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Technical discussion on iBeacon for IOS and Android. Current iBeacon vs BLE capabilities, privacy issues, how not to spam users and why customer segmentation matters.
Lastly I quickly cover Geo-Conquesting. What is it and how iBeacons fit it.

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ibeacons, Privacy & Customer Segmentation - StreetHawk

  1. 1. iBeacons, Location, Privacy, Segmentation and User Engagement. ! Segment - don’t Spam your App users
  2. 2. Meet Some iBeacons Radius Networks arduino based with a BLE USB. (developer kit) Roximity key fob (US) Also USB versions to plug into POS I guess Developer Kontakt (Poland) Estimote (USA/Poland) Simple to deploy, Simple to steal (?) BlueCat (Aus & US) TCO approach with power management May be extensible
  3. 3. Some iMisconceptions… iBeacons are an Apple Product ‣Its a protocol running over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy Standard/Spec/Devices) ‣Its a Trademark of Apple that also defines product compliance (25th Feb 2014)
  4. 4. Some iMisconceptions… iBeacons won’t work with Android ‣Remember: Its just a protocol…. ‣You can implement yourself on top of http://developer.android.com/guide/topics connectivity/bluetooth-le.html ‣You could use the Radius Networks SDK: ‣https://github.com/RadiusNetworks/android-ibeacon-service ‣we use FREE and PRO ‣You could wait for Google…..? (anyone?, anyone? Bueller?) ‣Others?
  5. 5. Some iMisconceptions… iBeacons are stealing my privacy! ‣Generally No. ‣Most iBeacon devices are transmit only. ‣Some can detect/keep IDs and use it for monitoring dwell and flow. ‣Generally it will depend on the Apps on your phone/tablet/wearable and whether you have opted-in (more on that later)
  6. 6. Some iMisconceptions… iBeacons are under NSA control ‣Veggies es bonus vobis, proinde vos postulo essum magis kohlrabi welsh onion daikon amaranth tatsoi tomatillo melon azuki bean garlic.
  7. 7. and a clarification… Your phone/tablet can be a beacon (only via App functionality) Whats happening (Just a few) Use Cases App register for OS Finding Objects (inventory/filing) call-backs to listen for Retail Info and Offers (triggered at store entry or in-aisle) certain IDs Dating/Social/Rendezvous applications App emits an iBeacon ID Dating/Social/Rendezvous applications Customer Service/Customer identification retail Assume Apple is doing iBeacon/Fingerprint for purchases iOS7 only at this stage - app must be foregrounded/screen on (or roll-your own with CoreBlueTooth) http://developer.radiusnetworks.com/2013/12/15/why-android-devices-cant-act-as-ibeacons.html http://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2013/12/10/your-iphone-is-now-a-homing-beacon/
  8. 8. What matters to App Developers? Proximity UUID (think of this as the Brand/App/Retailer) Major ID (think of this as the Store/Venue) Minor ID (think of this as the Aisle/Location) All iBeacons ship with pre-programmed ID’s which you should be able to re-program, via an App on Mobile or PC with Manufacturer tools
  9. 9. Privacy Considerations Location Opt-in is required on iPhone 1. Bluetooth needs to be on 2. On iPhone you need to “opt-in” to location services for the App 3. Generally your App is waiting for callbacks for predefined UUIDs 4. See this blog post: http://streethawk.com/blog/ 2014/01/31/ibeacon-privacy-and-consumer-perceptions/
  10. 10. Privacy Considerations No Opt-in required on Android 1. Bluetooth needs to be on 2. Generally your App is waiting for callbacks for predefined UUIDs. There is a wildcard in Radius SDK but it returns nulls for “region” parameters (UUID/Major/ Minor). 3. Sniffing would need to implement at BLE level 4. Radius implementation polls from the App space. So there is potentially more battery drain than iPhone. 1. polls every 30 seconds 2. PRO library has some battery saving
  11. 11. Spam Considerations iBeacon providers think retailer “walk in the shop” get a pop-up is cool. 1. Tom Cruise Minority Report is actually utopia (personalized) 2. spam popups is the dystopia we get.
  12. 12. Segment & Target 1. Know the user/customer 2. Segment according to their need: 1. loyalty status, 2. purchase behaviour 3. demographic
  13. 13. Simple Drag-and-Drop CampaignCreation without Developers Campaign Console
  14. 14. Simple Drop-in SDK - Powerful Cloud UI 1 2 3 4 - Register on StreetHawk Cloud Reserve your App Name Invite Marketers - Drop-in Code Snippet Add the App Name - Add Push Certificates to StreetHawk Cloud - Get Started with: Reports Campaigns -
  15. 15. Last Bit of Fun GEO-CONQUESTING (opposite of show-rooming) 1. An Application hijacks the user by popping up a message when shopper enters a competitors iBeacon zone. 2. HOW?: 1. Use an Android App to sniff the Proximity UUIDs of competitor iBeacons 2. Add those UUIDs into their own Customer App 3. Trigger on those iBeacons 4. Bingo!
  16. 16. Simple Segmented Messaging to your Mobile App Users David Jones www.streethawk.com ! @djinoz