009 Eco-island: The hub of a sustainable future


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Presentation given by David Green (Ecoisland Partnership CiC) at UPEN workshop - Climate change and the Solent: Opportunities and Vulnerabilities.

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009 Eco-island: The hub of a sustainable future

  1. 1. Working together fora greener planet<br />An introduction to Eco-Island<br />
  2. 2. Ecoisland Vision<br /><ul><li>It’s 2020 and the people of the Isle of Wight have spent the last decade taking their Island back from the brink of the energy crisis and have created the 1st truly sustainable region in Britain.
  3. 3. There are electric cars, electric bikes, solar panels, wind farms, new energy homes consuming less power, smart meters managing the load and there is even a tidal installation producing electricity 24 hrs /day.
  4. 4. The Eco-Islanders are growing more of their own food and are more aware of food miles producing more of what they need on the Island they are self sufficient in terms of water, energy and recycle all their own waste producing power and heat.
  5. 5. The quality of life has improved. Their GREENback card gives them discounts which reduce the cost of living for all.
  6. 6. UTOPIA - perhaps but in the following pages you will see how the Ecoisland Partnership CIC plans to create this reality. </li></li></ul><li> Ecoisland Concept<br /><ul><li>Objective: To become the first sustainable region in Britain and to be a beacon for sustainable living and good practice to the rest of the World </li></ul>NOMYWITH FINANCE OPTIONS FOR ECO PROJECTS <br />MMUNITYMAKING COMMUNITIES SUSTAINABLE <br />SYSTEMBASED ON TARGETS FOR SUSTAINABITLITY <br />OPERATIVEWITH A CENTRAL FOOD MARKET <br />LOGICALCARING FOR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT<br />FRIENDLY SIMPLE SUSTAINABILITY GUIDANCE <br />MMERCE OUR OWN SYSTEM OF BARTER POINTS <br />TOURISMLEADING THE WAY TO A GREEN ISLAND<br />TRICITYBASED ON RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES<br />GROWWITH MORE HOME GROWN PRODUCE <br />
  7. 7. Aims and Targets<br />EcoIsland Partnership CIC Aims<br />EcoIsland Partnership CIC Targets<br /><ul><li>Energy security – we are vulnerable at present
  8. 8. Water down to 90L/person/day
  9. 9. Make eco island an Eco Tourist destination.
  10. 10. Promote re-location to the IOW for Eco Business with the development of Eco Business parks.
  11. 11. Local food production and distribution.
  12. 12. Reclaim our Natural Environment making Eco-Island a great place to visit, live and work in.
  13. 13. Promote public transport electric bikes / cars.
  14. 14. Improve Communities with more Green Towns
  15. 15. Recycle our waste and generate power from it.
  19. 19. MEASURE THE DIFFERENCE AND SHOW HOW IT WORKS !!</li></li></ul><li> The Big Picture<br /><ul><li>We intend to be energy independent by 2020.
  20. 20. This will require a combination of technologies including:
  21. 21. Solar PV on houses / commercial.
  22. 22. Geothermal Energy.
  23. 23. Wind Energy.
  24. 24. Energy From Waste.
  25. 25. Tidal Energy.
  26. 26. This will generate in excess of £1m pa in revenue for the CIC for a period of up to 25 years
  27. 27. The surplus funds from the energy schemes will help to fund the community projects:
  28. 28. Eco Centre visitor attraction
  29. 29. Electric Bikes
  30. 30. Electric cars
  31. 31. Allotments
  32. 32. Green Towns
  33. 33. Local recycling
  34. 34. Promotion activities
  35. 35. Infra structure projects
  36. 36. R+D into new technology
  37. 37. Eco Events</li></li></ul><li>Solent Ocean Energy Centre<br /><ul><li>The CIC has put forward £1.65m to underpin Phase 1 developmentof the Solent Ocean Energy Centre
  38. 38. The project will create 2 major sea turbine locations one in Hurst Narrows and one at St. Catherines.
  39. 39. Rights have been negotiated with Crown Estates and it will create 10 PODS that can be rented out by turbine manufacturers to R+D their products ( renting the space ).
  40. 40. The winning technologies will then be rolled out on a larger scale
  41. 41. It may also enable us to purchase the old BHC building in East Cowes which has deep water frontage and a large undercover area.
