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Cordys corporate overview

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Corporate overview ppt

  1. 1. Cordys Company OverviewCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. We are a software platform vendor with a mission… We help our customers to improve their business operations with world-class, process oriented software which allows them to change and innovate the way they do business with greater speed and flexibilityCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Cordys’ Evolution Launch Launch Cordys Founded Enterprise Platform Cloud Platform 1978 1998 2001 2004 2005 2008 2012 Packaged Venture Lighthouse Product Development Go to Market Partner-centric GTM Applications Capitalist Customers • Solid financial foundation, funded by Jan Baan’s Vanenburg Group and US based private investor Argonaut Private Equity • 30+ years of experience in building enterprise class software CORDYS EMEA • Strong year over year growth and Global 2000 The Netherlands (HQ) customers across the globe Germany United Kingdom CORDYS AMERICAS Switzerland Italy CORDYS ASIA-PACIFIC • Committed community of Partners France Sweden India China California, USA South Africa Israel Singapore Hong Kong Michigan, USA South Korea JapanCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. Australia 3
  4. 4. Cordys enables transformation in key value disciplines Customer Customers use Cordys to: Intimacy • Improve customer service and satisfaction • Launch new products and services to market better and faster Operational Product Excellence Leadership • Deliver operational excellence, cut costs, increase revenue and drive efficiencyCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Making Cordys “My Business Platform” At the end of the day, it’s all about increased customer value and extracting the right information when we need it. In other words, we can provide better service to our customers and avoid having information bottlenecks somewhere within our processes”. Jonas Persson, Grid Marketing Manager at Mälarenergi Customer Intimacy “We have created a strategic business model, one which orchestrates and fully respects our existing processes and investments. Operational Product "Cordys enables us to provide tailor- With Cordys, we achieved this in Excellence Leadership made services, and improve the time to record time, with minimal TCO.” market of our products and services.” Srinivasan Iyengar, COO Aegon Religare CVG Prasad, Chief Information Officer at ING Vysya BankCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. The key propositions of CordysMy Business Platform…. ….makes my business operations smarter ….improves my customer management ….increases my revenue ….helps my company to be a product leader ….helps my company to benefit from the cloud ….maximizes my existing IT investmentsCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. Add agility to IT and accelerate Time to Value Business Needs Business Change Cycle: Business Strategy 1-2 years(s) Organizational Structure 3-6 months Cordys Synchronizes Business & IT Change Cycles Supporting Technology Technology Change Cycle: Software 6-10 years IT Infrastructure 6-10 yearsCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 7
  8. 8. The CIOs challenge: The “mess of many” in duplicate… Disparate UIs and Lack of Automation Disparate UIs and Lack of Automation Fragmented and Inefficient Business Processes Inefficient Business Processes Fragmented and Inflexible Application Integration Inflexible Application Integration ERP ERP CRM Legacy SCM PLM Apps On-premise software Software as a ServiceCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. Smart decoupling layers to add agility and leverage existing IT Unique Composite Applications Create unique“compositions” by and for empowered users to maximize personal productivity End-to-End Business Processes & Monitoring Specific Create process orchestration layer which exploits the specific company capabilities to SOA-based Integration layer be competitive Generic Vanilla use of generic applications as transaction backbones ERP ERP CRM Legacy App’s SCM PLMCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 9
  10. 10. Next big gain is in the unstructured processes… BPM for software architects BPM for the knowledge worker BPM for everyone 80% of effort is placed here 20% of effort is placed here. Reduce End user driven process- and application rework from 40% to 5%. Double composition. Democratize BPM productivity of business email solutions BPM Case Management Process MashApps Integration Centric BPM Human Centric BPM Social BPM Straight Through Processing Dynamic Case Management Collaboration & Composition 20% of the processes are complex and 80% of the processes are simple, based on Support social collaboration and self- based on structured data isolated in unstructured data: Excel & Documents composed applications using standard application silos running over e-mail services Structured Data Unstructured Documents & Data Self-service &CollaborationCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. The power of a single platform Composite A clean, modern, comprehensive Application Development and yet light footprint platform to On improve your business operations Cloud Premise whilst leveraging existing IT Combining the worlds of Integration, Business Process Integration Business Process Management, and Management Composite Application Development One and the same product for on premise and the cloudCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 11
