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Dave Webbers YouTube Channel Reformation Starts Now is the beginning of a training series that exposes a very little known fact about YouTube. If you do not know this fact - you are doomed to getting mediocre traffic. So with this beginning video - we will take a YouTube Channel that was not optimized - and transform it live - giving you proof that this really works. So check out the slides - and better yet - visit the video and the channel by clicking on the link on the last slide.

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Dave Webbers YouTube Channel Reformation Starts Now

  1. 1. Dave Webber’s YouTube Channel Reformation Starts Now! http://Dave-Webber.com 1
  2. 2. Why The Reformation…..& What Does That Have To Do With You? • Well – I am making a big change on the Dave-Webber .com blog – and on this channel – Dave Webber’s YouTube channel – for a REALLY BIG reason! • AND – If you are a Network Marketer, MLM’er, Affiliate Marketer – or an Online Marketer – this is a really big deal for you personally! http://Dave-Webber.com 2
  3. 3. First – The WHY! • Have You Ever Seen Other Folks Get Huge Views And Traffic From “YouTube” – And You Don’t Get The Same Results? • Do You Want – LOT’s Of Traffic And Views - On Your YouTube Channel? • Well – I Found Out Some FACTS – That Most People Have NO Idea About……. http://Dave-Webber.com 3
  4. 4. The Why – Is For You! …And – I Am Going To Lay It All Out There - On “Dave Webber’s YouTube Channel”! • I Will Show You EXACTLY How To Do This! And In Turn – You Can Increase Your Sales, Increase Your Leads, Get More Prospects – Or - What Ever It Is That You Need To Do. • And You Will Learn How To Use “YouTube” To Do That For You! http://Dave-Webber.com 4
  5. 5. First – I Have To Make A Couple Of Changes • Now I Already Have Some Videos On The “Dave Webber YouTube Channel” – And I Will Keep Them There. • BUT – From This Video Forward – Every Video Will Be On Purpose – And Serve As Real Life Examples As I Teach You – So I Can Show You Real Life Results! http://Dave-Webber.com 5
  6. 6. What Sort Of Changes? • The First Change Is Just A Color Change On The Thumbnail Images – So You Can Easily See Where The Change Occurred – And To See Which Videos Will Reform Dave Webber’s YouTube Channel. • Then – I have To Do One More Video For Branding Purposes. http://Dave-Webber.com 6
  7. 7. Other Changes……. • After I Add The Branding Video – I Will Add A Couple Of Videos For One Of My Programs That I Make Some Of My Income From. • AND THEN – I Will Start To Add Training Videos. And Then Step By Step You Will Learn What I Found! http://Dave-Webber.com 7
  8. 8. This Is Not Just Theory! • This Works! And – I Will Show You Every Step Of The Way. WHY? - So YOU Can Profit From This Little Known FACT Too! • AND – I Will Also Show You My results – And How I Got Those Results! http://Dave-Webber.com 8
  9. 9. The Training Videos • Each Training Video Will Be Linked To The Next Training Video – As They Are Uploaded. So It Will Be Really Easy To Follow Along! • And Any Charts, Images Or Downloads That May Help You With The Training – Well – They Will Have Easy To Find Links In The Videos Description. http://Dave-Webber.com 9
  10. 10. This Will Be A Huge Resource For You! • AND – If You Are A Network Marketer, MLM’er, Or An Affiliate Marketer – Then This Will Help Your TEAM Become Successful Too! • SO – What Do We Do Next? http://Dave-Webber.com 10
  11. 11. Don’t Miss Out On A Single Training! • Subscribe Today So You Don’t Miss Out On A Single Training Video! Just Click On The Red Button Above - And To The Right Of This Video If You Are Watching It On Dave Webber’s YouTube Channel. • If You Are Watching The Video On A Site – Click On The Link Below To Visit The Channel – And Then Click The Red Subscribe Button! http://Dave-Webber.com 11
  12. 12. What Happens When You Subscribe? • When You Subscribe – Every Time I Add A New Video – It Will Be Easy For You To See It – Because It Shows Up On The Left Side Of Your YouTube Channel. • So That Makes It Really Easy And Convenient For You! • So Subscribe Today So You Don’t Miss Out Or Forget! http://Dave-Webber.com 12
  13. 13. Okay – Let Me Get To Work! • Thanks For Stopping By - On Dave Webber’s YouTube Channel! • And If You Want To Learn More About Me – You Can Visit My Site – And The Link For That Is Below This Video In The Description. • And I’ll Also Leave A Link For A Free YouTube Training Webinar In The Description As Well! http://Dave-Webber.com 13
  14. 14. Thanks For Stopping By! And Don’t Forget To Hit The Red Subscribe Button - So You Don’t Miss Out On A Single Training Video! To Visit Our YouTube Channel Click Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/1618X/videos And To Visit Our Site Click Here: http://Dave-Webber.com/Dave-Webber/ http://Dave-Webber.com 14