Duke of edinburgh ev j outdoor adventure


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DofE Bronze Winter Outdoor Advventure MArch 7+8, 2013 Ej-PWSD

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Duke of edinburgh ev j outdoor adventure

  1. 1. March 7+8, 2013Winter Overnight Camping Trip – Bronze Level Outdoor Adventure Eveline Juce – Hamiota Mb
  2. 2. Before we started our trip into Deep Lake, we all gathered around to review someof the things we had discussed in our pre-trip planning. We got told about thebuddy system which means we have to be with our “buddy” at all times in casesomething went wrong. We were reminded of our basic rules like; no litteringbecause it is a national park, no bullying, no electronic devices allowed and wegot told to be on our best behaviour. Each of us introduced ourselves to the groupby saying our name and what school we are from.
  3. 3. Here are the students from Birtle Collegiate. Their head teacher was Mr. Wilsonwho brought 2 girls and 5 boys.
  4. 4. From Hamiota Collegiate, there was Jacquelyn and I. Ian was another studentwho came on the trip from Strathclair school.
  5. 5. Group shot before we head off into the great outdoors.
  6. 6. These are pictures of us heading into our camp spot. The hike consisted of manyhills over a 4km stretch. On the way in, all of the students and teachers except mydad and I snowshoed in while we cross country skied. Each one of us had all ofour overnight gear on a sleigh which we pulled behind ourselves.
  7. 7. We had a gorgeous view of the Deep Lake area as we skied/snowshoed into ourcamping spot. We were even lucky to see some Lynx tracks along the trail.
  8. 8. Once we arrived at the Deep Lake camping spot, we all started shovelling so wecould have room to put our tents down. There was a lot of snow to be shovelled outbut it wasn’t bad as we thought it would be!
  9. 9. Here are our tents set up and ready to go for the night after all that shoveling! The other 2 girls from Birtle tent.Mine andJacquelyn’stent.The boy’s tent.
  10. 10. As part of our pre-trip safety planning our supervisors had set up a large hot-tenta few days before we went in. This tent had a wood burning stove. It was verynice to have that source of heat in this large canvas tent. It kept us all very niceand warm when we got chilled.
  11. 11. Even though we were camping, there were still “decent” washroom facilities for use! Abit chilly but still better than nothing.
  12. 12. No winter camping trip is complete without building a quinzy. The Birtle studentsfound some more need to shovel so they made a quinzy from a large drift ofsnow that was found near the lake.
  13. 13. Some shots of our camping spot, us preparinga drink and preparing for another activity.
  14. 14. As night started to fall we put some wood in the fire pit and we had a nice fire. Weroasted marshmallows, drank hot chocolate and shared many laughs.
  15. 15. After our fire, we headed off to sleep. Here is us in the morning walking aroundthe lake for a quick activity before we started our walk back to the Deep Lakestation and some of us packing our sleighs and bags back up.
  16. 16. When everyone was ready to go, we started our walk back home with the little energywe all had left. We had to wait for a little bit for some of the parent chaperones.
  17. 17. Our last and final picture before we all headed off to Benny’s pizza for lunch in ShoalLake. We were lucky to have such great weather on this trip and even better people.