  12. 12. Some of the Market Leaders using Cordys Communications & Media Banking & Financial Services Insurance Customer Solution Customer Solution Customer Solution Back-office Integration Continuous Process Improvement Commercial Orchestration Life Insurance Process Financial Consolidation Automation Process Automation Payment Processing (26,000 users) Online insurance Payment Processing Cloud Provisioning &PaaS Health Insurance Process Automation Application Development Commercial Orchestration Claims Handling Process Automation Process Automation General Insurance Process Media Workflow Solution Automation Integration and Service Layer Agent Network Commercial Orchestration Listed Companies Application Emergency Center Governance Commercial Orchestration Web Interfaces for Distribution Secure Web-based Procurement Network Cloud Marketplace Claims Processing Integration & Process AutomationCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 12
  13. 13. Some of the Market Leaders using Cordys Energy & Utilities Manufacturing & Logistics Government & Public Customer Solution Customer Solution Customer Solution Composite Application Mid-office Automation Process Automation Development Strategic Planning Claims Handling Orchestration over Hydropower ERTAN HYDROPOWER Plants Supplier Management SOA-based Integration Energy Trade Processes Application Development Composite app development Energy Retail Processes Extending ERP Cloud Orchestration Customer Data Management Process Automation Smart Metering Remote Services Platform ISV / OEM Operational Insight Collaborative Engineering Customer Solution Master Data Management Game Changes Energy Grid Processes Process Automation Cloud Provisioning &PaaS Organizational Changes Online HR Suite Energy Retail Processes Extending Existing IT Infrastructure Social Housing Software Process Automation Application Integration Platform Integration& App Development Break Bulk logistics Retails Operations Platform Energy Process Marketplace Cloud based workflow Integration & App DevelopmentCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 13
  14. 14. Target markets and go-to-market approach Communications & Media, BFSI, Manufacturing & Logistics, Energy & Utilities, Government & Public, Technology & ISVs Global Enterprise 2000 Local Top 100 Senior IT Executive, Business Exec Sponsorship Lines of Business: End User, Industry Solution & Information Technology Targets: CSC | Fujitsu | Atos | Cognizant | Service Providers CapGemini | Local Direct/Referral Indirect / Influence / PaaSCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 14
  15. 15. Cordys a Leader in Business Process Platforms IDCMarketScape Business Process Platforms 2011 • Cordys named leader in BP platform market Capabilities • Top scores for overall product capabilities, technology platform and development environment, and out-of-the-box productivity • Positive customer feedback on pricing, business-friendly interface, BPM+SOA orientation, and performance in proofs of concept StrategiesCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 15
  16. 16. The Forrester Wave™: Platform as a Service, 2011 Forrester Strong Wave™: StrongForrester Platform-As-A-Wave™: Service,Platform-As- Service ProviderA-Service, Scenario, Q2 ’11ISV Scenario, Current offering Current offeringQ2 ’11 Weak Weak Weak Strong Weak Strong Strategy Strategy • The PaaS offering of Cordys provides extremely competitive value for ISVs without existing code that is intended to be migrated into the PaaS Offering. • Cordys’ primary strategy is to spread its technology through partnerships with ISVs and service providers, and it has built notable features to support that strategy. Cordys’ partnership efforts are just about to show results on a larger scale, and we expect to see much progress from Cordys during 2011. It has shown strong progress in a relative short period of time. Publication date: May 2011 Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 16
  17. 17. Differentiators A single platform, combining the world of Integration, Business Process Management, and Composite Application Development Enables true business and IT collaboration via a single Collaborative Workspace Support for any type of workflow including human-to-human workflows, system-to-system integration-type interactions and hybrid processes Designed to support multi-tenancy and cloud deployment Modern and open platform, built on a secure, highly available and scalable architectureCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 17
  18. 18. Cordys product is the core for unique differentiationCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 18
  19. 19. Video: Customers about CordysCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 19
  20. 20. A DEEPER DIVECopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 20
  21. 21. One Single Platform & four productized solutions Integration & MDM Smart Intelligence Applications Cordys BPM & Case Management Operations Created by the end user Business Rules Intelligence Turn big data into intelligence Human Workflow Business Activity Monitoring Application Development Cordys Cordys Business Cordys Cloud MashApps Collaborative Process Engineering Operations Factory High Productivity Transform and exchange Platform “No code” development complex and voluminous engineering data Engineering Data Viewers PLM Connectors Cordys Cloud Provision & Automate Provisioning Value added services Cloud managementCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 21