  42. 42. We expect this to create more than 100 jobs in building + servicing</li></ul>Total Project Funding £30m<br />
  43. 43. Energy from Waste<br /><ul><li>The CIC has put itself forward as one of the bidders for the Council Domestic Waste stream in 2015.
  44. 44. It is also seeking to secure the commercial waste stream.
  45. 45. Maximum re-cylcing of all waste
  46. 46. Technologies will include AD / Biomass / CHP / some incineration as a backstop but with some very low emission technology.
  47. 47. Outputs will be ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL and products made from the bottom ash and the fly ash.</li></ul>Total Project Funding £50m<br />
  48. 48. Geothermal Energy <br /><ul><li>The IOW sits on the same fault line that is under Marchwood Power Station.
  49. 49. We need to drill two divergent bore holes at least 2km down where we will hit water heated by hot rocks.
  50. 50. The low end heat ( 60 degrees ) will be used by Wight Salads to heat their 26 hectares of greenhouses.
  51. 51. The top end heat will produce steam to drive a turbine and generate a large amount of power.
  52. 52. This could last for 100’s of years and provide much of the islands power.</li></ul>Total Funding £20m<br />
  53. 53. Wind Energy<br /><ul><li>The CIC is also working with a number of wind technologies which will provide a valuable input to the grid when its windy.
  54. 54. There are proposals going forward for some 500mW turbines ( 40m to HUB height ) in 3 locations on IOW.
  55. 55. We are also working with the Windtronics technology which will provide a very high output 6ft diameter turbine for house and commercial roofs.
  56. 56. Wind energy has its place in the mix</li></ul>Total Project Funding £20m<br />
  57. 57. Solar PVOn Social Houses and commercial buildings<br /><ul><li>The CIC is working with the 3 main Social Housing Associations on the IOW and we are pleased to be able to offer an installation service that also puts money back in the pot for community projects in the area
  58. 58. We are looking at 3,500 social houses and about another 170 blocks of flats and other Projects
  59. 59. We have dispensation to proceed with a large number of commercial roofs on the Island and we are hopeful of being able to provide more than 30 business with FREE electricity when the sun is shinning. </li></ul>Total Project Funding £50m<br />
  60. 60. Smart Grid<br />
  61. 61. Smart Metering<br />PassivLiving™<br /> - The PassivSystems service platform<br />Consumer<br />Access<br />Partner<br />Access<br />Monitoring<br />& Logging<br />Demand<br />Mgt<br />Network<br />Mgt<br />Hub<br />Services<br />Installers, ESCOs, Landlords etc<br />Home Owners<br />Environment info<br />Control information<br />Configuration, improved software<br />Personalized messages / promotions<br />Activity data<br />Configuration<br />Control Confirmation<br />Internet<br />(secure connection)<br />Managed Homes<br />
  62. 62. Featuring MOASThe brains behind the smart grid system<br /><ul><li>Loaded with algorithms that connect up all the renewable energy technologies / the houses / the existing grid and the weather ( via the Met Office ) MOAS will have the capability to:
  63. 63. Manage supply and demand
  64. 64. Anticipate solar activity
  65. 65. Message the house occupant to put their washing on when the solar is working
  66. 66. Automate certain appliances to ensure help match demand and supply
  67. 67. Ultimately to manage the house</li></ul>Total ProjectEstimate £10m<br />
  68. 68. The Data Challenge <br /><ul><li>From the IAMS / house technology / renewable energy installations / grid we will be receiving a vast amount of data and have a number of challenges in processing and analyzing it:
  69. 69. Establishing the existing carbon footprint
  70. 70. Demonstrating the changes we are making
  71. 71. Identifying what the effect is on behaviour change and how to magnify that
  72. 72. Present the data in an assimilatable form
  73. 73. Help us doctor the IBM Smart Town dashboard to re-present the data </li></ul>Assistance <br />Required<br />
  74. 74. Water supplies<br /><ul><li>The Island gets approximately 1/3 of its water from the mainland – mostly from the Itchen River.
  75. 75. We need to get down from the current 123 L per person per day ( still below the national 140 L average ) to 90 L / day to be self sufficient by:
  76. 76. Introduce water conservation technology / dual flush toilets / aerated taps
  77. 77. Increase local rainwater harvesting
  78. 78. Creating SUDS as part of the road PFI
  79. 79. Considering more local water management which would consume less transport energy </li></li></ul><li>Eco Centre ( R+D ) and a Seat of Learning<br />FORM<br />FUNCTION<br /><ul><li>An information centre on sustainable living for locals and visitors.
