December 3


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December 3

  1. 1. DECEMBER 3 2010 W E E K LY U P D A T E GRADE 5A @ CDNIS Becoming Independent and Responsible LearnersDear Parents, There are times when the 5A students totally amaze me and this week has been one of thosetimes. Schools are busy places with a myriad of activities happening at any one time - and it can beeasy to get distracted. This week, the students focused really well on writing a draft copy of apersuasive text on an issue related to solid waste management (a list of which they themselvesbrainstormed). Upon finishing their first draft, they then had to argue the opposite perspective. Sofar, what I have read has been really impressive. In addition to that, we have started Round 2 of “AMinute in the Spotlight,” which is a practice run for their speeches (as part of their summativeassessment). Students took the feedback offered to them from Round 1 and really were impressive inadjusting those areas necessary and delivering much improved speeches on solid wastemanagement. The summative task sheet and assessment rubric has been posted on the blogfor weeks but the paper copy has been sent home today to be signed and returned onMonday. Monday, December 11 is the day the students will be delivering their speeches. In Math we worked a lot on equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and ordering fractionsaccording to value. Next week we’ll focus on simplifying fractions before the students are assessed onwhat we’ve been learning so far. After that, and taking us into the New Year, will be improperfractions, mixed numbers and operations with fractions. Students have continued deconstructing persuasive texts and are well underway in writing theirown using appropriate language features and organizational structures. This week considerable timewas spent on writing appropriate sentences and paragraphs. Students are aware that paragraphsconsist of a series of connected sentences (based on ideas) and introduced by topic sentences. Kids have been blogging this week and will continue next week. I strongly encourage you to readand comment on your chid’s blog. If you need assistance with this, ask your child! Next week theywill post some of their persuasive texts on their blogs.Please note, Monday, December 6 is a half day. Dismissal at 11am sPlease note, a students will go to the EcoPark on Wednesday. Permission slips need to be returnedas soon as possible.Want to learn more about the Lower School Teaching and Learning Programme? A reminderthat the first ‘PYP Drop-In’ will be held in the drama pit of the library on Tuesday 7 December,2:00–2:45pm and repeated on Thursday 9 December from 8.00–8.45am (revised time). Thefollowing questions will be addressed: What is the IB? What is the PYP? What is thephilosophy behind the PYP? All welcome without the need to respond.Kind Regards,DJ &