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Social Media for SMEs, JCI London
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Social Media for SMEs, JCI London


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Social Media for Small and Medium Enterprises seminar at London Chamber of Commerce. …

Social Media for Small and Medium Enterprises seminar at London Chamber of Commerce.
Organized by JCI London

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Photo of two persons secreting dynamic: Ask randomly who knows a good accountant, because now I should prepare my financial statements to request financing Are you sure is he good? Friend of who? I was thinking on my brother in law, but if you say this one is assurance specialist…
  • Scan conversations looking for members in need of advice about your field (set up alerts with key terms, and competitors name + word "sucks") Re-tweet relevant information (not from your competitors pls!)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media for SMEs Why? How? h? mcu How Junior Chamber International May 17, 2012 - London Chamber of Commerce Delfin Vassallo
    • 2. How do Social Media work?• We are social beings, sharing our experiences is part of the social interaction• We are influenced and motivated by each other to do things.• Influence through conversation• Low consideration vs. high consideration purchases• Influence Marketing Photo by Ricardo Carreón
    • 3. How does influence work? Advocates Positive Word of Mouth Sustain Passives Ignite Inspire Deepen Convert ConvinceSolve Detractors Negative Word of Mouth
    • 4. How to play the game?• Be authentic – Talk with your own voice – Never post / publish anonymously, your consumers need to know who you are to trust you – Respond to everything, always – Be human• You get because you give – Give relevant content• All participants have same status – Everyone is special and unique Photo by Skene
    • 5. How do I choose whichSocial Media use? be ey’d th e hat or m dt ef An bl s uit a
    • 6. Choosing your Social Media• One is not enough – You won’t find all your potential customers in one single platform – It’s more likely your customers are participating in more than one platform• Research according target market• Social Influence Marketing requires patience: – To learn – To build relationships – To test – To optimize
    • 7. Understand your customers• How long they use the platform?• What do they specifically do on it?• How they interact with others?• Find out the “place of influence” – Where they make they purchasing decisions? – Where they get influenced by others? – Where they observe how their friends are buying / discussing purchases Social technographics tools:
    • 8. Research the platform • Social dynamics • Marketing possibilities: – Display ads – Social ads – Sponsorships – Influencer marketing – Apps & widgets – Brand pages – OtherPhoto by Benny Bnut
    • 9. Evaluate and think your strategy• Planning!• Realize which platforms have meaningful social engagement and will benefit you• Look the big picture – How your marketing efforts work together? – How your different presences link each other? – How are they coordinated with offline activities?
    • 10. Niche platforms• Targeted to specific market segment – MySpace > Music – Linked In > Professionals / businessmen – > Graphic / plastic artists – Vimeo > Art videos – Sermo > Physicians / medical world – > Young travellers – > Expats in Finland• Other basics – Ning > Create your own social platform – Blogger networks – Wikipedia – Flickr – Foursquare – Pinterest Photo by Ricardo Carreón
    • 11. How to establish your social presences new t e! The Es t a Real
    • 12. Building your presences to generate leads • Unique blog visitors • Open forum to discuss issues • Twitter followers• Monitor the web, blogosphere, forums & related to your field • Team members should take • LinkedIn group memberscommunities to find relevant conversations• Join the conversation, comment on blogs & initiative to start conversations • Traffic generated by SMpoint readers to same topic content at your blog • Dont talk about your company or • Leads by source: inbound• Create blog posts that potentially will go viral products web, seminars, tradeshows • Review/Suggest industry events • Compare metrics with your • Feedback on new approaches or increase in leads & sales consumer needs • Volume of mentions + • Join other groups and participate sentiment measurement Create a blog Measure SM Establish a Twitter Create Linked In Cross link your to start and join accounts & account groups & Facebook properties conversations website traffic pages • Post short, post frequent and post relevant! • Promote your SM channels on • Tweet about new blog posts and events company website & email signatures • Links to industry news • ”Like us”? > “Join the conversation • Fun entries, trivia questions, informal on -your industry name-hot topics” researches • Employees email signature include • Scan conversations looking for twitters in links to blog, Twitter account & groups need of advice about your field besides their name, phone, address... • Re-tweet relevant information
    • 13. Measuring results• SM metrics are different from other Marketing metrics• Data gathering is relatively easy, use same tools and parameters over time to get consistent results• Match SM metrics with your other marketing metrics to see how they correlate• Biggest challenge: correlating data with your business objectives• Define your objectives and its Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)Top tools for Social Media monitoring: Social Media:
    • 14. Measuring ‘Sentiment’ • What your customers feel about your brand? • Complex semantic algorithms • Accuracy 60-80% Sentiment for the brand + Volume of mentionsPhoto by Ricardo Carreón
    • 15. Measuring Process Summary Non-financial FinancialInvestment Action Reaction Company launches People respond Impact Impact Social Media positively to this 30k ppl like page 3,000 net new customers Marketing +20% website traffic +25% credit card use campaign 3x brand mentions
    • 16. Social Media Success• Start simple - one presence, then evolve.• KISS• Have a clear metric in mind before you begin. Without a benchmark it’s impossible to determine success.• In order Social Media pays off, it requires commitment and time investment. Photo by Ricardo Carreón
    • 17. Basic resources & insightsSocial Media News • Mashable • Social Media Today • Chris Brogan • Olivier Blanchard • Let’s Talk, Social Media for Small Business: http://www.ducttapemarketing .com/blog/2008/11/13/free-social-media-for-business-ebook/ • Social Media Marketing for Dummies: &tag=sommeindia-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0470289341 • Social Media ROI: Media monitoring tools • Social Mention: • Sentiment Metrics • Brandwatch: • Hub Spot: • Inside Facebook
    • 18. Keep in touch Delfin Vassallo Digital Villager @DJVassallo