  80. 80. To demonstrate renewable energy technology and R+D centre for new ideas.
  81. 81. Information relevant for homes and business.
  82. 82. Base for membership services / meetings / PR / admin etc.
  83. 83. Movie theatre to communicate the vision.
  84. 84. Demonstrating how the Eco Island vision works on a small scale
  85. 85. A new build in a countryside location with access to woodland for nature crafts and working with wildlife.
  86. 86. Good road / bus / cycle / walking access and good natural resources
  87. 87. Eco materials Funky Eco Design.
  88. 88. Growing our own produce / collecting water recycling waste / composting / generating power, light and heat.
  89. 89. Alchemy Architects who designed the award winning GreenHouse in Cowes.
  90. 90. Admin centre / some offices / recycling equipment / holiday homes ??</li></li></ul><li> Eco Centre Inspiration<br />CREATIVE IDEAS<br />FUTURE PROOFING<br /><ul><li>At least 1/3 of the whole site must be “flexible” to make space for changing materials and new technologies
  91. 91. Technology partners to ensure that the technology stays at the cutting edge of the industry.
  92. 92. The thought that it could be a vision of the house of 2020 using technologies that are plausible now.
  93. 93. Assume OFF grid as baseline
  94. 94. Be radical in the energy solutions
  95. 95. Try to run it without charging
  96. 96. Design it assuming “no services” to the site and that we have to generate / recycle / reuse everything – this is obviously site dependent.
  97. 97. Some dwellings on site where people can stay for free but they have to take part in the running of the centre i.e. gather wood / tend the vegetables / keep the wildlife
  98. 98. Some of the site from reclaimed / reused landfill materials. All materials from the Island – quite a lot of wood.
  99. 99. Café only selling food grown on site and other Island produce. </li></ul>Total Project £3m<br />
  100. 100.
  101. 101. Local food supplies <br />GROW<br />We Export 140,000 t and import 128,000t a year <br /><ul><li>Encourage more Eco-Growers on the Island by promoting local allotments.
  102. 102. Engage Partners who can help fund / supply materials for Eco-Grow projects.
  103. 103. The IOW exports more food than it imports each year. We already produce a large % of the food we need on the Island.
  104. 104. The Co-op in Cowes have a local food HUB already established to supply their stores and it is possible that this could be extended to provide a service the community.
  105. 105. Restaurants / Hotels could place their orders online and the Co-op van could got to the individual suppliers to collect the produce and deliver it to the customers reducing food miles. </li></li></ul><li> Bikes<br />Electric Bikes<br />Electric Bike Benefits <br /><ul><li>Don’t have to be fit to use one – but do promote a healthy lifestyle.
  106. 106. Don’t get overheated when going to meetings.
  107. 107. Standard bike bits / easy to maintain.
  108. 108. Costs approx 11p per charge which lasts about 2 hours
  109. 109. £800 - £1700
  110. 110. Gocycle bikes would fold and therefore be allowed on Red Funnel red jet unlike all other electric bikes.
  111. 111. Pedal assist from a 36v electric motor on rear hub.
  112. 112. 5 hours for a full charge.
  113. 113. Basic bike 30 mile range.
  114. 114. Top end bike 60 / 70 miles.
  115. 115. Top speed around 15 mph
  116. 116. Helmet recommended
  117. 117. Must be 14 years to ride one
  118. 118. Lithium Ion battery so no battery memory can take ! charge</li></li></ul><li> Bike Scheme<br />Electric Bikes<br />Electric Bike SchemePromotions<br /><ul><li>Fleet of 50 bikes purchased.
  119. 119. 10 at each ferry port:
  120. 120. Wightlink Yarmouth
  121. 121. Red Funnel West and East Cowes
  122. 122. WightlinkWootton
  123. 123. RydeHovertravel
  124. 124. Manned service by IOW bike hire company.
  125. 125. Charging points arranged at key locations.
  126. 126. Carless holidays promoted by the ferry companies.
  127. 127. Other bikes and stock held at hire shops.
  128. 128. Promotion via eco-island website.
  129. 129. Promotion at IOW festivals and events.
  130. 130. Map produced showing charging points on routes – pdf / printed booklet of cycle routes.
  131. 131. Logo’s and phone numbers on bikes.
