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SEO & Why it kicks Ass


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Presentation delivered at Manchester Metropolitan University to web design/development students. Providing a general overview of SEO and our approach at PushON.

Presentation delivered at Manchester Metropolitan University to web design/development students. Providing a general overview of SEO and our approach at PushON.

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  • 1. SEO & Why it Kicks Ass Friday, 26 December 2010 at Manchester Metropolitan University QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  • 2. Hey, I’m Mark  Search Marketing Consultant for PushON  Specialise in paid and organic search  Worked on a number of award winning marketing campaigns  Digital enthusiast! Twitter: djmayne2001 Linkedin: Mark Mayne Website: PushON
  • 3. What We Will Cover  The Search Landscape  How Search Engines Work  How to Optimise Your Website  Promoting Your Website  Why Become an SEO
  • 4. The Search Landscape
  • 5. The Rise of Search
  • 6. Global Search Share
  • 7. How it Looks in the UK Data from Hitwise
  • 8. How is Search Changing
  • 9. Real Time Search
  • 10. Personalised Search Google tracks your browsing history Serves results based on previous search history and preferences An aspect of search that Google is actively pushing
  • 11. Local Search
  • 12. Mobile Search Rapidly growing sector that allows users to have a wealth of information right at their finger tips.
  • 13. How Search Engines Work
  • 14. Search Engine Spiders A search engine spider is an automated program that reads web pages and follows links to other pages within the site.
  • 15. Building an Index Once a spider has crawled a page it records various bits of data about it.
  • 16. Delivering Relevant Results
  • 17. How to Optimise A Website
  • 18. SEO Process
  • 19. Optimise Your Code
  • 20. What to look for Hidden text Inline Styling & JavaScript Menu implementation Coding techniques used - Frames, Flash Presence of Sitemaps SEO friendly URLs Custom 404 Pages Header Tags Meta Data
  • 21. Optimise Your Content
  • 22. Content Strategies Optimize Existing Content: Develop New Content:
  • 23. Optimise Your Connections
  • 24. Partners & Link Building Correlation between rankings and link acquisition - Build a natural link profiles - Quality of links over Quantity of links - Find ways to get links that your competitors can’t - Use existing business partnerships and relationships - Develop link worthy content
  • 25. Optimise for Conversion
  • 26. Improve Conversions - Review the ways in which users can make bookings, purchases or sign up for a newsletter. - Long signup forms, long checkout process, broken links and lack of trust. - Continual improvement to conversion rate - Split testing, don’t make assumptions Source: stayonsearch
  • 27. Promoting Your Website
  • 28. Social Media
  • 29. Link Building - Directories - Guest Posts - Article Marketing - Online PR - Business Partners - Link bait Source: seogo
  • 30. Paid Advertising
  • 31. Why Become an SEO
  • 32. The Women?????
  • 33. Maybe Not….. But Why Become One Great community here in Manchester - Regular events, football & more It’s a relatively New industry Never the Same, changes almost daily Competitive Nature Informal approach Get paid to surf the internet! SEO’s hold a certain amount of POWER! (BD Recruitment example)
  • 34. BD Recruitment
  • 35. Take Away Points!  Twitter for Job Search in Digital Sector  Setup your own Blog  Come along to industry events  Setup numerous sites and test different theory’s  Things never stay the same!