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  • 1. EBBIC Professional Development Session Standard 16 Using Technology to Support Student Learning
  • 2. Session Overview/Outcomes
    • Participants will understand the requirements of Standard 16 and identify resources for portfolio evidence.
    • Participants will experience the use of technology tools to enhance their use of technology in the classroom.
  • 3. Agenda
    • Welcome, food, log on procedures
    • Warm Up – Blog
    • Standard 16 B
        • Teach Blogs
        • E-Coach
        • Google Docs
    • Standard 16 C
    • Session Reflection
  • 4. Warm Up Blog
    • Respond to the following prompts in the E-Coach Induction Standard 16 Blog.
    • In what ways do you use technology in your classroom to enhance learning for your students?
    • To manipulate and analyze data to assess student learning?
  • 5. Technology Challenges
    • Respond to the following prompt using the E-Coach Blog
    • What challenges do you face with using technology in your classroom to enhance student learning?
  • 6. Standard 16 B
    • Using the “Induction Standard 16 Team” page, go to Induction Standard 16.
    • Select element B (tab or banner)
    • Learn about links, Teacher Blogs, Google Docs.
  • 7. Standard 16 C
    • Read and review element C. What type of evidence can you use for this element?
    • Locate the element C resources list.
      • Select 1-2 sites to explore for your teaching context
  • 8. Session Reflection
    • Click on “Surveys” in your e-Coach, left navigation bar.
    • Select the “Induction Standard 16 Survey” and complete the survey.