  22. 22. One Single Platform with four productized solutions Cordys Operations Cordys Collaborative Cordys Process Factory Intelligence (COI) Engineering (CCE) (CPF) Business Operations Platform (BOP) Composite Application Framework (CAF) Cloud Provisioning Collaborative Workspace Composite Application User Interfaces Task Management Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) Business Process Case Business Activity Rules Management Management Management Monitoring Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enterprise Service Bus Business Services Master Data Management Smart Services Grid Corporate & Cloud Applications, Services and DataCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 22
  23. 23. Cordys Business Operations PlatformKey proposition:• A software platform to design, develop and deploy enterprise class, process centric solutions that leverage existing IT assets as well as cloud services.• “Cordys BOP is suitable for process projects ranging from simple to the most sophisticated.” – IDCKey modules:• Integration: A Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Service Bus for integration of applications and services• Business Process Management Suite: for process automation and management supporting all relevant workflow patterns.• Composite Application Framework: for creation of user interfaces, business applicationsDeployment:• On-premise at End Users• Cloud via Service ProvidersCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 23
  24. 24. Cordys Cloud ProvisioningKey proposition:• An advanced provisioning product to facilitate application-, service-, tenant- and user provisioning of cloud and on premise services. Using Cordys BOP as foundation it provides with the ultimate form of connectivity using the Cordys ESB, flexibility through use of provisioning BPM flows and scalability due to the Smart Services Grid foundation.Key modules:• Cloud Management Services• Provisioning• MeteringDeployment:• Cloud data centers of Cloud Service Providers• On-premise at large enterprise End UsersCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 24
  25. 25. Cordys Cloud Provisioning Metering Track & Manage Usage Reporting Provisioning Tenants Users Application Subscriptions Cloud Management Services Product Management Channel Management Customer Management Cluster Management Business Operations Platform (BOP) Enterprise Service Bus Provisioning Flows Smart Services Grid Corporate & Cloud Applications, Services and Data
  26. 26. Cordys Process FactoryKey proposition:• High productivity platform to compose and deploy mashed-up applications, MashApps in the cloud.• Enterprise class features to support large scale & global deployment• “The PaaS offering of Cordys provides extremely competitive value for ISVs without existing code that is intended to be migrated into the PaaS Offering.” - ForresterKey modules:• Easy-to-use online wizard style Composer for creation of MashApps®. These MashApps can use User Interfaces (incl. Mobile forms designer), Application Objects, Processes, Rules, Web-services and Reports• Online MarketplaceDeployment:• Cloud – operated by Cordys, both Public as well as private for large enterprises.• White-label – operated by Service Providers (e.g. Fujitsu) as Platform as a Service (PaaS)Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 26
  27. 27. Cordys Process Factory Cordys Process Factory (CPF) Cloud Provisioning MashApps Composer MashApps Business Operations Platform (BOP) Enterprise Service Bus Platform Services Smart Services Grid Corporate & Cloud Applications, Services and Data
  28. 28. Cordys Operations IntelligenceKey proposition:• An advanced product to facilitate subject matter end users to create their own Operations Intelligence applications, leveraging real-time operations data. Using Cordys BOP as foundation it provides with the ultimate form of simplicity using graphical modeler from the Collaborative Workspace, flexibility through use of standard spreadsheets for calculation and manipulation and control due to smart integration of services which separates data, manipulation and visualization governed by Cordys platform.Key modules:• Operations Intelligence Modeler• Spreadsheet Governance• MS Sharepoint integrationDeployment:• On-premise at End UsersCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 28
  29. 29. Cordys Operations Intelligence Operations Intelligence Dashboards Dashboards Task Management Operations Intelligence Modeler Event Services Data Services Calculation Services Notification Services Visualization Services Business Operations Platform (BOP) Enterprise Service Bus Integration services Smart Services Grid Real time operations data
  30. 30. Cordys Collaborative EngineeringKey proposition:• An advanced product to support integration and exchange of complex and voluminous engineering data between different PLM systems as well as PLM to ERP and MES. The data exchange and integrations are completely orchestrated and monitored by business processes which gives maximum level of control and flexibility at the same time. The product supports stringent Aerospace & Defense requirements for classified data and air gaps.Key modules:• CE Engine• CE Connectors• Composite AppsDeployment:• On-premise at End Users• As an appliance ( “Teamcenter Migration appliance” together with Service Providers)Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 30
