Facebook for Beginners


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Facebook for Beginners created for a presentation for the Cohasset Library New Chapter Grant fund program

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Facebook for Beginners

  1. 1. Facebook for Beginners with Diane K. Danielson
  2. 2. Sign in online
  3. 3. Basic Information
  4. 4. Edit profile picture
  5. 5. Edit Likes and Interests
  6. 6. • More personal than LinkedIn. • BUT, use the “coffee room chatter” test. 6 Profile – Personal v. Professional
  7. 7. The writing is on the wall • What you write on your own Wall shows up on your “Wall” on your Profile page. It also shows up in your friends’ News Feeds. • If you are friends with Jane and write on her Wall, your post will show up on her profile for anyone to see (depending on her privacy settings). • It also shows on your page that you wrote on her Wall. • If a third party knows you both, then they will see your “Wall to Wall” conversation.
  8. 8. • If you don’t have your Privacy settings set to “just friends” anyone can see what you wrote on your wall. • If you write something on a friends’ wall and they don’t have their privacy settings set, then anyone can see it. • If you write something on a company “Page” it’s public.
  9. 9. “Private” messages
  10. 10. “Private” messages
  11. 11. “Private” messages
  12. 12. Friends v. Facebook “friends”
  13. 13. Friend lists – Step 1 in privacy
  14. 14. Applications
  15. 15. Photos
  16. 16. Privacy – what people search
  17. 17. Privacy – what you share
  18. 18. Facebook Pages: Give them something to talk about
  19. 19. Available at www.DianeDanielson.com
  20. 20. Thank you! Diane K. Danielson Founder, Downtown Women’s Club Twitter: @DowntownWoman New Media Marketing Consulting Email: Diane@DKDnewmedia.com www.DianeDanielson.com
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