  132. 132. Technology represented at Global partner launch and any further high profile events whenever possible. </li></ul>Total Project £30k<br />
  133. 133. The Community <br />How this project will help<br />Eco Islanders<br />
  134. 134. Community<br />Big Society Taken to its limits <br />Supporters of the Eco Island Vision<br /><ul><li>In line with the government’s vision of devolving power from central office into the community Eco Island will take this concept and make it a reality.
  135. 135. By focusing on local community needs and providing a mechanism for communication between communities / shared knowledge and information / and in some cases funding the IOW will lead the way in the new societal structure. </li></li></ul><li> Introducing Energy Savings<br />HOW WE CAN REDUCE ENERGY USE<br />HOW WE CAN COMMUNICATE THAT<br /><ul><li>The EcoMobileroadshow at events.
  136. 136. Green on Wight pages County Press every month.
  137. 137. The website information HUB
  138. 138. Ecopedia section of website
  139. 139. Schools education programme
  140. 140. Sustainability guide
  141. 141. PR strategy / brand identity
  142. 142. Local TV / Radio
  143. 143. Reduce energy consumption helping Eco-Islanders to save energy where they can.
  144. 144. Smart meters installed in homes to provide usage data.
  145. 145. Promote the purchase of energy efficient appliances.
  146. 146. Installation of renewable energy technology.
  147. 147. More efficient business usage.
  148. 148. Low energy lighting. </li></li></ul><li> What’s in it for Ecoislanders<br />The Value to Eco Islanders<br />GREENBACK the way Eco Living gives something back<br /><ul><li>GREENback member savings
  149. 149. Improved natural environment.
  150. 150. Protection against shortage of water / fuel / electricity etc.
  151. 151. E-Newsletter 6 times a year.
  152. 152. Access to Eco-Barter scheme.
  153. 153. Info on sustainable living.
  154. 154. Access to EcoBank + finance.
  155. 155. Helping to save the planet starting with the IOW. </li></li></ul><li>60<br />
  156. 156. eco-island.orgThe HUB of a Sustainable Future<br />Core Functions of the Website<br />Benefits to our Partners<br /><ul><li>Visibility to all our members
  157. 157. Potentially +20,000 p.p.m
  158. 158. Dedicated EcoValley section with all our Business Parners logos / their story / how they are supporting Eco Island
  159. 159. Engagement including Employee Volunteering opportunities for companies
  160. 160. “How to” area with Partners technology / products
  161. 161. Vision / map of all activity
  162. 162. Active projects inlc.Eco Centre
  163. 163. Blog / twitter / facebook / LinkedIn / Forum / Case studies / news / voting area
  164. 164. Business / Environment / Goods and Service Partners
  165. 165. Events listings
  166. 166. Show home with live data links
  167. 167. GREENback card – with our Partner’s discount schemes </li></li></ul><li>ECOTV.meThe NEW Ecoisland Community TV Channel<br /><ul><li> 5,000 hits first w/e
  168. 168. Dwell time 4.5 mins
  169. 169. 4th most read story on BBC News website
  170. 170. New sections being delivered all the time
  171. 171. New ECOTV.me content
  172. 172. Including the new 2 minute promo video including aerial footage of the Island and some key messages – now being shown on the TV screens on the ferry.</li></li></ul><li> Awards and Ambassadors<br />ECO AWARDS<br />ECO AMBASSADORS<br /><ul><li>To Honour and recognize the GREEN leaders in our communities we will be appointing 4 Eco Ambassadors each year.
  173. 173. They will have team clothing / cards / and they will promote the concept of Eco island wherever they go.
  174. 174. This scheme has already enjoyed great success and we will employ it to good effect as part of our promotional plan
  175. 175. There may also be some high profile Ambassadors to help with National Level Promotions.
  176. 176. One of our members has already developed a system of Green Island Awards.
  177. 177. These will be incorporated as part of the Eco Island Initiative and will become the focus of a number of events and Press Releases.
  178. 178. They enable us to recognize businesses and individuals who exemplify Eco Island
  179. 179. They will be able to fly our new Eco-Awards Logo on all their literature and in promotions. </li></li></ul><li>THE CONCEPT OF EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEERING<br />THE VALUE OF EV TO ECO ISLAND<br /><ul><li>Teams of people working on dedicated Eco island Projects like beach cleanup operations
  180. 180. Senior Executives lending their time / expertise to high impact Eco Island Projects
  181. 181. Partners of Eco Island are able to engage their workforce in the relationship they have with Eco Island.
