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Mar5007 packaging
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Mar5007 packaging


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Published in: Business, Design
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  • 1. Packaging  Why is it so critical?  It is the last marketing communication we see before making the purchase decision.
  • 2. Packaging  A great deal of FMCG products are not heavily advertised and rely on shelf position and attractive package design.
  • 3. Packaging  Up to 51% of purchases are unplanned and influenced by packaging design.
  • 4. Packaging  We often buy the packaging – relying on the photo/graphics to aid our decision.
  • 5. Packaging  Product quality is not only assessed by usage experience, but also from the quality of the packaging design and aesthetics.
  • 6. Packaging  When shopping under time pressure packaging graphics/pictorials/brand were key factors aid consumers decision making. Further more unplanned purchases were made.
  • 7. Packaging  Asymmetry  Writing on left, Pictures on the right allows information to flow to the side of the brain in which it is analysed. Does not require information to be re-routed in the brain
  • 8. Packaging  Positioning and Package Design  Products directed toward A/B’s at high price require cold dark colours  Products directed to price sensitive C2/D’s require light colours, mainly white.  Safe and Patriotic products are mainly coloured in red.
  • 9. Packaging  Positioning and Package Design For expensive elegant products – roman, bold, upper case with expanded characters  For accessibly priced products serif and sans serif. Products aimed at C1/C2’s have graphic forms that include waves, curves & asymmetrical composition with many elements Products aimed at A/B’s have graphic forms straight lines & Squares composed around a single element.
  • 10. Packaging  Positioning and Package Design  Food and products to A/B’s pictures of the products are important  C1/C2’s prefer pictures of people on the packaging
  • 11. Packaging  Brands that show packaging on sale or in use score more highly on Brand Recall
  • 12. Packaging  Packaging updates add positively to brand evaluations
  • 13. Packaging  Blacks; Silver – serious; wealth: quality  Gold wealth
  • 14. Packaging  Purple – Quality; exclusiveness
  • 15. Packaging  Females prefer lighter shades/pastels
  • 16. Packaging  Younger People – bright colours and vivid contrasts
  • 17. Packaging  White – purity; clean
  • 18. Packaging  Orange – Vitality; Youthful; Cheap
  • 19. Packaging What emotion is evoked by green packaging?
  • 20. Packaging  Shape  Schoormans etal (2009) Found that novel and shapes derived from other shapes were important in consumer preference.
  • 21. Packaging  Silayouit & Speece (2007) Suggest the contrary that familiar and reliable shape are preferred
  • 22. Packaging  Garber et al (2009)  Found that shape influenced consumers perceptions of quantity – elongated shapes were thought to contain more product.  Interestingly previous research has found that the larger the pack the greater the usage of the product
  • 23. Packaging  e-2235384/Are-Yemmie-How-YoungEducated-Millennial-Mothers-demandhipster-health-food-altering-facepackaging.html
  • 24. Whitehouse and Cox  Now that you have studies some aspects of packaging please make some recommendations for Whitehouse and Cox.  Please make sure the JUSTIFY your recommendations.  Bring some notes to this week’s seminar.