November 12


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November 12

  1. 1. NOVEMBER 12 2010 W E E K L Y U P D A T E Dear Parents, This week the students were involved in a variety of learning engagements outside the classroom. The first was a 2-day cyber-safety workshop in which the students were involved in a discussion about safe and responsible online practices with Robyn Treyvaud. It was a very enlightening and informative look at how our children digitally interact with the world today. Students also visited the LEAP van where they learned about the dangers of smoking, peer pressure and practical strategies through which they can deal with peer pressure. On Thursday we attended the CDNIS Remembrance Day Assembly. Students reflected on war and those that have fallen in war, including soldiers and innocent civilians. It was a solemn reminder of the quality of life we lead today and a way to demonstrate to students the good fortune they have in their own lives. We have started tuning into our new unit, “How we organize ourselves,” in which our central idea is: “Decisions made about solid waste management affect societies and the environment.” We will be looking at this unit through the concepts of connection and perspective. A detailed PYP update will be sent to you shortly, as will the summative assessments for this unit. For now, a great way to help your child is to discuss the current Hong Kong issue of waste management which is in the news and includes conversations about incineration and landfills (i.e. the proposal to build a landfill in Clearwater Bay). In Math, we explored problem solving strategies and worked through a variety of logical- mathematical problems as a way of experimenting with these strategies. We will continue doing so throughout next week. Next week we will begin exploring the language and organizational features of persuasive texts. This will be very important and useful for students as we proceed through this unit of inquiry. Please note that next Friday, November 19 and Monday, November 22, students will not be in class due to 3-Way Learning Reviews. Please be reminded that the online booking system will be closed on November 15. Please book your appointment for you and your child by then, or contact me if you wish to make alternative arrangements. It is an expectation that you and your child attend the 3-Way Learning Review; its’ an excellent way for teachers-parents-students to coordinate goal-setting for the year. Kind Regards DJ MacPherson & Waste Management, CyberSafety and Remembering the Fallen GRADE 5A @ CDNIS