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The One Planet Architecture institute performs and creates. The basics..

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Opai basics

  1. 1. OPAi | oneplanetarchitecture institute
  2. 2. Work for something because it is good, not justbecause it stands a chance to succeed.Vaclav Havel
  3. 3. The One Planet Architecture institute (OPAi) works on: innovation (systems / proces) programme management strategic advice /consultancy and coaching for
  4. 4. the world where we can live, enjoy life and give all a good living, now and forever opai, 2012
  5. 5. Our design principles Resources forever Use clean energy Create diversity (waste is food) (sundriven) (for stability and resilience) and.. always add value to the system
  6. 6. • War on energy? 6
  7. 7. • War on resources? 7
  8. 8. • Take care of diversity? 8
  9. 9. OPAi strives for ‘green light’ for all:- circular economy- local energy production- autonomous development- energetic society- solid return on investment
  10. 10. Circular EconomyThe Ellen MacArthur Foundation introduced the report “Towards aCircular Economy (McKinsey, 2012). This European scale analysis, isleading in the work of OPAi. We envision a strong role for the Dutcheconomy to be a showcase of a circular reality.OPAi realizes:- Circular Economy Education- Upcoming report ‘Towards a DUTCH Circular Economy’- Series of “Community of Practice” as partner in joint venture- Presentations & lectures- Regional Connector Europe/UK Masters Fellowship Programme Ellen MacArthur Foundation OPAi is NL-partner
  11. 11. Innovation Circular is a new ‘game’ with new rulessome new and sometimes ‘old’ players but alwaysa stepping stone towards a new system that’s our game at OPAi ...
  12. 12. intermezzo Who’s the smart guy? In the circular economy resourcemanagement is essential. What can we learn from the snail? OPAi has a dedication to ecology, thermodynamics and bio-mimicry. The smart way nature works, inspires us for innovations on systems, processes and techniques.12
  13. 13. Innovation Circular is a new ‘game’ with new rulessome new and sometimes ‘old’ players but alwaysa stepping stone towards a new system that’s our game at OPAi ...
  14. 14. Innovation & OPAi Building blocks Innovation Agenda RWS (RWS = Dutch Corps of Engineers) Coaching 8 projects inNational Innovationprogramme on Climate Neutral Cities (focus on process and systemsinnovatins) Energy Sufficient Data Centres (models and patents pending)
  15. 15. Energy sufficient datacentre (biomimicry: beehive)
  16. 16. Energy sufficient datacentres (biomimicry: beehive) hubs
  17. 17. Energy & OPAi decentralized energy concepts (design, policy, perspectives)Energy neutral and energy positive building (new, refurbishment, concepts) Energy techniques (small / large scale)
  18. 18. multifunctional bridge including datacentre / powerplant
  19. 19. Energy producing revolving door
  20. 20. Energy producing revolving door
  21. 21. Energy systems change, do they? Bron: TU Eindhoven
  22. 22. OPAi initiated experiment with ‘Low Voltage Living’ (Heerhugowaard, 2012) Bron: TU Eindhoven
  23. 23. intermezzo ENERGY SUFFICIENT SYSTEMSFotosynthesis in green plants:optimal use of solar energy to create energy/resources.Making systems sundriven is a key in the circular economy and energy-autonomy source: http://www.asknature.org/strategy/48ca5bafeeb8e8e88f2a55a09d49eedd
  24. 24. OPAi in the Energetic Society people have the power to create supportive to new cooperative initiatives connecting global: Green Schools in Ekatrinburg (Russia) Green Building in St Petersburg (Russia) Khadjuraho Eco Business City (India) process architecture
  25. 25. process architecture: aspects Systems analysis Context Existing policies Competent partnersconnect & OPAi Experimentsimplementation (Social) learning: Adapt to insecurities -Individual -Organisational Arena -society • Search • Create
  26. 26. intermezzo PERFORMANCE BASED Our office is based on the circular economy and Cradle to Cradle-qualityIt is designed and created on “performance’: we contracted light, solid and healthy floors, healthy working places. No investment, just performance based contracting
  27. 27. Thomas Rau Douwe Jan Joustra founder managing partner the partners in OPAi
  28. 28. Just as the constant increase of entropy is the basic law ofthe universe, so it is the basic law of life to be ever morehighly structured and to struggle against entropy.Vaclav Havel