add a large number of users and shares with minimal impact to performance and significantly reduce time for remote file access & collaboration, especially frequently accessed files (home directories, PowerPoint) Savings: Increase hard-dollar savings by at least 50% with no additional licenses (CIFS, NFS, Data services) and no expensive 15K drives
  • Analysts have identified a number of fundamental shifts in the industry. Most prominent is the rise of the open source community. Also critical is the concept of open standards. If open source is freedom for developers, open standards is freedom for customers. But there's a larger shift underway around how applications are developed and deployed – with the web as a platform.
  • One of the factors that differentiates Sun is the fact that we have a commitment to open and standards- based technology. Our open systems approach gives you the flexibility and the freedom to choose the best systems for your business and IT infrastructure. Sun systems are open in design – running on Solaris, Linux and Windows – and have a common architecture across the entire portfolio so customers can easily deploy Sun systems into their current IT infrastructure with minimal overhead and down time to your business. Such wide interoperability and seamless integration offers businesses the opportunity to do more with less.
  • .. Sun's openstorage approach delivers storage systems that are enterprise-class quality, reliable, with the highest data integrity in the industry. Quality: Sun's open source software and storage systems offer award-winning quality. In fact, Solaris ZFS and the Sun Fire x4500 (Thumper) hybrid storage server won InfoWorld 2008 Technology of the Year awards. Reliability: Commercial distributions of Sun open source software have gone through rigorous testing and certification. For example, Solaris ZFS offers “19 nines” data integrity while predictive self healing offers automatic system diagnosis, reducing downtime 32-52%. Better Data Integrity: Solaris is the only known OS designed to provide end-to-end check summing for all data. Solaris ZFS constantly reads and checks data to help ensure it is correct, and if it detects an error in a mirrored pool, the technology can automatically repair the corrupt data. This relentless vigilance on behalf of availability protects against costly and time-consuming data loss (even previously undetectable silent data corruption). Available: Solaris protects businesses from planned and unplanned outages that can cost millions.1 Unlike HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, and Microsoft Windows, Solaris has predictive self healing, the capability to monitor historical data to predict faults and take proactive preventive action to avoid future failures. Unlike the competition, scaling Sun's open storage is not just about adding capacity, it's about easily and dynamically scaling your infrastructure to meet your changing business needs. Massive Scale: Sun builds to scale as you grow. Solaris is the only OS to deliver both vertical and horizontal multi-platform scalability with the same code base. Solaris ZFS is a 128-bit file system. Its theoretical limits are truly mind-boggling —2128 bytes of storage, and 264 for everything else such as file systems, snapshots, directory entries, devices, and more. With Solaris ZFS, you can also quickly add any device to your storage pool. Sun offers the most scalable storage systems in the industry, ranging from >10TB to <100PB . So, when you reach the limit of your current infrastructure, you don't always have to migrate to new storage devices with new management tools. You can just change or upgrade the components you need. Flexible building blocks: Unlike traditional storage deployments, Sun openstorage environments allow customers to freely mix, match, and maximize components of their computing infrastructures as business needs change. Customers can can re-purpose and re-use hardware simply by adding new software. In contrast to EMC, Sun believes in making the most of your current infrastructure. Rapid response: With Sun's openstorage, you can create and run applications directly on a storage device, improving application response time. Manage more data with less: Creating a storage file system or performing other administrative activities is very fast—less than one second, regardless of size. There is no need to configure (or worse, reconfigure) underlying storage devices or volumes, as this is handled automatically when they are added to a pool. Solaris ZFS also enables administrators to guarantee a minimum capacity for file systems, or set quotas to limit maximum sizes. and
