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Impression Management
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Impression Management


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Impression Management Workshop

Impression Management Workshop

Published in: Career

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  • 2. IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT is how to make a favorable impression, how to perceive others and evaluate others on the basis of;  Dress, make-up, hairstyle,  Manner and general behavior,  Body language.
  • 3. Dress, make-up, hairstyle Smart Casual
  • 4. Formal
  • 5. Manner and general Behavior
  • 6. Body Language
  • 7. Impression Management Techniques Verbal Self- Presentation Self- Promotions Association Opinion Conformity Favors Acclaiming Apologies Excuse Flattery
  • 8.  Opinion Conformity-agreeing with someone else's opinion to gain his or her approval; also a form of ingratiation.  Excuses-Explanations of a predicament-creating event aimed at minimizing the apparent severity of the predicament; is a defensive IM technique.  Apologies-Admitting responsibility for an undesirable event and simultaneously seeking to get a pardon for the action; is a defensive IM technique.
  • 9.  Self promotion-Highlighting one's best qualities, downplaying one's deficits, and calling attention to one's achievements; is a self-focused IM technique.  Flattery-Complimenting others about their virtues in an effort to make oneself appear perceptive and likeable; is an assertive IM technique.  Favors-Doing something nice for someone to gain that person's approval; also a form of ingratiation.
  • 10. Association-Enhancing or protecting one’s image by managing information about people and things with which one is associated. Acclaiming- Give enthusiastic approval to subordinators and peers.
  • 11. Impression Management: Effective Social Interaction?  Which type of person are you?  When I am in situation, I ask myself what is the ideal person for this situation, and how can I be that person  Self-Monitoring concept
  • 12. Impression Management Finding  Ingratiation- This method consists of conforming to the expectations of a specific group, opinion, or society. For instance, a person using ingratiation might say that he likes watching art house films when he actually doesn't because he thinks it will make him sound smarter around his new friends. This include:-  showing interest in the person  smiling  eye contact  agreeing
  • 13. TACTICS OF IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT  Intimidation- Terrorization to gain the attention and retain the attention it self.  Self- promotion  Exemplificative -Doing more than you need to in an effort to show how dedicated and hard working you are.  Supplication – Appealing to achieve a goal.
  • 14. Tips to Improve Impression Management Set goals Commit to the change you want to create Dress appropriately Learn how to properly shake hands Keep your body language open Fake it until you feel it
  • 15. First Impression  Thin Slicing-People make fast decisions and perform actions based on split-second observation of thin information. 1) Need to know or need to avoid 2) First contact I. Don’t hold back II. Keep in Touch 3) Introductions I. In a group II. Remembering names
  • 16. Cont. 4) Small talk I. ..try to make them feel important II. ..try to find some common ground III. ..avoid inappropriate subjects IV. ..means what you say 5) Be a good listener I. Concentrate on what’s being said II. Don’t just listen selectively III. Keep an open mind
  • 17. Time for Discussions
  • 18. CONCLUSION Impression Management is the process through which one person influence others.
  • 19. From:- Group A