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10 new republic   washington adams (12).ppt

10 new republic washington adams (12).ppt






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    10 new republic   washington adams (12).ppt 10 new republic washington adams (12).ppt Presentation Transcript

    • Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams
    • • Did not run • Elected unanimously by Electoral College – Twice! • VP was the question •John Adams
    • • Guide for later action • Examples •Cabinet •Attorney General •2 term limit
    • •War •Gen. Henry Knox •State •Thomas Jefferson •Treasury •Alexander Hamilton
    • Jefferson Hamilton Vs.
    • • Background •Aide to Washington during War •At Constitutional Convention • Wanted a strong central government • President for life • Outvoted - little influence •Urged NY to ratify Const.
    • • Background •Architect, Lawyer •Diplomat to France •Author of Dec. of Ind. •Separation of Church and State • Founded the University of Virginia • Favored a small central
    • •Main Issue - France •Revolution •War with England •They ask us for Help •Washington’s Response:
    • •National Debt •State Debts •Bank of the US •Necessary and Proper Clause •Economic Troubles •Regulate Trade - Protective Tariffs
    • •Loose vs. Strict Constructionists •Hamilton? •Loose •Necessary & Proper Clause – “Elastic Clause” •Jefferson & Madison? •Strict
    • •Who does Pres. Washington agree with most often? •Hamilton •Arguments lead to the first political parties
    • • Hamilton and Supporters? •Federalists • Jefferson and Supporters? •Democratic- Republicans
    • • Federalists? •Lawyers, Merchants, ship owners and Industrialists •Mostly in Northeast • Democratic-Republicans? •Small farmers •Mostly in the South and West
    • • Another Precedent •His most important one? •Steps down after 2 terms • Jefferson and Adams run for the Presidency in 1796 •Winner? •Adams 71 to 68
    • • How was the Vice President chosen? •2nd Place winner •Jefferson becomes VP
    • • Washington gives some final advice to the country before his second term is over • Two “themes”
    • • Neutrality Abroad •No permanent Alliances •Temporary ones? • Ok if necessary •Trade agreements are great
    • • Neutrality Abroad • How long did we listen? • 150 years • Unity at Home • Limit political disagreements • How long did we listen? • About 4 seconds
    • • Main Issues •Internal Federalist struggles • Alexander Hamilton •XYZ Affair •Alien and Sedition Acts •Midnight Judges
    • • Adams wanted to negotiate with France • Talleyrand wanted a bribe • Foreign Minister • Wanted a bribe to talk • Sent 3 agents “X, Y, & Z” • We refused • Talk of War
    • • Hamilton wants war against France •Hurt the Dem-Rep’s • They wanted close ties with France • Adams does not • We’re still too weak • Splits the Federalist Party
    • • Alien Act •Raises citizenship requirements • 5 to 14 years •Pres. can expel aliens •How does this affect the Dem-Rep party?
    • • Sedition Act •Can’t “publishing false, scandalous, or malicious writings against the President, Congress, or the Government of the US” •Constitutional? • How does this affect Dem- Rep’s?
    • • Adams has support cut by Hamilton • Jefferson AND Burr win! •Tie in Electoral College with Aaron Burr •House votes for Jefferson
    • • Adams is Pres. until Jefferson takes oath • Lots of Federal courts without judges • Stays up late filling them with Federalists • Extends life of Federalist Party