Religious & Educational Project Portfolio


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Please review Southside Constructors, Inc.\'s Religious & Educational Project Portfolio. Contact us at for additional information.

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Religious & Educational Project Portfolio

  1. 1.<br />
  2. 2. MEMBER OF: <br />THE U.S. GREEN <br />BUILDING COUNCIL<br />
  3. 3. New Birth-Charlotte Puts Their Faith in Southside Constructors, Inc.<br />Owner: New Birth of Charlotte, LLC<br />Area: 81,000 SF<br />Completion Date: 2009<br />Services Provided: General Construction<br />New Birth Church - Charlotte<br />Southside Constructors, Inc. Finds Sanctuary at Southbrook Once Again<br />Southbrook Sanctuary<br />Owner: Southbrook Community Church<br />Area: 22,000 SF<br />Completion Date: 2008<br />Services Provided: General Construction<br />
  4. 4. Southside Constructors, Inc. Builds <br />Classroom Additions to Four Elementary Schools <br />Owner: Moore County Schools <br />Area: 52,567 SF<br />Completion Date: In Progress<br />Services Provided: General Construction<br />Moore County Schools<br />Southside Constructors, Inc. Gets a New School Assignment<br /> <br />South Carolina Governor’s School<br />Owner: South Carolina Governor's School<br />Area: Sanctuary 26,000 SF <br />Completion Date: 2010<br />Services Provided: General Construction<br />
  5. 5. Grace Covenant Church Gives Its Blessing To Southside Constructors, Inc.<br />Grace Covenant Church <br />Owner: Grace Covenant Church - Cornelius, NC<br />Area: 88,000 SF<br />Completion Date: 2005<br />Services Provided: General Construction, Metal Bldg Erection<br />Southside Constructor's Ministry Division Eases <br />The Growing Pains of Our Lady of the Americas<br />Our Lady of the Americas<br />Owner: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte<br />Area: Sanctuary 10,300 SF / Total 23,000 SF<br />Completion Date: 2006<br />Services Provided: Design Build, General Construction<br />
  6. 6. Southside Constructors, Inc. Goes Back to School for Rainbow Station<br />Rainbow Station – Virginia Beach<br />Location: Virginia Beach, VA.<br />Owner: Earl Johnson<br />Area: 22,200 SF<br />Completion Date: 2007<br />Services Provided: General Construction, Site Construction<br />A Colorful New Project for Southside Constructors, Inc. <br />Rainbow Station – Charlotte<br />Location: Charlotte, NC<br />Owner: Parks Hunter & Michelle Mistele<br />Area: 22,000 SF<br />Completion Date: 2008<br />Services Provided: General Construction, Site Construction<br />
  7. 7. Southside Constructors, Inc. Discovers “Building God’s Way”<br />Hope Lutheran School<br />Owner: Hope Lutheran School<br />Area: 52,000 SF<br />Completion Date: 2002<br />Services Provided: General Construction<br />Southside Constructors, Inc. Receives an “A+” For Middle School Project <br />Owner: Iredell-Statesville Schools<br />Area: 20,345 SF<br />Completion Date: 2006<br />Services Provided: General Construction<br />Brawley Middle School<br />
  8. 8. There’s No Place like Home for Southbrook Community Church<br />Owner: Southbrook Community Church<br />Area: 18,000 SF<br />Completion Date: 2006<br />Services Provided: General Construction<br />Southbrook Community Church<br />Southside Constructors, Inc. Completes Up-Fit for First Baptist Church<br />Owner: Fort Mill First Baptist Church<br />Area:10,000 SF<br />Completion Date:2006<br />Services Provided: Interior Up-fit, Design-Build<br />First Baptist Church – Fort Mill<br />
  9. 9. General Contracting sPre-Construction Services<br />Construction ManagementsProgram Management<br />From Beginning to End. <br />From Inception to Completion.<br />For additional information please contact <br />Darryl Kellough at<br />2033 Cross Beam Drive  Charlotte, NC 28217<br />Phone: 704-825-8881  Fax: 704-825-8582<br /><br />
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