C ook             Welcome to C.L.A.C.                  Classes for the everyday cook who wants                            ...
“Anybody can make you                          enjoy the first bite of dish,                           but only a real che...
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Chef brochure


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A fictional Chef school brochure

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Chef brochure

  1. 1. C ook Welcome to C.L.A.C. Classes for the everyday cook who wants Si g n up for ou r i nte r nat i ona l c o ok i ng cl ass e sL ike to take their skill and knowledge to the next level. We offer day and evening classes for every skill level. France: A cuisine that is the foundation for all classically trained chefs. We will exploreA the techniques of stock making, Our international cooking courses are classic and contemporary sauces, designed for the student to explore the advanced knife skills, and more. region of their choice. We offer culinary Italy: The rustic and regional courses about the cuisine of France, Italy dishes of Italy. Learn how toC hef Spain, and Japan make dishes such as creamy polenta and the perfect risotto. Learn the art of pasta making Courses start on the first of every month. and delectable seafood dishes. Classes are three times a week for 30 days from 7-9 p.m. Spain: The country famous for The cost of each course is $800 its tapas. Create a tapas menu, make a refreshing gazpacho,cooking classes We also offer private one on one chef construct paellas, and discover the variety of cured hams and training. For more information please chorizo sausages.for the massess contact us at 1 800 626 CLAC or Japan: Discover umami, the check us out online at fifth sense. This course will focus www.clac.com on Japanese cooking methods. Make sushi like a sushi chef. Create your own savoury gyozas.Since 1983 Cook with the best and Master the crispiest tempura. release your inner chef !
  2. 2. “Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of dish, but only a real chef can make you enjoy the last.” ~ Francois Minot“To eat is a necessity, “Tell me what you eat, to eat intelligiently and I will tell you is an art.” what you are.” ~ La Rochefoucauld. ~ Brillat-Savarin
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