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  • 1. SharePoint Portfolio (614) 507-1014
  • 2.  The quiz is based on a design by Brandon Clark detailed at ating-a-quiz-web-application-using-sharepoint-designer.aspx and customized with added functionality in order to meet client requirements.  The quiz is currently an InfoPath. Some users have trouble using InfoPath in certain environments. Also, the lack of business continuity services precludes SharePoint from getting test results from an outside environment.  The quiz web application is originally written with SharePoint Designer without any custom code entirely in the SharePoint environment. After the quiz web application is built, customized code is added (an event receiver, a visual web part, and a PowerShell script) to help with additional requirements and the management of the various lists.
  • 3. Quiz List Answers List Email List
  • 4.  The synchronous Item Adding method of the event receiver deletes previous entries in the Answers list in case the user hits the previous button.  The asynchronous Item Added method adds the username to the Trained Admins list if that user passed this particular quiz. It updates the date if the username has already been added to this list.  A custom web part or aspx page shows the missed questions, the user’s answers, and a hyperlink for more information for each missed question. Correct answers are displayed if the user missed any questions but still passed.  The event receiver also sends an email to the user if the exam was passed. The components of the email are provided by the Email Information list.  A PowerShell script deletes the items in the Answers list older than a given number of days provided as a parameter. It is run as a scheduled Windows task.
  • 5.  The Site Administration Reports are currently provided by third party software on the Site Settings pages in the intranet farm. The software as well as Web Analytics are not delivered in the extranet farm.  A feature event receiver adds a custom site permissions list as well as a link to an application page with a XSLT list view web part.  After an item is added to a list, an asynchronous Item Added method in an event receiver adds a CSV attachment. This attachment is the Site Permissions report.