Ecc5.0 abap nonunicode


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Ecc5.0 abap nonunicode

  1. 1. Install Windows 2003Install SP1Change date to a future dateInstall Loop back AdapterInstalling Loop Back Adaptor
  2. 2. D:ORA92_1NTI386 sapserver.cmd
  3. 3. Next
  4. 4. Install
  5. 5. Stop All oracle instances as shown above by right clicking and selecting stopagainst each started service.D:ORA92PatchNTI386patches9. Setup.exe
  6. 6. Make sure of the path you are installing.
  7. 7. D:OraPatches9.2.0.5NTI386patches9. Setup.exe
  8. 8. D: Setup.exe
  9. 9. With this Oracle Database installation is complete.Reboot the system.D:ECC5MasDVDIM1NTI386NTPATCH R3dllins.exe
  10. 10. Install Java by clicking on j2sdk-1_4_2_06-windows-i586-p.exeAdd environment variableD:ECC5MasDVDIM1SAPINSTNTI386sapinst.exeJAVA_HOME
  11. 11. Ok
  12. 12. Do not give SAP. It’s areserve word. Give DEVDo not give SAP. It’s areserve word. Give DEV
  13. 13. Again Statrt Sapinst.exe
  14. 14. Do not give SAP. It’s areserve word. Give DEV
  15. 15. Do not give SAP. It’s areserve word. Give DEV
  16. 16. Give path for the export 2 to 8
  17. 17. Give Passwords and remember them
  18. 18. Relax for 10-18 hrs depending on u r system performanceIt will prompt for pass words at the end of the installations and after successfulfinish u will receive the following screen.Remember the passwords for DDIC which is applicable for Client 800.
  19. 19. Ignore user group error.D:SAPGui640GUIWINDOWSWIN32SETUPSelect all components when prompted and continue.
  20. 20. This will create a Logon Icon on your desk top.Double Clicking on the IconGive details as given in installation.Application host is the Local Instance host given at the time of installing Window2003.Give System ID: in this Case DEVSystem number 00Save
  21. 21. The following entry is created in logon pad.
  22. 22. Double click on the entry to get the log on screen.Give Client 000.User name: DDICPassword: Which you have given at the time of installing the Database instance.GIVE ABOVE VALUES AND PRESS ENTERNow enter transaction Code : STMS and press enterPress Ctrl+S to saveNow enter Tcode : /NSU01Username = sapuserClick ‘F8’Give first name and last nameClick on Logon Data TAB  Give passwordClick on Profiles TAB Give SAP_NEW
  23. 23. SAP_ALLAnd click save(ctrl+s)Now enter Transaction code /nexClick on logon button againNow giveClient : 800Uname : DDICPass : 19920706Now enter Tcode : SU01Username = sapuserClick ‘F8’Give first name and last nameClick on Logon Data  Give passwordClick on Profiles Give SAP_NEWSAP_ALLAnd click save(ctrl+s)Now enter Transaction code /nexAGAIN CLICK LOGON BUTTONClient :000Uname SAPUSERPass :Now enter Transaction code se38Give name = zxyz and click on create buttonNow it will ask for access key :36687663221261278694Enter above key and complete that processNow enter Transaction code /nexAgain click on logon buttonNow give Client 800Uname sapuserPass :This is same for all other clientsinstalled. To see the installedclients use SCC4