  • Sun Open-Storage Platform Helps Unleash the Potential of Danish Hosting Services Provider EasySpeedy, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a dedicated server hosting company with customers in nearly 90 countries. Employees at EasySpeedy include technicians, software developers, programmers, and specialists in Solaris, UNIX, BSD, and Linux environments. The company’s immediate aim is to continue growing its unmanaged hosting services, which enable customers to manage their own servers via an Internet connection. Business models may change, but IT challenges often remain the same. EasySpeedy, based in Denmark, discovered this with the success of its unmanaged hosting services solution. The service is an adaptation of the traditional managed services model, whereby instead of EasySpeedy personnel supporting customers’ servers, clients do it themselves via a Web browser and EasySpeedy’s Remote Control Center software. The idea was a success among the business community; the company attracted customers worldwide. However, along with this achievement came the familiar challenge of building for the future and delivering successful new revenue streams. Priority number one was finding a viable data storage solution for customers that was easy to scale and simple to manage. " Thanks to Sun Open Storage, EasySpeedy can cost-effectively scale data storage on demand to meet the needs of customers. What is more, the platform helps minimize power consumption and makes day-to-day management simple. " — Peter Lerche, Chief Executive Officer, EasySpeedy Because the principle of non-proprietary systems was deeply rooted in the company’s philosophy, EasySpeedy wanted the storage platform to be open. The company had already become successful through an open server platform. Its datacenter consists of 1,200 physical servers in a mixed environment of rack-optimized Sun Fire and white box servers, running 28 operating systems. The Remote Control Center is supported by Sun SPARC Enterprise servers. Peter Lerche, chief executive officer at EasySpeedy, says, "Sun Open Storage was a perfect fit for our open concept at the heart of EasySpeedy, where the customer has the power. With Open Storage, we are not locked into one product line and proprietary protocols. Sun gives us the ability to build the architecture that suits our needs. With Open Storage we have freedom, rather than being bound hand and foot." The fact that Sun Open Storage supports many different protocols ensures that it delivers EasySpeedy’s concept that clients should have the freedom to use the operating system they prefer. "Our aim is to best serve our customers. That means, simply, that we must be able to provide access to storage from a variety of operating systems including Linux, Windows, Solaris, UNIX, and Apple," says Lerche. EasySpeedy's Open Storage solution is based on Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System technology. The clustered solution comprises two front-end computers acting as controller heads connected to 24-TB Sun J4400 array with the Solaris 10 Operating System. Unlike many storage solutions, the software for mirroring and snapshots is built in, thereby reducing costs. In addition, Solaris ZFS technology allocates data to the most efficient media automatically, helping reduce energy consumption. Comments Lerche, "We are free to expand the number of controllers and to add more disks. This gives our customers the security of a razor-sharp service and, when Sun's pricing in volume is considered, excellent value. We can offer 100 GB of incremental storage on demand for €50 per month. Customers can continue increasing or decreasing storage through our Remote Control Center.” The company also chose Sun Open Storage because of the management software that comes as part of the package. This software gives personnel a full view of how each server performs: how quickly and accurately data is written to the disks and whether there is enough capacity. "The management software is important because it enables us to identify potential problems and to solve them. And it is completely automatic. We just follow what is on the screen," says Lerche. EasySpeedy expects its relationship with Sun to continue. "We've had a very good relationship with Sun for several years now, and we can trust that their technology works. This applies not just to the Open Storage products; the storage and backup must also serve our virtual server concept. So yes, we are happy customers," concludes Lerche.
  • Sun makes it easy to deploy the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems with new professional services that can help mitigate the risk of downtime, data loss, and costly delays. NEW: Installation services for the Sun Storage 7000 family: Provides the installation assistance and expertise required to achieve a smooth and successful start-up for a Sun system environment to ensure that your systems are running at an optimal level right from the start. NEW: Sun NAS Migration Service: Minimize disruption and gain full feature functionality of new technology investments. Speed ROI with Sun's deep technical expertise and proven implementation and migration tools. NEW: Sun's Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems will be covered under a single service contract which provides the features of Sun's software and StorageTek service plans. SunSpectrum Service Plan: Simplify and reduce the cost of managing an IT infrastructure while delivering proven Return on Investment (ROI). NEW LEARNING SERVICE: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Administration: Courses that help administrators gain a deep knowledge of Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems through knowledge transfer that will enable staff to be more productive.
  • This is about a journey, not a point in time. Figure out how you can adapt to catch a wave.


  • 1. Software. Hardware. Complete.
