August 27 weekly update


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August 27 weekly update

  1. 1. AUGUST 27 2010 W E E K LY U P D A T E GRADE 5A @ CDNIS Welcome Back to School! Dear Parents, It’s been a very exciting and busy first week at school. The students and I have had the opportunity to get to know each other. We spent a good portion of the week getting settled into new classroom and school routines. Grade 5 is an important transition year here at CDNIS as the children are moving from the Tower to the 8th floor, getting accustomed to having lockers and having to be responsible for uniform changes on PE days. We are all settling in well and I think this has been a very successful week in that regard. Of course the Macbook rollout last night was a very exciting moment for the students, symbolizing new responsibilities, freedom and expectations. The classroom programme will be fully implemented starting Monday. The homework policy will be posted on the “Homework” tab of the class blog, and this space will also serve as a record of the homework that is issued each day. Can you please ensure that you have sent to me two things: 1. An email with your child’s name in the subject line (this is necessary for me to confirm I have a working email for each student); 2. An attachment of the completed “About My Child” form (this is an excellent resource to assist me in understanding your child, and your perceptions of him/her with regard to learning). Please can you send it to my by Monday. ECA sign-up begins on Monday. Your children have their student numbers, which are required to access the electronic sign-up system. You can access the system through the link on the home page of the class blog. Please pay close attention to the information on medical forms from Nurse Karla (below). The medical forms have been sent home today with your child. Please note that there is link to a letter from Ms. Kinsinger regarding auditions for Junior Choir. Please remember as well that we will be using this blog as the primary mode of communication. A record of weekly updates will be kept under the “Weekly Updates” tab. Please contact me should you have any concerns or questions. Kind Regards DJ MacPherson
  2. 2. AUGUST 27 2010 W E E K LY U P D A T E GRADE 5A @ CDNIS Nurse Karla Reports: Medical Forms CDNIS form - MUST be returned 1.         both sides of each form are filled out. 2.        emergency contacts are not the parents (ie. helper, grandparents, family friends, etc). 3.         either “yes or no” is circled for panadol. Government form - optional but students are strongly encouraged to return the form. A. For all students 1. The Student Reference Number and/or School dental Care service number is not necessary. B. Prep - grade 5 1.  return the “APPLICATION AND CONSENT FORM” section only, not the entire 3-page document. 2.  parents must AGREE or DISAGREE to each of the 2 sections in section C: a. SHS- Student HealthService b. SDHS - Student Dental Health Service. 3. if “yes” to dental - submit $20 in either cash or cheque (made out to “Canadian International School of Hong Kong Limited”).  4.  please don’t staple cash or cheque to the form. 5.  if the Chinese side of the form is filled out, ensure that the student’s ENGLISH NAME is also given.