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Incorporating Social Into Your Webinars #socinar


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Learn how to incorporate social into your webinars.

Learn how to incorporate social into your webinars.

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  • 1. Creating Social Webinars By Randy Ksar @djksar March 11, 2010 Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 2. What is a webinar?
    • Had to ask….
    “ A webinar is a neologism to describe a specific type of web conference. It is typically one-way, [1] from the speaker to the audience with limited audience interaction, such as in a webcast .” -wikipedia March 2010 Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 3. What can a webinar be?
    • Your chance to interact with your potential and current customers
    • Turn your webinar viewers into evangelists of your product/service
    • Increase brand awareness & allegiance
    Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 4. Social Opportunities
    • Webinar communication:
      • Without Social: viewer and host (one-way)
      • With Social: viewer, host, and viewer’s social network (one to many and eventually many to many)
    • Opportunity = viewers as evangelists and evangelists creating a community of viewers
    Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 5. What can viewers do on their social graph?
    • Pre-Webinar:
      • Share questions
      • share webinar registration links
    • During Webinar:
      • Positive/negative feedback on speaker/topic/webinar video/audio
      • Questions
      • Webinar link
    • Post Webinar:
      • Positive/negative feedback on speaker/topic/webinar video/audio
      • Questions
      • Slides and/or video from presentation
    Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 6. Integrating Social Into Your Webinar
    • Use a hashtag to organize all social content being created whether on Twitter, Flickr, or YouTube
    • Incorporate messaging on your website and in the presentation that you are showing during the webinar
    • If time in marketing calendar and budget, educate users on the use & benefit of social media
          • More informed the more they will spread the word via social networks
    Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 7. Twitter Sharing Links
    • Twitter share link:
      • “ I’m attending the ABC webinar about product X on 3/16 at 10am PT http:// ”
        • With the link you’ll be able to send ppl back to your website and track registrations from social networks
        • Twitter code: href link should be like this or fully encoded (depending if you have special chars.):'m attending the ABC company webinar on 3/16 http://
    Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 8. Facebook Sharing Links
    • Go to the share button creator on Facebook:
    • Includes all the documentation and easy instructions for embedding on your site
  • 9. LinkedIn Sharing Links
    • LinkedIn allows you to share web pages with your LinkedIn Groups
    • This outreach is key for reaching business contacts and accessing Groups that you and/or your company isn’t a member of
    • More info at
    Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 10. Examples
  • 11. Hubspot: Registration Page The above links promote sharing on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 12. Examples of Sharing: Facebook Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 13. Examples of Sharing on Twitter Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 14. Hubspot: Thank You Page
    • On the Thank You page:
    • Incorporate social sharing links
    • Remind the viewers on how to interact with you during your webinar
    • Tell them to search on your hashtag to see who else is attending the webinar and/or talking about it
    Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar
  • 15. Questions/feedback tweet with # socinar OR Tweet @ djksar
  • 16. Thank You