  31. 31. Cordys Collaborative Engineering Composite Applications Engineering Data Viewers Conversion Monitoring Transformation Group Definition Language Schema’s Conversion Connectors PTC Siemens PLM Teamcenter Business Operations Platform (BOP) ESB BPM Smart Services Grid PLM, ERP, MES systems
  32. 32. Cordys Industry Solution Frameworks Banking & Communications Energy & Manufacturing Government & Insurance Financial Services & Media Utilities & Logistics Public Sector Life Insurance Cloud Smart Meter Collaborative Legacy Extend Core Claims Provisioning Rollout Engineering Modernization Banking Applications Orchestration Non-Life Telco Order Extend ERP Coordinating Insurance Management Smart Meter Health & Social Claims Event Portal Care Delivery Shorter Time Remote Services To Compliance Predictive Platform Legacy Network Energy Market Case Modernization Monitoring Process Management ManagementCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 32
  33. 33. MARKET TRENDS & CORDYS PRODUCT STRATEGYCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 33
  34. 34. Which markets do we serve with the Cordys platform?• Business Process Management market • With the Cordys platform we are a player in the Application Infrastructure and Middleware (AIM) market. This is a $16 billion market. (Software revenue is defined as license + support revenue). • Gartner has segmented the AIM Market and Cordys is positioned as one of the leading players for Business Process Management Suites segment which is a $2 billion market.• Platform as a Service market • Forrester has defined a market for PaaS, for which Cordys is recognized as one of the high potential players. The market is around $2 billion in 2011, growing to $15 billion by 2016. • Our focus is to enable Service Providers to act as PaaS players with: • Cordys Platform as a Service proposition. Cordys BOP for “high control” and Cordys Process Factory for “High Productivity” PaaS • Cloud Provisioning to manage portfolio of cloud services and provision across tenants and users
  35. 35. Market trends influencing Cordys strategy• Cloud The next decade we will see a major shift from on premise towards cloud based delivery of IT. Organizations will typically not make either / or decisions when it comes to cloud but use on premise and cloud based IT in hybrid mode.• Intelligence Next generation software platforms will support intelligent business operations. In the world of the “internet of things” where devices get connected to the internet the ability to quickly process massive event streams, analyze data and optimize work processes will be crucial. The worlds of Business Process Management, Big Data and Analytics are coming together.• Mobile As the adoption of Smart Phones / Tablets goes 8 times faster than the adoption of PCs, mobile computing will soon be mainstream. This means that information, task management, collaboration, context, location and location should be available on any mobile device.• Social Collaboration and involving peers and experts in the relevant context to improve personal productivity is more and more important. The worlds of structured and unstructured are getting mingled.Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 35
  36. 36. Cloud - What is Cordys’ view?• In cloud context Cordys platform can be used for Platform as a Service (PaaS)• The Cordys core platform foundation, the Smart Services Grid, has full multi- tenancy architecture. • All of the Cordys platform components and application are multi-tenant aware • Multi-tenancy can be configured on multiple levels by simple configuration• Cordys has no ambition to act as Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider ourselves. • Cordys works with leading Service Providers, such as Fujitsu and large System Integrators who offer Cordys as PaaS in private- and public cloud set up. • Exception is Cordys Process Factory which today is offered by Cordys directly, but also through Service Providers• Analyst firm Forrester predicts significant shift from on-premise to cloud for software platforms. Cordys is the only platform which runs on premise and in cloud with one and the same version. Cordys does not lock-in a customer to work with single Service Provider.Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 36
  37. 37. Cloud - How the analysts define it and its relevance to the providerForrester define PaaS as:“A complete application platform for multitenant cloud environments that includes development tools, runtime and administration and management tools and services. PaaS combines an application platform with managed cloud infrastructure services...They then go on to say:...Service providers also seen an emerging opportunity to consider PaaS platforms as a new alternative to established middleware stacks for the deployment of custom applications they create on behalf of their clients......This is why Platform as a Service (PaaS) is so important. With good PaaS products, service providers will quickly gain cloud’s benefits. Without good PaaS products, cloud development is simply too difficult and the benefits of cloud will flow slowly, if at all...” Source: The Forrest Wave Platform-as-a-Service For Vendor Strategy Professionals Q2 2011
