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Designer and builder shutter program

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Designer Program (2)

  1. 1. The Designer’s Choice for Wood & Synthetic Plantation Shutters
  2. 2. beautiful addition to ANY home. ANY design or décor. Plantation Shutters.
  3. 3. Sewell uses NORTH AMERICAN BASSWOOD in the production of their shutters, a sustainably harvested, light-weight yet durable wood… VS. …OTHER WOODS used in shutter production, such as Cedar & Pine (which have high resin content and bleed sap) or Cottonwood (which is much heavier), adding strain to the shutter joints.
  4. 4. Sewell’s ENGINEERED PAINT-GRADE LOUVERS maximize wood output and increase louver strength through finger- jointing – ALL UNUSABLE WOOD IS RECYCLED FOR OTHER USES… VS. …many paint-grade components, which are full of imperfections (weakening the louvers) and generate HIGH AMOUNTS OF WOOD WASTE. Sewell uses ELLIPTICAL LOUVERS (flat louvers are also available). Elliptical louvers bring a more modern look to the classic shutter and are preferred over flat louvers by interior design firms and homeowners everywhere!
  5. 5. Sewell’s STUNNING SYNTHETIC SHUTTER is developed from solid poly components (which look and feel like real wood) that have an aluminum extrusion to allow for STRONGER CONSTRUCTION, are manufactured to strict EPA standards to PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT, and allow Sewell to deliver their synthetic shutter in TWO WEEKS on most jobs… VS. …ORDINARY VINYL COMPONENTS, which are easy to discern from wood, make for noisy shutters (because they are not solid), are made using ENVIRONMENTALLY QUESTIONABLE procedures, and often take eight weeks to manufacture.
  6. 6. Sewell’s LOUVER LOCK SYSTEM employs tension pins to EXTEND LOUVER RIGIDITY, engineered louver installation to COUNTERBALANCE THE WEIGHT of the tilt rod, and tension screws to ALLOW CUSTOMIZED LOUVER TIGHTENING… …MOST SHUTTER COMPANIES, who only use VS. tension screws and RELY ON HOMEOWNERS to maintain louver tension. Sewell’s MORTISE & TENON joint GUARANTEES the durability of their shutters for LIFE… VS. …MOST SHUTTER COMPANIES, who manufacture using CHEAP wood dowels which are prone to fail after several years.
  7. 7. By employing advanced machinery and superior construction methods, Sewell manufactures an ATTRACTIVE AND QUIETER plantation shutter… VS. …OTHER SHUTTER COMPANIES, whose panels are manufactured using out-of-date practices and/or are noisy, rattling loudly during opening and closing.
  8. 8. Design Manager Founders Steve Black Doug & Dora Sewell brings his friendly personality have been in the shutter and eye for detail to every industry since 1981 and customer, working with shutter are committed to companies, homeowners, developing personal designers and homebuilders to relationships with their develop the perfect shutter. clients, vendors and employees. Production Manager Marketing Manager Jimmie Byers, Jr. Steve Wade is a 15-year veteran of the is on mission to bring the shutter industry and is “best quality at the best dedicated to improving price in the fastest time” methods of production to window treatment through total quality experts across the nation. management.
  9. 9. Sewell MANUFACTURES IN DALLAS, TX – able to install painted shutters in THREE WEEKS OR LESS… VS. …OTHER SHUTTER COMPANIES that manufacture in other countries and/or take four to eight weeks to deliver.
  10. 10. Sewell will develop a PERSONALIZED shutter production program to fit your needs, offering COMPETITIVE PRICING and delivery options to HELP YOU SUCCEED! Call us TODAY to open an account! 11649 Chairman Drive, Suite 1 Dallas, TX 75243 Phone: 214-342-0882 Fax: 214-341-7786 Email: