Ranimer la flamme!Fan IntoFlame!2011 Francophone Conference Report<br />“C'est pourquoi je t'exhorte à ranimer le don de D...
John 20:21: “Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” 22 And with that he breat...
General guideline: John 20:19-23<br /><ul><li>From Fear to joy verse 19-20
From passive to active verses 21-22
From silence to authority verses </li></ul>    22-23<br />
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2011 Francophone Summer Bible Conference Report (August, 2011)


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This is a report on the 2011 Francophone Summer Bible Conference at Massabielle, France about 45 minutes away from Paris, France. Representatives from French speaking countries attended this conference with the theme, "Fan into Flame." (2Ti 1:6)

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  • The 2011 Francophone SBC was held in Massabielle, France - about a half hour from Paris from August 4th to 7th, 2011.
  • Representatives from Belgium, Canada, Germany, UK, France, and, Switzerland attended
  • this conference with the goal to fan into flame the gift of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. When we repent and accept Christ into our hearts, the Holy Spirit dwells in us. Through powerful messages, a workshop, a special lecture, and several testimonies, we were all encouraged by what God has be doing in the midst of our nations. We prayed the Lord may fan into flame our spiritual desire to serve our respective mission fields with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We also had special guests from Greece (Paul Lee), and Brazil who attended this conference.
  • I can give you a long testimony and details of the conference, but it would be better to share what I had learned throughout the conference and the spiritual progress of our Bible students and share the work of God.
  • Firstly, S. David Choi’s lecture on “The Burning Bush” on Exodus 3. This passage describes Moses’ calling by the Almighty God. Moses grew up as a Egyptian prince. But after he learned his true identity as part of God’s people, he killed an Egyptian and ran away to Midian where he became a humble shepherd. When God called Moses, he appeared to him as fire in the burning bush. God wanted to rekindle the spiritual fire in Moses’ heart to become the deliverer of his people. God did this to save his people who were crying out in misery.
  • Likewise, God called David Choi to be a deliverer of French people as a Bible teacher. Before he did not like obedience, and, out of pride, left the ministry. When I went to France 2 years ago, he did wasn’t there. I prayed and visited him. According to his testimony, he thought he would be free, but his heart became cold.
  • But at the insistence of his mom’s invitation to Christmas dinner. Then the prayers of his parents and of God’s people warmed his heart, and rekindled the flame of the Holy Spirit when he confessed that Jesus was the Christ. Throughout the conference he encourage all the young people, “Did you finish your testimony?” This showed his shepherd heart for campus students to dwell in God’s word. He is now engaged and will marry sometime soon.
  • Secondly, Pastor Johan Lukass’ presentation. He is a church planter. This meant that he went about in different cities to establish churches in various communities.
  • He shared about his experiences in serving God’s work based on John 20:21: “Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” 22 And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.’”
  • At this point of time, after Jesus had been raised from the dead, the disciples locked themselves in a room in Jerusalem. They received the news from the women than Jesus had been raised, but this did not help them. So the risen Jesus visited them personally. Nothing could stand in his way, not even a locked door could stop him. What did Jesus say to them? He said, “Peace be with you!” He gave them peace from the fear of death. Secondly, he gave them the breath of the Holy Spirit. By receiving the Holy Spirit, their inner men became changed.
  • They were changed in three ways:  1) From fear to Joy2) From Passive to Active3) From silence to Authority
  • Overall, he experience many times during his life as a Christian where he experienced despair. But it doesn’t last forever. Eventually God uses his people and moves the hearts of sinners. So Pastor testified to what God had done in his life. One time he tried church planting for a whole year. He had a group of people who said, “Well, you can say what you want, but…” Then he visited one house and the lady told him to come again when her husband was not around. But Pastor Johan, deliberately went at a time when the lady’s husband was there. He asked him, “Hello sir, I came because your wife was convinced you would not listen to my message.” He asked his wife and said to her, “How could you think that way?” And then out of pride, the man came to service. When church service came about, the man came in late. He sat down and asked his neighbour, “Hey, you know why I’m late? I wanted to invite three of my friends but they did not want to come. What about you who did you invite?” Then his neighbour had no mouth to say anything. Anyway, the church began to grow.
  • When we look at Europe and Canada, we kind of have this despairing feeling when we see the prevalence of secularism. But I learned from his testimony that God is still working. Serving God’s mission is not impossible, but possible. So through is presentation, I was convicted of my unbelief. I needed to repent.