  38. 38. Cloud – Forrester’s cloud computing taxonomy & the role of Cordys Cordys capabilities Cordys as an enabler“The Cordys PaaS supports multiple business models of services providers and system integrators”“Cordys provides extreme competitive value for ISVs without existing code that is intended to be migrated into the PaaS offering.” Forrester Platform as a Service Wave, May 2011
  39. 39. Cloud- PaaS Market Size: Corporate Middleware, ISV, Outsourcer • There will be a big shift from on-premise middleware to cloud PaaS • Forrester state that total PaaS market grows to $15bn by 2016 • Corporate buyers buying PaaS is still the biggest market but slows down quickest by 2016 • ISV on PaaS has medium term high growth • PaaS at outsourcer as long term growth
  40. 40. Intelligence – What is Cordys’ view?Cordys has a dedicated offering for Operations Intelligence which democratizes use ofIntelligenceCordys will extend the core platform with external engines, open source and commercial that wewill interweave as OEM-components: • Process Simulation • Process Mining • Complex Events Processing • Advanced RulesThe Cordys platform is ideally architected to evolve towards an intelligent software platform• Smart Services Grid: • Highly scalable and based on event driven architecture. • Connects natively to external engines which then become “citizens” for Cordys • Can be miniaturized itself to run on devices such as routers• Collaborative Workspace: • The Cordys design time environment, Collaborative Workspace (CWS), is fully meta-data driven • The Collaborative Workspace can be easily extended and expanded with new design artifacts and modelers • External engines can even be integrated into CWS for design time.Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 40
  41. 41. Mobile – What is Cordys’ view?Cordys supports mobile through dedicated MobileForm Designer in Cordys Process Factory • Cordys Process Factory is the high productivity application development offering of Cordys • Mobile forms can be rendered to 1000+ mobile devices using industry leading rendering engine • Mobile forms can be fully interwoven with applications and business processes in Cordys platformThe Cordys UI framework supports HTML5, thelatest HTML standard • Cordys sees further adoption of HTML5 and HTML5 based frameworks as the way ahead for mobile support. • Cordys will adopt native browsers to exploit native functions of the mobile, thus creating more of a native app experienceCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 41
  42. 42. Social – What is Cordys’ viewCordys will launch real-timecollaboration features as partof the Collaborative Workspacein 2012• Google docs-like real-time collaboration on graphical designers will be supported including chat, change logging, roll-back etc.Cordys will implement similarcollaboration features forruntime in 2013• Cordys will ensure integration with main stream collaboration software such as Google+Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 42
  43. 43. CUSTOMER CASE STUDIESCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 43
  44. 44. Customer Case Study: Rendo Rendo is an energy grid operator in the Netherlands with a mission to deliver safe, reliable and efficient transport of gas and electricity.Key Challenges: Cordys Solution: Benefits:• No end-to-end monitoring and control in • Implementation of Cordys BOP for 20 • Rendo is now the top-performing Grid daily operations processes (administrational and automated) Operator on the regulator’s scorecard• Key information systems couldnt such as switch, move, billing) - live within just • Huge increase in customer satisfaction communicate with each other, resulting in five months related to core processes such as Switch, redundant data and separate, inconsistent • Robust integration with current IT Move and Processing of Meter readings islands of data infrastructure • Exceeded compliance standards with 100%• Lack of overall transparency in operations performance timeliness and processes • End-to-end visibility and control in daily• Problems with timeliness (Regulator’s operations scorecard) • Reduced hired staff with 24% (2009 vs 2007) • Fully independent in-house process design and adjustments (within 1 year) • ISO certification for Customer Care department in 2010Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 44
  45. 45. Customer Case Study: KPN KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in The Netherlands, offering wireline and wireless telephony, internet and TV to consumers, and end-to-end telecommunications and ICT services to business customers.Key Challenges: Cordys Solution: Benefits:• Lowermargins due to increased competition • Commercial Orchestration: Orchestration of • Shorter time-to-market for new products and growing customer demand for new processes between order entry via Internet • Single view of the customer and improved services and back-end provisioning and billing systems management of customer services• Heavy competition by cable companies and • Direct provisioning and billing of new • Real-time monitoring the progress and high costs to maintain current copper network voice-, internet- and multimedia services on performance of the provisioning processes to• New business strategy: Implementing an All- new fiber network increase visibility into order process IP infrastructure providing the Triple Play • Integration with various systems to create • Improved customer satisfaction via bundle of service for their customers a single customer view: Tibco (for network customer self-service model• An aggressive 3 month timeline to go live access), Oracle (for billing), Barcelona • Reduction of resources (middleware) & Siebel (for CRM) • Easier to make changes to existing business • Other projects: processes to adapt to changing business • KPN Business Market – Commercial needs Orchestration • KPN Wholesale – Wholesale Order Desk application • KPN Mobile – Commercial OrchestrationCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 45
