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Tenka invites

  1. 1. This is John. 2Visit us at www.tenka.com
  2. 2. This is John’s store. (his store opened in October 2010) 3Visit us at www.tenka.com
  3. 3. This is Jen. (John’s potential customer) 4Visit us at www.tenka.com
  4. 4. These are Jen’s friends. (also John’s potential customers) 5
  5. 5. These are Jen’s friends’ friends. (you get the idea…) 6Visit us at www.tenka.com
  6. 6. When he first opened his business, John wondered… 7Visit us at www.tenka.com
  7. 7. How do I get Jen, her friends and her friends friendsto come to my store? “Should I run an ad?”, John thought… 8Visit us at www.tenka.com
  8. 8. Studies show that… 9Visit us at www.tenka.com
  9. 9. only 14% of consumers trust ads. We are great! Really? 10Visit us at www.tenka.com
  10. 10. However, 85% of consumers trust recommendations from friends. I bet! Theyre great! 11Visit us at www.tenka.com
  11. 11. John wants Jen to visit his store so she can talk to her friends about it I heard they Theyre great! are great! 12Visit us at www.tenka.com
  12. 12. When they all come to John’s store, everyone is happy. Im having such a good time! 13Visit us at www.tenka.com
  13. 13. Online, John discovers Tenka. 14Visit us at www.tenka.com
  14. 14. Using Tenka, John was able to bring 603 new customers to his store within 3 months. Wow! 15Visit us at www.tenka.com
  15. 15. Not only that, John was able to put his brand in 4518 people’s mobile phones. Holy Macaroni! 16Visit us at www.tenka.com
  16. 16. At the end, John spent $1 for each each customer visit. He also received free advertising online. WHHHAATT? Thats it? 17Visit us at www.tenka.com
  17. 17. Tenka connects you and your customers’ friends using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. Tenka gets customers talking about your store. 18Visit us at www.tenka.com
  18. 18. More importantly, we get people to visit your store. 19Visit us at www.tenka.com
  19. 19. Since out launch in October, our merchants have spent less than $1 per customer visitation. 20Visit us at www.tenka.com
  20. 20. Unlike other daily deal sites, our merchants only pay for actual visiting customers. Tenka requires no upfront premiums, no fees and no percentage cuts. 21Visit us at www.tenka.com
  21. 21. How does Tenka work? 22Visit us at www.tenka.com
  22. 22. 1. Create your deal using our Deal Maker site. It takes less than 10 minutes to create a custom deal 23Visit us at www.tenka.com
  23. 23. 2. When a customer finds or redeems a deal, it gets posted on Facebook and the deal goes viral. 24Visit us at www.tenka.com
  24. 24. 3. They will come to your store using a paperless coupon on their mobile phone. 25Visit us at www.tenka.com
  25. 25. You could meet your first customer within 24 hours after you sign up for Tenka. Customers already?! 26Visit us at www.tenka.com
  26. 26. Daicha @ Once Upon A Tart says about the process… “It was very user friendly (almost felt like I was playing a video game) everything was easy to understand. I think you guys nailed it (but Im sure you already KNEW that). Everything was very clearly explained and understandable. You guys are really great & Im glad to be a small part of this experience.” 27Visit us at www.tenka.com
  27. 27. Noelle @ Mariebelle Chocolates says about using the process… “As far as moving through creating the app set up its really easy to follow. I think even people who arent that tech savy can set up a deal easily.” 28Visit us at www.tenka.com
  28. 28. So why Tenka, and not another deal site? 29Visit us at www.tenka.com
  29. 29. Why Tenka? Tenka is a risk free and cost effective tool. Tenka only charges you for customers that visit your store. Most importantly, you tell us how much you want to pay. Screen capture from our Deal Maker 30Visit us at www.tenka.com
  30. 30. Why Tenka? Tenka is the only local deal platform deeply integrated with Facebook. Example 1 Example 2 31
  31. 31. Why Tenka? Tenka provides accurate and detailed analytics of your campaign. 32Visit us at www.tenka.com
  32. 32. Why Tenka? Tenka is a quick and easy tool to use. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up. New customers could come in as little as 24 hours. 33Visit us at www.tenka.com
  33. 33. Who have been successful with Tenka? Some of Our Friends 34Visit us at www.tenka.com
  34. 34. Who have been successful with Tenka? Mamouns Falafel Korilla BBQ 294 Customer Visits 603 Customer Visits 1736 Coupon Pickups 4518 Coupon PIckups Insomnia Cookies Wafels & Dinges 561 Customer Visits 300 Customer Visits 3050 Coupon Pickups 2606 Coupon Pickups 35Visit us at www.tenka.com
  35. 35. About Tenka 40,000 Monthly Visitors 1200 Facebook Fans 500 Twitter Followers Tenkas Advertising Media Vehicle Email Blog Facebook Twitter Yelp Major Publications Fliers Posters Facebook Ads Twitter Ads 36Visit us at www.tenka.com
  36. 36. This all sounds great. Where do I sign up? 1-888-846-9494 www.tenka.com support@tenka.com 37Visit us at www.tenka.com
  37. 37. Thank You 38