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    Ga presentation Ga presentation Presentation Transcript

    • GA Agencies
      Online Marketing Strategy
    • Contents
      • Newsletters
      • Advertising
      • Facebook Pages
      • Giveaways
      • Sponsorships
      • Online Store
    • Newsletters
      The regular newsletters should be phased out from the GA Agencies website and replaced by regular updates from the variuos Facebook pages. Recent experience with read/response statistics of the newsletters indicate that building a list based on student names and addresses, thru the Campus Mashups, for example, was subject to the vagaries of the varsity semester. When students are writing exams, for instance, the read/response is extremely low. However, even during exams, students are more than likely to still spend some time every day catching up on their Facebook activity. With regards Campus Mashups I would be far happier if the guys were finding out the contestants Facebbok username and sending them a fan suggestion. The kicker would be that to qualify for notification of the draw and to claim their prize the contestant would have to accept the suggestion to become a fan. The phasing out of the newsletters from the website should not be immediate. In the interim, newsletters should be continued in parallel with Facebook updates. Once we're satisfied that our reach, in Facebook, is superior we can phase out the newsletters.
    • Advertising
      Facebook advertising has proved effective in adding new fans to the pages.
      Future, similar, limited period advertising should be undertaken (perhaps USD 50 per month), with the proviso that such ads be more targeted.
      For instance, a FUBU ad targeting South Africans, 18 to 34, whose friends are already fans of FUBU Fly Club, estimates a reach of just under 31 000. The advantage of such tight targeting is that the social aspect is brought into play with practically every ad served, i.e. “So-and-so is a fan” (see the image to the left).
      Tight targeting also ensures a better return on our clicks, and should also see our campaigns running for longer on the same budget. Whilst there is, obviously, a cost involved, it should be viewed from this point of view: FANS = CREDIBILTY The “Connections” aspect of the ads gives them credibilty. Since the plan is to set up an online store, what better way to convey to potential customers that we are trustworthy than to show how many people are already fans?
    • Giveaways
      My continuing research is showing that people are far more likely to respond positively if the giveaway is something they would not ordinarily have access to.
      Some ideas along these lines are as follows:
      • Concert tickets, including backstage passes – for instance, the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to Amu's next concert.
      • Win a custom ring tone from an artist, such as Amu.
      • Win tickets to the next dance compo that Freeze Frame take part in
      • A giveaway campaign:
      • An interesting campaign I came across recently had a month long camapaign with daily giveaways. Entrants simply had to like the day's pic to be entered in the draw for that day's prize. There was also a grand prize at the end of the month for which participants had to have liked each daily image to qualify. The effect of this was daily activity on the site, which was reported on participants' news walls ensuring that the activity was observed by their friends, leading to new visits to the page, new likes, etc.
    • Facebook Pages
      My continued involvement with Facebook as a marketing platform, plus the continued evolution of the platform itself, makes me confident that our current direction, in leveraging social media for marketing, is correct.
      I would go so far as to say that I can see the platform hosting full websites in future. The onus is on us, in other words, to keep up with the innovations and incorporate them into our ongoing strategy. If we view it in the context of our intention to open an online store in the near future, we should be looking to constantly increase our connections (fanbase) as outlined above.
      On the subject of the Evolution of Facebook, a recent innovation is the ability to customize tabs on Fan pages as landing pages. We have begun work on building custom landing pages on the various Facebook pages (see the following slide for an example). To entice people to become fans, a next logical step is to add in a condition, such as a giveaway, as a reward for joining. Furthermore, we can also do giveaways for fans who suggest the pages to friend.
    • Sponsorships
      The FUBU sponsorships have definitely helped to raise awareness of the brand.
      We should definitely be looking for the other brands to be sponoring artists, too.
      Whoever is sponsored should have some identity within the target demographic. For instance, there are plenty of young black deejays, playing at clubs and other parties – we should be targeting them as possible targets for sponsorship, even letting them give away merchandise at gigs. These days, deejays have tremendous influence, so, if we're sponsoring them, we can reasonably expect that they will punt us, be fans of us on Facebook, etc.
      All-in-all we should be looking for more active online involvement by the artists we sponsor, specifically on Facebook, but also thru their own online activities on their websites, news sites, PR portals, etc.
      I plan on actively engaging with them.
      Just a thought: thru one of my other Facebook personas, I've made contact with quite a few other dance crews. Could FUBU perhaps be sponsoring a dance compo in the future?
    • Online Store
      The online store should comprise a full catalog of chosen brands, with full integration of shopping cart and shipping facilities. Customers must be added to a database, to not only faciltate easy identification when returning for further purchases, but also so we can regularly market the latest product releases to them. Registration and login should be built into the site and should also incorpaorate the facilty to register/login via Facebook, further enabling us to connect with our customer base. It goes without saying that the store must maintain an active presence on Facebook. Regular newsletters, and regular Faceboook updates, will enable us to keep contact with customers.
      We should also begin, before we even start building the online store, to build hype (anticipation) and a fanbase.