  • 2. Oracle + Sun: Software. Hardware. Complete. Ric Hall Principal Sales Consultant Enterprise Solutions Group
  • 3. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  • 4. 7000 Unified Storage System © 2010 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  • 5. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
    • Agenda
    • The Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
    • Product Features
    • Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System Solutions
    • The Sun Open Advantage
    • Getting Started/Next Steps
  • 6. Today's Business Problems Proprietary Huge Barrier to Exit Slow Innovation Unsustainable Costs Complex Management Rapid Data Growth Traditional Storage Solutions Are Not Meeting These Challenges
  • 7. Introducing the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System... Radically SIMPLIFYING the way you manage your storage with breakthrough SPEED, SCALE and COST SAVINGS
  • 8. Speeding Up, Simplifying, and Cutting Costs
    • Saving customers $50M of storage costs and 6,500 days of management time in the 1 st 6 months
    • Shipped over 65 PB of storage & 3500+ systems to hundreds of customers in just 14 months
    • Achieving broad market adoption across multiple industries
    • Fastest ramping Storage product ever from Sun
  • 9. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
    • Sun Storage 7110
    • 8 GB RAM, 6-core AMD Opteron processor
    • Up to 14x300GB SAS 10K-rpm Drives
    • Up to 4 TB
    • 2RU package
    • Sun Storage 7210
    • 32 GB and 64 GB options
    • 2 socket Quad-core AMD Opteron processor
    • Up to 142 TB
    • Hybrid Storage Pool I/O Acceleration
    • Write Flash/SSD options for higher performance
    Provides support for unified file and block data protocols, including a rich set of data services * Up to 576 TB with 2TB drives **Cluster Optional Bringing Simplicity to Enterprise Storage
    • Sun Storage 7410 Cluster**
    • 64, 128, & 256 GB options per controller
    • 4 socket 6-core AMD Opteron processors / controller
    • Up to 288 TB*
    • Includes cluster software
    • Hybrid Storage Pool I/O Acceleration
    • Read/Write Flash/SSD options for higher performance
    • Sun Storage 7310 Cluster**
    • 16 GB (up to 64 GB) per controller
    • 4 socket 6-core AMD Opteron processors / controller
    • Up to 96 TB
    • Hybrid Storage Pool I/O Acceleration
    • Read/Write Flash/SSD options for higher performance
    Performance Capacity
  • 10. Radically Simplify the Way You Manage Your Data
    • Easy to analyze and optimize your storage system
    • Most comprehensive self-healing storage system
    • Rapidly diagnose, trouble shoot and resolve issues to minimize impact on your business
    • Quick to install and configure storage
    Root Cause Issues in Minutes Not Hours
  • 11. Status at a Glance
  • 12. Radically Simple Storage Configuration
  • 13. Providing Unprecedented Storage Analytics
    • Automatic real-time visualization of application and storage related workloads
    • Simple yet sophisticated instrumentation provides real-time comprehensive analysis
    • Supports multiple simultaneous application and workload analysis in real-time
    • Analysis can be saved, exported and replayed for further analysis.
    • Built on DTrace instrumentation
      • NFSv3, NFSv4, CIFS, iSCSI
      • ZFS and the Solaris i/o path
      • CPU and Memory Utilization
      • Networking (TCP, UDP, IP)
  • 14. Answering Key Questions
    • “ What is CPU and Memory Utilization?”
    • “ How much storage is being utilized?”
    • “ How is disk performing? How many Ops/Sec?”
    • “ What Services are active?”
    • “ Which applications / users are causing performance issues?”
  • 15. Analytics – down to the Oracle tablespace
  • 16. Projects for Consistency Grouping with RBAC
  • 17. You Grow Fast Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems Scale Faster
    • With ZFS Hybrid Storage Pool technology, and use of SSDs, performance scales with capacity
    • Adapt to evolving application environments and storage requirements
    • Sun Storage 7000 series includes a comprehensive data services suite at no additional cost (no added licensable upgrades)
  • 18. Most Scalable Storage System Design
    • Hybrid Flash Storage Pools
      • Data is intelligently placed in DRAM, Flash or Disk
      • Transparently Managed as one storage pool
      • Optimizes $/GB and $/IOP performance
    • Enterprise Grade Flash SSD
      • 3-5 year lifetime
    Read/ L2ARC SSDs Write/ ZIL SSDs HDD Pool (SATA)
  • 19. ZFS Turbo Charges Applications
    • ZFS automatically:
    • Writes new data to a very fast SSD pool (ZIL)
    • Determines data access patterns and stores frequently accessed data in the L2ARC
    • Bundles IO into sequential lazy writes for more efficient use of low cost mechanical disks
    • Now shipping in OpenSolaris and coming soon in Solaris 10
    The Hybrid Storage Pool Data Management
  • 20. Solid State Drives (SSD) Enterprise advantage from commodity FLASH
    • SSD has three major parts:
      • A) Controller
      • B) DRAM & SuperCap
      • C) FLASH bank
    • Individual FLASH chips are pooled and address space virtualized by the controller
    • Controller also performs
      • Wear leveling
      • CRC
      • Bad block mapping
    • Controller provides the host interface such as SATA, SAS or FC
  • 21. ZFS Hybrid Storage Pool (5) 400GB 4200 RPM SATA Drives (7) 146GB 10,000 RPM SAS Drives (1) 32G SSD ZIL Device (1) 80G SSD Cache Device Sun X4250 Storage Server Example Configuration B Configuration A
    • 4 Xeon 7350 Processors
    • OpenSolaris with ZFS
  • 22. ZFS Hybrid Pool Example Raw Capacity (TB) Hybrid Storage Pool (DRAM + Read SSD + Write SSD + 5 x 4200 RPM SATA) Traditional Storage Pool (DRAM + 7x 10K RPM 2.5”) Storage Power (Watts) Read IOPs Write IOPs Cost 3.2x 11% 4% 4.9x 2x Based on Actual Benchmark Results
  • 23. Hybrid Storage Pool Economics Right-Size Performance & Capacity 1/10th the Cost 1/5th the Power
  • 24. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems vs. the Competition
  • 25. Break Through Storage Economic Barriers
    • Gain up to 75% cost savings
    • No additional software license fees
    • 4x less power consumed
    • Reduce break/fix calls and enjoy a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) with Sun services
  • 26. Full Compliment of Storage Software Included with the System at No Additional Cost Data Protocols Data Services Management
      • NFS v2, v3, and v4
      • CIFS
      • ISCSI (enhanced via COMSTAR)
      • HTTP / HTTPS
      • WebDAV
      • FTP
      • FTPS
      • SFTP
      • NDMP v4
      • Infiniband (QDR)
        • IPoIB
        • NFS/RDMA
      • Snapshots
      • Clones
      • Replication
      • Shadow Migration for NFS
      • Compression
      • Thin Provisioning
      • Flash Hybrid Storage Pool
      • RAID-Z (5), RAID-Z DP (6) & Triple Parity
      • Mirroring
      • Triple Mirroring
      • Striping
      • Active-active Clustering
      • Antivirus via ICAP Protocol
      • MS VSS Shadow Copy for Shared Folders
      • End-to-End Data Integrity
      • Multi-Path I/O
      • Fault Management
      • DTrace Analytics
      • Dashboard
      • Role-Based Access Control
      • NIS, LDAP & AD support
      • Microsoft MMC support
      • Alerts & Alarms
      • Syslog Relay
      • Phone Home with ASR
      • SNMP
      • NTP
      • Workflow Automation
      • Scripting
      • Upgrade
      • Hardware View
      • Advanced Networking (IPMP, IPMP Standby, LACP, Vlan, trunking, 1GigE, 10GigE)
  • 27. And Continuing to Evolve Included with the System at No Additional Cost - Q1.2010 features Data Protocols Data Services Management
      • FC Target
      • iSER & SRP
      • Kerberized NFS
      • CIFS Access-Based Enumeration
      • Deduplication (inline, block level)
      • >2 storage pools
      • Next-gen Replication
      • VSS Block Target Provider
      • MS IDMU support
      • AD LDAP Signing
      • VMware SRM (NFS) adapter
      • Network Alerts
      • Unified and consistent provisioning of protocols (ie iSCSI vs FC)
      • SNMP msg enhancements
  • 28. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems Broad ISV Community Support
  • 29. The Ideal Storage Platform for a Wide Range of Infrastructure Solutions Database Windows Consolidation & Virtualization Windows File Services & Infrastructure Windows File Services & Infrastructure Web Infrastructure & Content Management HPC Open Archive Back Up & Data Protection Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Windows Consolidation & Virtualization Windows Consolidation & Virtualization Cloud Computing/ Storage Windows File Services & Infrastructure
  • 30. Best Storage Platform for Windows Server Consolidation Using VMware
    • Simplify thin-provisioning of VM files on NFS with a mouse click and save disk space and operations time
    • Enhance SLA by detecting and removing bottlenecks in VM clients and disks with DTrace Analytics for NFS
    • Accelerate VM cache performance on NFS with optimized Flash drives for read and write operations
    • Minimize deployment budget 3-6 times for storage by choosing NFS and avoiding expensive SAN components
    Sun Storage 7000 NFS Offers New Dimension of Efficiency Sun+VMware: Unbeatable combination for Windows Consolidation
  • 31. Windows Consolidation - Virtualization VMware Gets Better with the Sun Storage 7000
  • 32. Analytics – down to the VM disk image
  • 33. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System
    • Create shares and access user files simultaneously and across multiple operating systems (Windows, Unix, Mac OS, Linux)
    • Optimize and troubleshoot peak share access performance (user logins) by 50%
    • Add a large number of users and shares with minimal impact to performance
    • Increase hard-dollar savings by at least 50% with no additional licenses
    Unprecedented levels of performance and simplicity for Windows file sharing environments. Windows Gets Better with the Sun Storage 7000
  • 34. File Sharing For Windows Windows Gets Better with the Sun Storage 7000
  • 35. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
