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Smart Show Presentation: Cooking up Content
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Smart Show Presentation: Cooking up Content


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Smart Show Presentation--Cooking Up Content. Learn where the pros get their inspiration for daily social media content, and how they manage it.

Smart Show Presentation--Cooking Up Content. Learn where the pros get their inspiration for daily social media content, and how they manage it.

Published in: Business

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  • First, Establish the purpose of the policy. Be clear. Next, make it clear that employees need to use good judgment when writing the policy. They should avoid saying things like, “I’m bored,” at 2:00 on a Tuesday while they are at work. An HR manager in this industry did that very thing. She’s at a well known organization and I could have died one day when I saw her post, in the middle of the afternoon. “I’m bored.” Nice. You also don’t want them to discuss closed door meetings, legal issues, anything that feels remotely thorny. This happens, sadly.
  • Creative Commons is something you see on Wordpress. Many sites don’t mind if you repurpose their material, they just want you to acknowledge it. Much of what you see here I learned from Develop a sense of community. Want to talk about your personal life? The 80/20 rule applies. 80% business, 20% personal; some people say make it 60/40, but I think 80/20 serves your puprose and really, fans are on your page to hear more about your product than you quilting club.
  • There are always four basic types of content you can post
  • 2 things here: One, they posted a link from the Nate Berkus show of a surprise proposal with a Hearts On Fire ring, something they sell. So they killed 2 birds with one stone, promoting a product they sell and tying it in to national media coverage. They may well have found the idea for posting this from Hearts On Fire, who had posted it on their page. Note, this post actually appeared in the Hearts on Fire news stream because they tagged them with an @ sign. Just make sure that either the admin likes the page, or that the Page has included it as a Page favorite, because those are the only two ways you can tag.
  • I love the conversational tone that they use here. They ask their fans opinions, and they get specific. I feel like they were genuine and authentic in their request. They use a really good tone. This is a very smart Page.
  • This has nothing to do with MC Fina, nothing to do with Diamonds or jewelry. They were just having fun and they wanted their fans to have fun. Try that sometimes when a current topic lends you the opporunity.
  • Speaking of showcasing. Some pages have a Pick of The Week, Honora has Nick’s Pick of the week. Hearts on Fire does Spotlight Monday
  • They are letting their fans know they are having a contest and giving them a say in the prize
  • Underwood Jewelers is a great example. Here they are showing off the owner. He was on the cover of a local magazine
  • Then here it looks like the staff went out to a game
  • This is a bit heady for me, but the AGS Lab knows it’s fans, most of who are in the industry, so it gets very detailed. You should have seen the diamond geeky comments.
  • Tell them about an interesting diamond related story. AGS shared a story from, which is a good source for finding interesting diamond or jewelry stories, especially on pricy auctions or exhibits.
  • Macy’s had contestants design an outfit: coffee with an ex. Pick from shoes, jewelry, perfume, tops, bottoms, dress. They pick a winner and you get a $500 shopping spree. Linked In: encourage your staff to join and create professional profiles. It brands your team as pros and experts in their field.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Cooking Up Content Cooking Up Content
    • 2. How Should I use Social Media? Cooking Up Content
    • 3. A Few Guidelines Cooking Up Content
    • 4. And a Few More Pointers Cooking Up Content
    • 5. The Big Four Cooking Up Content
    • 6. Pages That Engage. . . and their Conversations Cooking Up Content
    • 7. Media Coverage Cooking Up Content
    • 8. Ask Their Opinion Cooking Up Content
    • 9. Timely Topics Cooking Up Content
    • 10. Spotlight Pieces Cooking Up Content
    • 11. Get Them Involved & Excited Cooking Up Content
    • 12. Show Your People Cooking Up Content
    • 13. Even If They’re Just Having Fun Cooking Up Content
    • 14. Educate Cooking Up Content
    • 15. But Have Fun, Too! Cooking Up Content
    • 16. Hot Stories Are Always Good Cooking Up Content
    • 17. Fan Page Friday Cooking Up Content
    • 18. Tag, and Give Credit Cooking Up Content
    • 19. Tweet on Twitter Cooking Up Content
    • 20. Twitter 202
      • Talk about your area of expertise, but also, talk about your passions and hobbies (wine, music, photography).
      • Follow back when people follow you (within reason).
      • Thank people for retweeting you.
      • Join in on #FF
      Cooking Up Content
    • 21. Twitter Lists Cooking Up Content
    • 22. OMG, I am Speechless! Cooking Up Content
    • 23. Cat Got Your Tongue?
      • Blogs: bookmark bridal, groom, jewelry or luxury blogs. The Wedding Chicks, The Man Registry, Blingista, JewelryBizGuru.
      • Other Facebook Pages—suppliers.
      • Your News Stream on Twitter or Facebook.
      Cooking Up Content
    • 24. Content Goldmines
      • Brides
      • The Knot
      • The Man Registry
      • The Trade Magazines: InStore, JCK, National Jeweler
      Cooking Up Content
    • 25. The Hunt Continues…
      • Search YouTube or Vimeo for these keywords: Proposals, Romantic Proposals, Funny Proposals and Failed Proposals.
      • Set up a Google Alert on Topics of Interest.
      • Set up Twitter Lists: Jewelry, Bridal, Diamonds, Proposals, Celebrity. . .
      Cooking Up Content
    • 26. Stress Free Social Media Cooking Up Content
    • 27. Create a Schedule
      • Mon: Video of Store Owner. “Check out our very own Dirk Fabulous on WSMN talking about our new bridal collection.
      • Tues: Photo of Gold Bracelets. “Gold is a hot trend right now, and nothing is hotter than these gold brocade bracelets.
      • Weds: Link to WeddingChicks. “We love this spring country wedding. The Bride’s ring reminds of us a couple of our own halo engagement rings from Simon G . . .
      • Thurs: Sapphires or Emeralds? What’s your preference?
      Cooking Up Content
    • 28. Management Tools
      • Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Seesmic
      • Manage multiple accounts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as newstreams and lists.
      • Schedule Tweets and Updates ahead of time.
      • One stop management of your social media needs.
      Cooking Up Content
    • 29. Hootsuite Cooking Up Content
    • 30. Bookmarks Cooking Up Content
    • 31. See You On the Web! Cooking Up Content