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Top five housing ong's
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Top five housing ong's


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  • 1. English III y IV Top 5. Housing ONG’S
  • 2. FIVE
  • 3. FIVE
  • 4. They are a group of young people from different backgrounds, universities and schools committed to the social development of the country; one of their ideals is that they work without delay and with complete perseverance in benefit of the poor people of the country. They change people’s lifestyles by improving tin, plastic and wood houses and changing them for cement houses. They are currently going on a legal process for copying the registered brand, characteristics and model of intervention of Un Techo Para Mi Pais
  • 5. The Housing
  • 6. Four
  • 7. Four
  • 8. • Their mission is to lead formation processes through programs with a social aim that generate changes in the lifestyle of the vulnerable communities of Colombia with a team of volunteers that are committed to that cause • Their goal is to be recognized as the leading social organization in the contribution of improving the life quality of the vulnerable populations of our country
  • 9. The Housing
  • 10. Three
  • 11. Mission and Vision “The Home of Christ look for to welcome with dignity and love for the poorest of the poor.” Vision “A country with Respect, Justice and Solidarity” Our Mission Our mission is to help to bring a change in the social conditions of poor and outcast people.. “Hogar de Cristo welcomes with love and dignity the poorest of the poor, to develop their opportunities for a better life. Call with enthusiasm, to help, and link the community in their responsibility with those excluded from society. It is a transparent, efficient and effective organization, who inspired by the spirituality of St. Alberto Hurtado, promotes a culture of respect, justice and solidarity. “
  • 12. Target Population People living in households or families with very low incomes (which belong to the first rank of the income distribution). Persons with low incomes in the first rank (84 dolars) and in the second rank (194 dolars) when they also have at least one of the following condition: –Have an expression of bio-psychosocial disorder. –Don´t have or have inadequate social and institutional support networks.
  • 13. The Housing
  • 14. What does Habitat for Humanity do? Habitat for Humanity does much more than just build houses. Working towards a world in which every person has access to adequate housing. They-------------->
  • 15. Provide low-cost house production… by building and rehabilitating houses, frequently using volunteer labor. Offer housing-related technical assistance… by training families to build, maintain and pay for adequate housing. Promote innovative housing finance opportunities… by promoting accessible financial solutions for low-income families to improve their housing situations. Advocate for adequate housing for all… by organizing public activities and influencing policies that result in easier access to adequate housing. Prepare for and respond to disasters… by assisting communities to prepare for disasters and helping them rebuild in the event that they strike.
  • 16. Where Habitat for Humanity Builds — Latin America and the Caribbean
  • 17. The Housing
  • 18. Youth building a Latin America without poverty
  • 19. Argentina Bolivia Brasil Chile Colombia What we do Costa Rica UTPMP uses a three-stage method to achieve long- Ecuador term, sustainable change in the social structure. At the El Salvador core of our approach is a focus on empowering the poorest sector of the society, insuring that beneficiaries Guatemala become the main protagonists of the process. To do México this, we rely on the involvement of thousands of Nicaragua volunteers who work hand-in-hand with families living in slums, fighting for the common goal of eradicating Paraguay extreme poverty. Peru República Dominicana Uruguay
  • 20. PHASE 01 Large-scale construction of transitional houses Asentamiento 7 de Julio, Pamplona, Perú
  • 21. Construction PHASE 1 6mx3m USD$ 1.500 2 Days of construction 8 a 10 volunteers for house Campamento transitorio Lo Espejo Santiago, Chile
  • 22. Development programs Social Inclusion Programs This phase develops social inclusion through the implementation of social training programs led by volunteers in areas such as education, healthcare, economic development, microfinance, vocational training, legal aid, and cultural and recreational education. Education Healthcare PHASE 2 Cultural and recreational education Microfinance Vocational training
  • 23. Sustainable communities PHASE 03 + Barrio Definitivo Antumalal, Renca Santiago, Chile
  • 24. Important Data 60.000 in Latin 1302 in Colombia America 190.000 Youth volunteers movilizated Asentamiento Humano Las Yeseras Pisco, Perú
  • 25. Bogotá, December 2009 Ciudad Bolivar. Rincon del Lago Community
  • 26. Thank’s
  • 27. Questions • ¿What is your opinion about extreme poverty in Latin America? • ¿Do you know other organizations that work against extreme poverty?