  46. 46. Customer Case Study: The World Bank Group The World Bank Group is providing financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world.Key Challenges: Cordys Solution: Benefits:• Over 1800 active projects and hundreds of • Web-based Procurement Solution which • Re-use of past investments: Affordably business opportunities in each project provides procurement policies, management extended legacy applications (SAP), installed• Complex Procurement process to contract and control of processes with full visibility, new capabilities and laid groundwork for resources for projects executed by the bank procurement transparency and operational future applications• Currently, different procurement policies reporting • Increased flexibility: Service-based guidelines and old IT Infrastructure • Handles advertisement of bidding processes allow for constant changes of the opportunities for consulting services, RFP application creation, proposal submission, scoring and • Increased process transparency evaluation, contract award • Fast time to value: 9 months from start / • Integrates multiple enterprise systems, requirements gathering to go-live - original including SAP scope + one set of enhancements • Suitable for low-bandwidthaccess (rural • Scalable platform (just by adding hardware) areas in developing countries) capable of managing high volumesCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 46
  47. 47. Customer Case Study: Siemens Healthcare One of the worlds largest suppliers to the healthcare industry and a trendsetter in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, medical information technology and hearing aids.Key Challenges: Cordys Solution: Benefits:• Delivery of spare parts within 24 hours, from • Automation of key logistics processes with • 98% of all spare parts delivered within 24 distribution centers in Frankfurt (Germany), strong integration to (SAP & IBM Rational) hours! Memphis (USA) and Singapore with 705,000 back-ends • Spare parts execution: Faster reaction line items and 400,000 sales order per year • Spare parts execution: If the delivery of a times; improved data quality; complex spare part is not expected to be in time, this process management over several process is used to speed up delivery organizations; improved customer • Enhanced productivity services: Aim to information on each escalation prevent a system failure before it occurs • Enhanced productivity services: Increased • Change request management: Process to efficiency (11 hand offs instead of 77 hand support creation, approval, release, execution offs and 30 days delivery time instead of 60 and testing of change requests (IT & non-IT) days); Increased service sales; increased • This project has won the Process Solution customer satisfaction; lower IT Costs Award 2010 for “innovative and exemplary • Change request management: Increased Process Management project” in the area of transparency; reduced failures; shorter Customer Service Management cycle timesCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 47
  48. 48. Customer Case Study: AEGON Religare AEGON Religare Life Insurance Company is a leading life insurance company in India. Aegon Religare is a three-way joint venture between the Netherlands-based AEGON, Indias Religare and Bennett, Coleman & company.Key Challenges: Cordys Solution: Benefits:• The Indian insurance market is characterized • Sales Management System (manages and • Faster time to market through the by diversity, with over 21 languages and a tracks agent on-boarding and productivity) reusability, flexibility and scalability of the number of unique local cultures • Agency portal (provides a single window for Cordys platform• As a new player in the insurance and the delivery of services to agents) • Reduction in headcount of the companys pensions market in India, the company • Incidence Management System (automated head office Sales team for monitoring sales needed to target and capture significant issue logging and tracking system) • 20 percent reduction in the number of calls market share • Cash Collection System (e-receipting) from agents to the call center• The primary objective was to launch • Claims Management System (supports • Larger number of issues being closed within operations across 14 independent systems claims processing transactions) the agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), at 25 locations on Day 1 - an industry first with at least 10 percent faster closure of • Customer Portal (portal for policy related information, payments and schedule required cases to date medical exams) • Faster and more effective reconciliation and cash collection have led to reduced time to process payments with 2-3 person hours per dayCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 48