    • Built purely from industry standard and open source components
    • Sun and OpenSolaris community promotes a rapid and safe adoption of new computing technologies
    • OpenSolaris Storage Operating System capitalizes on commodity multi-core technology improving efficiency
    Freedom from Proprietary Lock-In
    • Support and Services costs reduced by leveraging standard building blocks without specialized hardware
    • Higher performance at lower power and cooling levels means fewer systems with lower cost of operations
    • Storage Features are built-in to the software payload using OpenSolaris and ZFS without incremental costs
    • Unified Storage Features and Pricing are independent of Storage Capacity
    Freedom from Excessive TCO Costs Freedom from License Fees
  • 36. Oracle’s Open Storage Strategy
    • Open Source reduced costs and vendor lock-in
    • Scale out architectures brought new economics
    • Commoditization brought increased competition & lower costs
    • Differentiation from innovative product design and packaging
    • Follows same server trend
    • General purpose systems will drive storage costs down
    • Robust Open Source software will further reduce costs
    • Simple data administration
    • Revolutionary analytics
    • Open architectures will free users from vendor lock-in
          • Archive products built from open architectures
          • Using general purpose systems that drive down costs
          • Seamless integration with existing environments
          • Leading Sun Archive software now open sourced
    General Purpose Systems + Open Source Software = Lower Costs Open Servers Open Storage Open Archive
  • 37. Open Storage Delivers: Simplified Data Management Breakthrough Economics Dynamic Scale for Your Infrastructure Freedom from Lock-in and Global Community Efforts of 1000s
  • 38. Results According to Our Customers
    • Business Issues
    • High operations/sec (IOPs), tiny IOP size (average 8-15K) storage needs
    • Desire to move from expensive closed storage
    • Desire for improved visibility for reduced time to resolution of storage performance issues
    • Business Results
    • Easy to use, but powerful management tools
    • Increased performance
    • Reduced cost through consolidation of services
    “ OpenSolaris on an Open Storage platform like the Sun Storage 7000 is a powerful framework for us because it liberates us to get the performance and flexibility we need - not just the ones we can afford. The Sun Storage 7000 software expands this freedom to everyone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to build an array themselves.” Jason Williams, COO/CTO, DigiTar
  • 39. Results According to Our Customers
    • Business Issues
    • Implement a flexible storage solution for customer data
    • Ensure scalability for future growth
    • Maximize the cost-effectiveness of storing data
    • Minimize power consumption
    • Business Results
    • Delivered rapid scalability for multiple protocols
    • Avoided proprietary solutions and vendor lock-in
    • Saved money thanks to free software licenses
    • Reduced energy consumption
    “ Thanks to Sun Open Storage, EasySpeedy can cost-effectively scale data storage on demand to meet the needs of customers. What is more, the platform helps minimize power consumption and makes day-to-day management simple. ” --Peter Lerche, Chief Executive Officer, EasySpeedy
  • 40. Results According to Our Customers “ For a start-up, data integrity and fault recovery are special problems as the staff and budgets are small. The manageability and fault management of [the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems] meet this challenge in a small, dense package. The result for us has been a better solution with less investment in time and technical training.” Mark Niedzielski Infrastructure Manager OurStage,Inc “ As a data protection, retention and discovery software and services provider, we believe the Sun 7000 series delivers a very attractive value proposition with very good high availability characteristics and presents a very simple, straightforward management model. It represents refreshing and original insights into reducing storage complexity and cuts through layers of fossilized storage technology thinking...” David Allen Senior Vice President & CTO i365, a Seagate Company
    • Advanced Installation
    • Configuration into
    • Operational
    • Environment
    • Configuration with
    • Directory services
    • Anti-virus Setup
    • Setup Fail-Over
    • (Cluster only)
    • Sun NAS Migration Services
    • Architect
    • Migrate
    • Validate
    • All-in-One Migration and Validation Tool
    • Sun Spectrum Service Plans
    • Single Plan Covers entire Unified Storage System
    • Interop Support
    • Tech Resources
    • Updates
    • Auto Service Request
    • CapEx/OpEx
    • On-book/Off-book
    • Leasing
    • Training
    • Sun Storage Unified Storage System Administration
    • Sun Storage 7000 NAS Migration
    Sun Storage Assessment Services Suite
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