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2010 fall intrto final review

2010 fall intrto final review






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    2010 fall intrto final review 2010 fall intrto final review Presentation Transcript

    • Introduction to Art – Final Exam Review The final makes up 10% of the course and is cumulative!
    • Which ones are Elements of art?
      • Color
      • Rhythm
      • Proportion
      • Line
      • Movement
    • Which ones are Principles of Design?
      • Form
      • Balance
      • Emphasis
      • Space
      • Unity
    • Color is derived from…
      • The color wheel
      • Pigments
      • Reflected Light
      • Paint
    • Which Element of Art refers only to 3-D? How can the other Elements be used for 3-D?
      • Texture
      • Space
      • Form
      • Shape
    • What is the difference between a blind contour and a modified contour?
      • Modified is outline only
      • Blind means you blindfold yourself
      • Modified means you use different paper
      • Blind means you never look back your paper
    • Artist Pencils are special. Match the following pencil names with their properties.
      • HB
      • 2B
      • 5B
      • A good mid-dark pencil and best for making middle values.
      • Lightest pencil and is best for light sketches and/or light areas of value
      • Makes the darkest values and is the darkest pencil listed.
    • Give the correct title for each stage of an art criticism.
      • Look under the painting in a book for information
      • Describe how the artist used the principles of design
      • Tell why you like something, or not and give solid evidence
      • Interpret what the artist is saying
    • Which of the following definitions is a good meaning for imitationalism?
      • Artwork that contains feelings or emotions.
      • When an artist believes he/she should recreate the real world as much as possible.
      • Artwork that uses the “formal” qualities such as the elements and principles of design as the most important aspect of the artwork.
    • List the Primary Colors. List the Secondary Colors. List the Intermediate or Tertiary Colors.
    • When mixing colors, you should mix light into dark colors. Why does it make a difference?
      • True
      • False
    • What happens to warm colors in a painting? Hint: how they appear to you?
    • Give names for each of the following color schemes.
      • Using only one color
      • Colors that are evenly spaced out on the color wheel
      • Colors across from each other on the color wheel
      • Colors next to each other on the color wheel
    • What do you get when add black to a color? Shade Tint
    • In this sculpture by Henry Moore where is the negative space? A B
    • What is the thickness limit for a piece of clay?
      • ¼ inch
      • ½ inch
      • ¾ inch
      • 1 inch
    • How do you view a free-standing sculpture?
      • From only one side.
      • From only the front.
      • From all sides.
      • From only the top.
    • List in order and describe the following stages of clay.
      • Bone Dry
      • Greenware
      • Bisqueware
      • Glazeware
      • Leatherhard