  182. 182. Eco Island will be able to progress its key projects more quickly with the EV support
  183. 183. Many companies have strong CSR policies that require them to be involved with the Community.
  184. 184. Many 3rd sector organisations like Eco Island have a need for volunteer workers to progress a their environmental projects.
  185. 185. Employee Volunteering CIC is able to match the L+D / CSR needs of the company with a cost effective EV experience with Eco Island. </li></li></ul><li> Training for Jobs<br />The Recruitment and Training Programme<br />The Outcome – Young People in Work<br /><ul><li>The training programme is BPEC accredited and has evolved out of a Pilot scheme that we ran as part of the Chale Community Project last year.
  186. 186. The Isle of Wight College who will deliver the training has evolved this ground breaking programme which is the first of its kind in the UK.
  187. 187. Contracts that we set up with the installers will also require them to take on a number of these trainees as apprentices.
  188. 188. We hope to train at least 30 young people a year for jobs.
  189. 189. As part of the Eco Island initiative we will hope to train 30 local people for jobs in the renewable energy industry. The training will include:
  190. 190. Renewable energy technology / ground source / air source / grey water / rainwater harvesting / Solar PV / Solar Thermal / Biomass
  191. 191. PLUS First Aid / Health and Safety / CSCS certification / CRB checks and IT training.</li></li></ul><li> Education<br /><ul><li>The Ellen MacArthur Foundation have been working with Nuffield Futures to provide a framework for Schools to engage in the sustainability debate and to change the hearts and minds of the younger generation.
  192. 192. This project involves working with EMF on a pilot to roll out the Nuffield modules to Island schools as part of their National Education initiative.
  193. 193. 6 schools on the Island that would be part of the Pilot.
  194. 194. Their work with Nuffield Futures is a cross-curricular Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths topics for Key Stage 3. It consists of 27 hours of learning based on the theme of sustainable living. The early activities explore our current wasteful practices and look to the closed loop systems of nature for future solutions. These ideas are exemplified through a series of pods on waste, transport and climate change.</li></li></ul><li>
  195. 195. Island School Visits<br /><ul><li>Ecoisland will support the Education programme in the following ways:
  196. 196. Promotional talks to assemblies in the schools
  197. 197. Take the Eco-Mobile to the school on the same day and park it in the playground / near the entrance to provide a form of engagement with the programme
  198. 198. Provide information in a language kids relate to
  199. 199. Help identify key projects
  200. 200. Ways they can then engage:
  201. 201. We can find a sponsor to supply them with little cameras so they can record short 3 minute eco-news stories for ECOTV.me
  202. 202. Projects that help us solve the ecoisland problems
  203. 203. Growing projects ( B+Q? )
  204. 204. Our BLOG
  205. 205. Ecopedia / case studies
  206. 206. Facebook / Twitter
  207. 207. Eco-man our online game</li></li></ul><li>Eco Show Home<br /><ul><li>Solar Thermal + Solar PV
  208. 208. Heat pump
  209. 209. Under-floor / wall and ceiling heating
  210. 210. Rainwater harvesting
  211. 211. Vegetable gardens
  212. 212. 2 wood-burners and 3.5 acres of managed woodland
  213. 213. Eco paint from Nutshell
  214. 214. Eco Silestone (glass+mirrors)
  215. 215. Eco Carpets (plastics bottles) </li></ul>Part of the SEA SuperHome Network now <br />receiving over 50 visitors per month and winner <br />of RIBA Award for Sustainable Technology <br />PLUS IOW Society Conservation Award <br />
  216. 216. Engagement<br />How it works for the <br />companies involved <br />
  217. 217. Mobile Attended Events<br /><ul><li>Go GREEN to Bestival ( 50,000 )
  218. 218. Camp Bestival ( 15,000 )
  219. 219. IOW Festival goes GREEN ( 75,000 )
  220. 220. Robin Hill Garden Show ( 10,000 )
  221. 221. IOW Garlic Festival ( 20,000 )
  222. 222. Chale Show ( 15,000 )
  223. 223. Walking Festival ( 20,000 )
  224. 224. Cycling Festival ( 800 )
  225. 225. Air Cooled ( Aug ) and V-Dub ( Sept ) VW festivals
  226. 226. Numerous other small events by invitation ( 10,000 )</li></li></ul><li> Mobile features<br />Features of the Mobile Events Unit<br />Liz Earle Brand Engagement / Product Sampling<br /><ul><li>Product sampling and distribution at all the events.
