AYC Member Survey 2012

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Feedback on sailing programs in Austin Texas.

Feedback on sailing programs in Austin Texas.

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  • 1. Austin Yacht Club2012 AYC Member Survey ResultsFeedback on club programs and sailing in Austin June 2012 | AYC Long Range Planning Committee contact: doug_kern@yahoo.com www.austinyachtclub.org
  • 2. Background: Getting input to long-range plansMay 24, 2012 - Long Range Planning Committee: Doug Kern, Ray Shull, Kevin ReynoldsThis document summarizes a survey of Austin Yacht Club members togain feedback on priorities, needs and interests.In 2007, the Austin Yacht Club created a “five-year plan” to provide andirection on member programs, documenting the core values and itsvision of AYC in 2012. In March 2012, as part of refreshing the plan, theclub gathered feedback from members in an online survey.The results were impressive: 42% of members responded, with 210completes out of 490 emails sent. 5-year 5-year plan plan “v1.0” Survey “v2.0” 2007 2012 2017 You are here. 2
  • 3. Context: AYC Strategic Plan 2007 - 2012In July 2007, a team gathered input from members and created a long-range plan.The original 12-page document can be found at:http://austinyachtclub.net/info/AYC-2007-Strategic-Plan.pdfMissionTo be a premier sailing club, with an emphasis on sailboat racing andrelated activities, with a membership characterized by broad social,economic and sailing experience levels and sustained by individualparticipation, volunteerism and Club generated revenues.Core Values1. A Club that supports active sailboat racing.2. A Club that is attractive to all sailing enthusiasts.3. A Club with activities supported by volunteerism.4. Management that insures the continued existence of the Club through fiscal (a), physical (b) and operational (c) sustainability and (d) risk management. 3
  • 4. Survey Findings1.The “State of the Union” is good2.Good job on Core Values (No Frills Racing)3.Active members (68% > 1x per month)4.“Access” is huge priority5.Volunteer system is OK6.Top ranking: Racing, Grounds, Jr Sailing7.Better recruitment8.Better new member integration9.Better communications 4
  • 5. Recommendations1.Stay the Course (no frills racing)2.Prioritize “Access” (docks, ramps)3.Reward volunteers (opt-in system)4.Improve recruitment (web)5.Improve member integration (mentors)6.Improve communications (web, email)7.Consider year-round sail training8.Consider access to club-owned boats 5
  • 6. Q1. What’s your age? 80% are 41-70. 6
  • 7. Q2. Why do you belong to AYC? “Racing” is why we’re here. 7
  • 8. Q3. What is your primary use of the club? “No Frills Racing” 8
  • 9. Q4. How often do you participate at AYC? 68% participate at least monthly 9
  • 10. Q5. How likely are you to recommend AYC? “Customer sat” is very good. 65% Net Promoter Score is comparable to Costco (71%) and Trader Joe’s (73%). 10
  • 11. Q6. How would you rank these parts of AYC? 11
  • 12. Q7. How is AYC doing on our core values? 12
  • 13. Q8. If AYC could invest in one thing, whichwould increase your participation? 13
  • 14. Q9. How is AYC doing on volunteering? 14
  • 15. Q10. What do you think AYC does best to serveits members? (n=199) 15
  • 16. Q11. What is the one thing that AYC should do toprovide better services to its members? (n=152) 16
  • 17. Q12. Any additional comments? (n=98) 17
  • 18. AYC Member Survey 2012Q8. If the club could invest in one of the areas below, which one would increase yourparticipation at the club? (n=41)1. "Golf type" handicap to encourage a broader range of racers2. attract more members. invest in sail training for young and adults. improve access to water duringdrought conditions including for beachcats ;)3. Bar, snack bar of some sort should be added, at least for weekends.4. Be more proactive fighting against LCRA policies that drain the lake below workable levels. Also as a drysailer, I would like to have a few more places I could comfortably keep my boat in the water for several days at atime, like over a week end or a long week. I also wish someone would ask owners of severely neglected boats(andvery old windsurfers) in the dry sail area, take them home.5. Be more welcoming to its members, particularly new members. Starting with a more personable GM andless good old boy groups. I have found it tough to break-in to the social fabric of this club, even after 4 years as amember.6. Build a better playground for the kids.7. Consider the different needs of multihull sailors; dont shorten course at the far end of a distance racesince we cant motor home, dont begrudge us our rights in a mixed fleet race, etc.8. Do more than just have lots of races. Get more proactive in getting new young members introducedto the sport of sailing. The sport of sailing is not the same as sailboat racing. People have to have the option ofsailing for fun, too. New people to the sport need to be able to enjoy the learning experience and enjoy the peoplein sailing. Racing is not for everyone, but especially not for people who did not grow up knowing how to sail.Racing is better for people who love the sport first. Get people to love sailing first.9. dont really know since havent been active for the past couple years.10. Easier, more accessible, more stable, (wider walkways with railings) to docks11. encourage more one-design racing, especially centerboard and Js Q8 - AYC Member Survey 1
  • 19. 12. Find a way to reuse, reduce, recycle.13. Have an emergency number. We reserved the clubhouse one time a ways back and were locked out andthere was no one to call.14. help beginning racers get experience as crew15. "I cant think of anything AYC ""should do."" But perhaps more family oriented sailing/cruises beginnersraces for those not yet comfortable mixing it up on the starting line with the pros"""16. I think being cognizant of rising costs is the most important thing to consider in this time of economictightening, at least at my house and I think for many.17. Im a big fan of sail training and the youth program in particular. I think working toward having a full timesail training individual to help members with questions regarding their sailing esp racing would be helpful. Also thatperson could assist with making the club boats more accessible to club members.18. improve grounds, clubhouse19. Increase level of junior sailing program.20. Increased activities for the cruising sailor21. Keep a launch ramp with rigging dock available at all water levels22. keep it affordable23. Make club boats available to members, even if a fee is charged. For example, let members with kids usethe Picots and Optis and windsurfers. Have a check-in/check-out system and charge if there is damage.24. Make sure that those who are performing the race committee tasks are qualified to do so. It is frustratingto put on good races for everyone, when its my turn, and have crummy race committee screw-ups or dont careswhen I am racing.25. Nicer clubhouse, changing rooms, docks...26. None Q8 - AYC Member Survey 2
  • 20. 27. Offer more formal sailing classes (ASA level) for newbies28. per #8above , more easily dock access29. Plan for a rigging dock at all water levels30. Promote growth from the bottom up. Get more kids involved in sailing and a coach to travel with the kids.Look at Houston Yacht clubs.31. Promote more in the way of relaxed sailing, such as raft-ups and full moon cruises.32. Ramp , Ramp , Ramp33. Reasonable access to beer cooler.34. reduce costs35. Reduce the emphasis on racing and invest in activities for cruisers and recreational sailors36. see above comments. As it is right now the club is fine for me to sail and race, but I have a difficultyconvincing my kids and wife to "spend a day at the club".37. social activities for all of, even retired from sailing38. Spend more to provide better access to docks. It is patetic what members have to do to get to their boats.We have the money, spend some on better walkways. DAMN IT39. Vending machine for beverages that operates with a membership card.40. We need a real boat (Opti) to do examples on @ the classroom.41. ? Q8 - AYC Member Survey 3