  49. 49. Customer Case Study: Fujitsu Fujitsu is one of the worlds leading information technology products and services companies. It provides computing and communications products, advanced microelectronics, a range of software products as well as professional services capabilities to deliver added value to customers.Key Challenges: Cordys Solution: Benefits:• Increased market pressure to deliver Fujitsu delivers Cordys-based BPM and • Faster time to market: Fujitsu are services from the cloud integration PaaS capabilities on top of its becoming the leading provider of IaaS and• Customers asking for Fujitsu’s cloud FGCP/S5 IaaS platform, across six cloud data PaaS strategy centers across the globe. Cordys technologies • New cloud services in a single platform:• Fujitsu’s BPM offering requires investments included in the OEM agreement with Fujitsu Launch value-added services beyond the to meet current market standards are: level of infrastructur • Cordys Business Operations Platform: a • Bridge the worlds of on-premise and Java-based, cloud-enabled platform product cloud: Offer new on-premise, private, including integrated application server, ESB hybrid and public cloud offerings and business process management suite • An extensive partner ecosystem: Bring to (BPMS) capabilities market a cloud platform for customers and • Cordys Process Factory: a high- ISVs productivity-oriented cloud-based platform to re-engineer business processes and create process-centric applications (called MashApps) • Cordys Cloud Provisioning: Supports provisioning of new tenants, as well as metering and monitoring of cloud services and systems resourcesCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 49
  50. 50. CLOSED LOOP BUSINESS OPERATIONS IMPROVEMENTCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 50
  51. 51. Business transformation driven by business needs• Start with targeted – business driven process solutions• Evolve to continual process improvement• Transform the business one step, process and project at a time Business transformation “Cordys BOP is suitable for process projects ranging from simple to the most sophisticated.” Continuous process improvement Targeted - Business driven process solutions
  52. 52. Stepping stones to business transformation• Each process or project has its own benefits (ROI, lower costs, customer service etc)• Every step is atomic and moves towards the goal of business transformation• Start small, deliver benefit, reuse and harvest, move on to the next• Achievable business transformation whilst delivering business value with every process
  53. 53. Cordys Implementation Methodology: Cordys@WorkBest-practice Implementation Methodology Qualify & Analyze the organization, select a process, determine goals and scope, analyze the as-is process and its gaps Design & Model an optimized to-be process, its sub processes, case activities and rules Develop & Deploy services, integrations, transformations and user interactions Run & Monitor business processes by collecting process performance information for analysis and optimizationCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 53
  54. 54. Cordys CommunityOnline Community for knowledge sharing and exchanging of ideas, documentation and bestpractices with 7000+ external membersContent:• Product Knowledge, Blogs & Forums• Product Documentation• Customer Support• Training Materials & E-Learning Content• Demos• Certification Application• Implementation Methodology• Marketing MaterialsCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 54
  55. 55. Cordys Academy & CertificationFocused on Cordys Professionals to leverage Cordys platform to the max• Class-room training: • Certification: • Regular / Boot camp • BOP / CCP • @Cordys / @Site • Professional /Sr. Professional • Standard / Custom • Selling / Implementing• Learning Support : • Packages • Learning paths • Beyond Certification: • Community • Workshops & Events • Exam Training Certification paths Solution / Product Architect Service Oriented Business Process Composite Application CCP Developer Architecture (SOA) Modeling Suite (BPMS) Framework (CAF) Pre-sales Consultant Fundamentals BOP Administrator CCP AdministratorCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 55
  56. 56. Partner Ecosystem Consulting & System Integrators ResellersCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 56
  57. 57. SUMMARYCopyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 57
  58. 58. How Cordys helps youCordys helps you to drive best in class business operationsCordys leverages your existing IT assets as well as cloud services throughsmart integration, process orchestration and development of newapplications that directly contribute to business needs and goalsCordys’ unique platform and approach allow you to achieve fast time tovalue with process projects ranging from simple to the most sophisticatedComplexity is what we master. Simplicity is what we offer.Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 58
  59. 59. What if… …you could achieve agile IT and best in class business operations?Copyright © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 59
  60. 60. Thank You Follow us on: © 2012 Cordys Software B.V. All rights reserved. 60