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New sap  installation   post installation
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New sap installation post installation


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  • 1. Installing the Loopback Network Adapter
  • 2. Open Network ConnectionsStart  Settings  Network Connections
  • 3. Open file C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts.txtAdd an entry in hosts file “IP Address, Host Name and SAPTRANSHOST” (Commend)Save and Exit
  • 4. In the above snap last line “ “ is the ip address and lolla is thehostname and SAPTRANSHOST is the command.Java Installation :
  • 5. Set Java Path :MyComputer  Properties  Advanced  Env’ Variables
  • 6. Check java installation
  • 7. Goto Commend Prompt type javac or java –version or javaOracle Installation:
  • 8. Install Oracle Patch
  • 9. Go to services.msc
  • 10. Stop Oracle Agent and Listener
  • 11. Restart the SystemInstall SAP Central Instance :
  • 12. Set the Env’ Variable to resolve above error
  • 13. Double Click on startinstgui.bat file
  • 14. Database Instance:
  • 15. Lolla123 Password
  • 16. Copy the files from D:CD2dbatl640errorresolution to C:usrsapD47SYSexerunLocation to resolve the installation errors.
  • 18. Once GUI installation completed, then we get sap logon and start the saplogon:SAP Software is of 2 types.IDEAS (Intermediate Development EducAtion System) : It contain dummy dataalso for this reason which takes long time for the installation.During IDEAS installation which give 11 clients(000,001,066, 800,etc.,)NON- IDEAS:It uses for the clients or real time. During Non-Ideas installation which gives3 clients (000,001,066)000 - Master Client001 - Copy of Master Client066 - Early watch client.During the the SAP installation following users will be created:2 OS users -> 1) sidadm 2) sapservice<sid>3 SAP userssap* -- client administrationddic -- system administration and perform post installation also using this userearlywatch – This is sap support.5 services:3 Oracle services:1. Oracle agent2. Oracle listener.3. Oracleserice<SID>2 SAP services:1) saposcal2) sap<SID>_IN
  • 19. Click New Item.
  • 20. 1. Login into 000 client using ddic user.2. Type SICK.
  • 21. 3.
  • 22. Select Back
  • 23. 6. SE06 ----- System Change options
  • 24. Select standard installation if you are installing sap or select database copoy or databasemigration option when u r performing system copy and then select perform post-installationactions.Yes7. STMS
  • 25. Then select Save button if urs Transport domain controllor is correct.Then select .Create 2 virtual System (Q47, P47).Then select SAP System Create Virtual System.
  • 26. Then select save.Then select SAP System Create Virtual System. for P47.Then create Transport Routes... for that select BACK then for transport routes.
  • 27. Then create SAP and ZSAP routes.SelectGive route as SAP thenSelect continue..Give route as SAP then
  • 28. Select Continue.Then create ZSAP route.Then save and give Three system Configuration and select continue then YES and close routesdialog window.
  • 29. Then select overview and select SAP System Update Configuratin and YES.
  • 30. and the end we have to confirm that...9. Creating a new client using SCC4.Select Change button and continue then select
  • 31. Then select SAVE button. then close the session.And login into New client with sap* password pass.
  • 32. Give the above data and select SAP_ALL , source client 000 and select test run or Schedule asBackground job.
  • 33. .Then mointor the client using SCC3 or SM37 or SM50.