Tools To Create Awesome Facebook Fan Pages - Updated 4/20/2013


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Tools To Create Awesome Facebook Fan Pages - Webinar

This webinar covers the tools available to create custom tabs on your Facebook fan pages using various apps.

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Tools To Create Awesome Facebook Fan Pages - Updated 4/20/2013

  1. 1.  Dennis J. Smith Self-Published Author Public Speaker Social Media and WordPress Consultant and Trainer Owns Influence Social Marketing and GreenHostUSA Winner of Top 50 Authors in Idaho Award On Facebook and Twitter since 2007 Lives in Idaho
  2. 2. Covers WordPress, Blogger, Facebook,Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Blog Talk Radioand more!3rd Edition on Amazon in Paperback andAmazon KindleReviews:4.7 Stars out of 5Purchase at:“Who needs this book? Anyone that owns a business. Stepinto the light with this easy to understand Social Media Biblethat, thankfully, doesnt weigh four pounds.”“This book has helped me define how to use Social Mediabeyond the simple uses I currently do, and at the same timeto expand on how I can use Social Media to be more effectiveto Promote my Business and its events.”
  3. 3.  Fan Pages Are Free! Even custom pages can be free! Might cost to host custom pages. Facebook users can set up as many fan pages as they want. Great way to promote a business, product, political campaign, organization and more! Page Features - Facebook Insights, Promote a Post, Schedule Post, Facebook Ads, Apps. Fan Pages can be customized many different ways. Stay tuned as we cover these!
  4. 4.  Pagemodo  Free for limited features, $6.25 to $33.25 per month  Heyo – Formerly Lujure  Free for limited features, $30 per month  ShortStack  Free for limited features, $30 to $300 per month  FanBridge  $5.99 to $49.99 per month  Wix  Free with Premium Plans available at monthly fee  wp4fb 2.0  $67 one time, monthly WordPress hosting needed. 
  5. 5. When you set-up your Fan Page you will be asked to provide a cover photo and a profile picture. Things to keep in mind: `  Profile Picture (your logo) should be 180 x 180 px when upload. However Facebook will resize it to 160 x 160 px  Cover Photo should be 851 x 315 px  App images should be 111 x 74 px. You can upload larger images but Facebook will resize accordingly.  You want something that is going to stand out and reflect what your business is about.  Don’t be afraid to rotate your cover photos when you want to share something important. I.E. New Product, Sale, New Store Opening, Satisfied Customers,
  6. 6. Photo Editing Tools  
  7. 7.  IFRAME apps on Facebook allow you to integrate others web pages into your Facebook Fan Page. Tons of options to deliver a better experience to those who have liked your page. Several companies who make the iFrame app.  However the one I find the easiest to use and loaded with features is from WooBox.Visit the link below to start the process of adding this app toyour page.Link:
  8. 8. WordPress is an affordable website solution that makes it easy for anyone to maintain their ownwebsite. Hosting a WordPress website is typically less than $10 a month.There are now themes and plugins available for WordPress so you can bring in elements of yourwebsite right into your Facebook Fan Page. WP4FB 2.0 FB Fan Page Press 2.0
  9. 9. Build Custom Fan Pages right in WordPressPurchase WP4FB 2.0Affiliate Link
  10. 10. Build Custom Fan Pages right in WordPressPurchase FB Fan Page Press 2.0Affiliate Link
  11. 11. Custom Facebook Fan Page using a customized version of the Catalyst theme. Purchase Catalyst Affiliate
  12. 12.  WooBox Free app, nice look, lots of features.  Involver - Tweets to Pages Free app, easy to install, post to wall.  North Social Monthly fee, customizable header and other features.  These apps allow you to bring your Twitter feed or Tweets into your Facebook Fan Page. Search Facebook for the apps or visit one of the websites below to install the app to your page. The WooBox app is free, brings in the look and feel of your Twitter profile and has a nicer icon displayed on your fan page menu.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media networking sites on the planet. It is very popularwith females though use among men is growing.Its popularity stems from the fact that it is very visual and photos are popular on any social mediaplatform.Install this free app by going to
  15. 15.  Enter your Pinterest Username Select Page Mode Select Share Options Select FanGate Options Save Settings
  16. 16. FeaturesLike to Reveal PinsYou can require users to like your Facebook page beforeviewing your Pinterest tab.User Stays on Your Facebook PageUsers can view your boards and pins directly on yourFacebook page or click to visit Pinterest to repin, like,comment, and follow your pins.Easy & SimpleSetting up a Pinterest tab is easy; simply enter your Pinterestusername.Visitor AnalyticsYou get complete stats for page views, visits, and likes,segmented by fans and non-fans who view your tab.Boards & PinsShow all of your boards and pins styled just like they are onPinterest.Default to Specific BoardShow all your boards or just the pins from a specific board.
  17. 17. Scribd is an app that allows for the display of documents in the popular PDF format. Install this free app by going to Click the “Click here to Install” button or the link to edit pages that already have this app installed.
  18. 18. Finish the install of Scribd for Pages Select your page from the down-down list Click on “Add Scribd for Pages” Return to page and select Scribd icon Click to configure the tab
  19. 19. Finish the install of Scribd for Pages and upload Documents Enter Company Name Enter Phone number Accept TOS Save Changes
  20. 20. Documents Display in Fan Page
  21. 21. Sell product on Facebook by installing the Ecwid App. Works with WordPress and other platforms toofor total e-commerce solution.Websitehttp://www.ecwid.comShowcase
  22. 22. Sign-up with ShopTab first and pick an account type first before proceeding: 1. Login: Login to ShopTab Admin with email address and password 2. Connect your Application to Facebook: After you login, click the option to activate the app on your Facebook page – click the link to install the application.
  23. 23. The ShopTap application will show up on your Facebook Fan Page under the cover photo. The nameand image icon can also be changed to fit your brand.
  24. 24. Finish Set-Up of your shop Customize Add Items Product display in FB Fan Page Browse by Category SearchableLinks
  25. 25. Product displays in your Facebook Fan Page and can be browsed by category or searchable.
  26. 26. Questions and Resources Coming Up!
  27. 27. LIMITED TIME OFFER EXPIRES May 31st, 2013 2-Custom Facebook Fan Pages (does not include e-commerce) Free Hosting for 3-months Hosting just $1.95 a month afterwards FREE – Signed copy of my book for those $79.95
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  29. 29. Social Media http://www.socialmediaexaminer.comPerformance Tracking http://www.socialbakers.comSocial Media Management Tools http://www.hootsuite.comWordPress
  30. 30.
  31. 31. THANKS!© 2012 Dennis J. Smith – Social Media and WordPress ConsultantFacebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.Slides, PDF or any other training material may not be distributed without written or electronic permission of Dennis J. Smith .