  • Thirdly, Marc Choi came back from his mission trip in Nigeria.
  • Marc has an outgoing type of personality so he could develop friendships easily with co-workers.
  • He had spent close to 9 months in Lagos Nigeria where he could learn the humble service of God’s people especially from Misn. Peter Park. The country is similar to Sudan where it divided into two parts; a Christian part and a muslim part. If you are living in between, it is no man’s land and it is likely you might get killed. He learned that God works powerfully. But as there is the work of God, there is the work of Satan. There was a pastor who changed 10,000 people all at the same time. But he also learned of a witch who could change into a bird, another into a serpent. So if you really want to know about angels and demons, Nigeria is the place to go.  
  • Nigerians like to sing and dance. They also pray loudly. If one prays loudly, another would pray even more loudly. Anyway, Marc Choi learned many things like humility, waiting for God’s time instead of following his own plans, and self-denial. He could also learn how to depend on God for provision as a French translator. Through this journey, he could see God’s vision and hope for African countries.
  • Fourth, student ministry. I thank God for sister Daylène. She grew once she was committed to 1:1 Bible study weekly. The spring conference, she could experience much grace. At this conference, she grew as a messenger on Romans 13. We learned that we have an absolute obligation to love one another. To love Jesus, she brought her little sister Marie-Sophie to Bible study and to the conference.
  • Livar and EneLeippik grew considerably. They both are studying for their PhD’s. To do this, they had to send their twin daughters back to Estonia so that they could finish their studies. She feels guilty and has nightmares about her daughters, but she is learning how to trust in God to care for them. They both shared their life testimonies.
  • Thibauld is a Catholic priest in training. I had to admit that I had some reservations about his faith because he said that we have to be careful of gluttony which had nothing to do with our Bible studies. But I had to repent when I had listened to his personal testimony. Essentially, this young man loves to pray. He delights to have communion with God. I know that when Jesus comes again, he will expect to see praying people.I know he will at least find this man. I had to repent of my attitude towards Catholics.
  • Fifth, co-workers. S. Barbara Nicolle is completing her law degree. To do this she had to send her children to Russia so that she could concentrate to complete her studies. S. Barbara gave the France mission report, but my one word from her report was about her precious co-worker S. Eric who supports her. He pretty much serves God by himself, but she also contributes through her prayer which gives her and her husband strength to do all things.
  • I was also moved by Misn. Timothy and Estelle’s family. They are my heroes because they have resurrection faith. Misn. Timothy’s Bible student Antony had personal problems that drove him to commit suicide. Misn. Estelle experienced the loss of her children. They carry this in their hearts, but I recognize their resurrection faith.
  • I thank God for Misn. Sarah Lee of Belgium who shared her testimony. She struggled to take care of Gael and Romeo for a while and prayed for them to find God’s calling. Romeo while translating her testimony into English felt obviously awkward. Regardless, I thank God for their faithfulness.
  • I thank God that I could attend this conference to experience the Holy Spirit’s work in through many people. I thank God that Somang Chung, Mary Cha, and Becky Lee could come as a blessing. They shared honest testimonies and an inspiring Canadian mission report.
  • I thank God for the messages on Jesus’ death and resurrection given by S. Eric Nicolle and B. Pierrine Liu. God’s spirit works when we accept these fundamental tenants in the faith.
  • I could be encouraged by Misn. Paul Lee of Switzerland on the topic of the Holy Spirit. It confirmed my faith that the Holy Spirit’s work is founded by the word of God and by faithful prayer.
  • I thank God that I could come and impart a spirit of joy and at the same time that I could repent of my unbelief. Satan works hard to plant unbelief and a reluctant spirit. I need to keep the fire of the Holy Spirit alive to serve God’s mission. In two years, I pray to give good news to our French co-workers.
  • One Word: Ranimer la flamme du Saint-Esprit!
  • 2011 Francophone Summer Bible Conference Report (August, 2011)

    1. 1. Ranimer la flamme!Fan IntoFlame!2011 Francophone Conference Report<br />“C'est pourquoi je t'exhorte à ranimer le don de Dieu que tu as reçu par l'imposition de mes mains.” (2Ti 1:6)<br /> <br />“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” (2Ti 1:6)<br />
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    11. 11. John 20:21: “Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” 22 And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.’”<br />
    12. 12.
    13. 13. General guideline: John 20:19-23<br /><ul><li>From Fear to joy verse 19-20
    14. 14. From passive to active verses 21-22
    15. 15. From silence to authority verses </li></ul> 22-23<br />
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