November 26


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November 26

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 26 2010 W E E K L Y U P D A T E Dear Parents, I find it quite hard to believe we are already at the end of November and that discussions about Christmas plans are well underway amongst students and teachers. Time really can pass quite quickly here at CDNIS. It didn’t seem long ago that we were distributing Macbooks, helping open newly-acquired locks and assisting students in getting accustomed to new 8th floor routines. Learning Reviews are done and I have completed the goal-setting documents. The students have had a look at them and next week (Monday) I will send them home to be reviewed by you. Please sign the document, and ensure you child has as well, and return to school so they can be placed back into the portfolios. If I have missed something, or if there is something else you would like to add, please write it on the goal-setting document. It is a working document that is used for setting goals and tracking progress so it should be of some use to us in this respect. This week in Math the students worked through a pre-assessment to demonstrate their prior understanding, skills and knowledge. We also explored different ways we can model and represent fractions as a way of reviewing previous learning. Students worked through some fractions centers today. Next week we’ll continue by looking at equivalence and simplest form. Students are beginning to consolidate their understandings of persuasive texts. They used their pre-assessment from last week - a persuasive text written with no assistance - to deconstruct and find areas that can be improved as well as areas that demonstrate previous understandings. Students will begin planning and writing their own persuasive text next week, writing from both the “pro” and “con” perspectives. We’re in the midst of our first round of “A Minute in the Spotlight.” Please ask your children about it. In short, all students are giving a one-minute speech on any topic as a way of practicing public speaking skills (which is part of our summative assessment). I am giving the students constructive feedback that they can use next week when they go through a second round of speeches. All of this is designed to set up the students to be successful. Please, if you have not already done so, check out your child’s blog. Feel free to comment on their blog (strongly encouraged!!). This is a very effective way through which the students can understand they have an audience for their writing other than teachers and fellow classmates. I have started to comment more on the students’ blogs now that they are more familiar with them. Please note: Yesterday class photos were distributed. Kind Regards, DJ MacPherson & Public Speaking, Future Leaders and Fractional Numbers GRADE 5A @ CDNIS