  227. 227. Brand visibility
  228. 228. Community engagement
  229. 229. PR / Profile – national stories
  230. 230. Over 20 events in total
  231. 231. LE staff in attendance if reqd.
  232. 232. Use of the Eco-Mobile for your own events.
  233. 233. Eco-Ethanol brand new VW T2 Campervan with large awning.
  234. 234. Live sounds + PA System.
  235. 235. Solar Panels on the roof for charging mobile phones.
  236. 236. Small boat wind turbine to generate some power.
  237. 237. Event orientated interior fit out
  238. 238. WI-FI spot so people want to hang out round the bus
  239. 239. Try out the best electric bikes on the market – with Gocycle
  240. 240. Using Apple products on the bus to dilever message.</li></li></ul><li> Brand<br />
  241. 241. Exposure for the Brand<br />8 Bus Backs<br />50,000 x 32 page supplements<br />
  242. 242. Example Press Coverage<br />
  243. 243. Ecoisland Lectures <br /><ul><li>Our CEO is giving a series of Presentations on the Ecoisland Vision throughout Europe and around the UK. Our Global Partners will be carried up front in all of these presentations and will benefit from the profile and the exposure:
  244. 244. 15th Sept: Portsmouth University Climate Change Workshop
  245. 245. 21st Sept: POWER conference in Brussels
  246. 246. 22nd Sept: TSB Workshop on Smart Grids and Automation at the EIT
  247. 247. 23rd Sept: Team GREEN Britain Heroes Launch
  248. 248. 2nd Nov: IBM START Conference
  249. 249. 15th Nov: House of Commons Global Launch Event
  250. 250. Mar 2012: IBM Infrastructure Conference
  251. 251. Mar 2012: Ecoisland Conference in the Yacht Haven Cowes</li></li></ul><li> How it all works <br /><ul><li>A Team of dedicated environmentalists and local Business people have emerged from the GreenTank group to provide the drive, momentum and smarts to guide the CIC.
  252. 252. The CIC will contract certain delivery companies and services to “activate” the various projects.
  253. 253. Partnerships will be formed with large organizations who can help to improve the quality of life and deals have been done with tem to reduce the cost of living for Islanders.
  254. 254. The CIC will have a “core team” of staff supplemented by contract staff
  255. 255. To begin with this will include the CEO and an administrator but as the organization grows more staff may be engaged to manage its activities.
  256. 256. The CIC has appointed bankers, accountants and lawyers to work on behalf of the community and to safeguard their interests.
  257. 257. The CIC will publish its accounts on an annual basis. </li></li></ul><li> The Investment Model<br />What the CIC can do <br /><ul><li>5-years of input to this stage.
  258. 258. Initial concept underwritten.
  259. 259. CIC formed + bank a/c open.
  260. 260. Founding Partners secured.
  261. 261. National Partners secured.
  262. 262. Individual Members attracted.
  263. 263. Eco-Island Equity Fund formed
  264. 264. GREEN investment funds pay into the Equity Fund.
  265. 265. WAGONS ROLL on projects
  266. 266. The CIC can then:
  267. 267. Invest in renewable energy
  268. 268. Invest in waste technology
  269. 269. Invest in Eco Companies
  270. 270. Promote Eco Island
  271. 271. Buy land if required
  272. 272. Take equity in wind farms
  273. 273. Broker energy generated
  274. 274. Claim feed-in tariffs
  275. 275. Create an Eco Centre
  276. 276. Give discounts to members
  277. 277. Create an information HUB</li></li></ul><li>
  278. 278. THE STRUCTURE OF THE CIC<br />
  279. 279. Governance<br />EIP Governance and Structure<br />Action Group<br /><ul><li>The GREENtank is a group of over 300 committed environmentalists that was started 3 years ago in the wake of the Big Green Picnic to keep the spirit of Eco Island alive.
  280. 280. We have now evolved a specialist ThinkTank from the membership which include some of the brightest eco / business minds on the Island.
  281. 281. The “Action Team” is focused entirely on putting Eco Island ideas into action.
  282. 282. Meeting at least 6 times a year they act like the Dragons Den of the Eco Island endorsing projects / offering seed funding + guidance + finance.
  283. 283. A Community Interest Company with all the surpluses being committed to Eco Island initiatives.
  284. 284. Asset lock to stop assets being removed from the company.
  285. 285. Option of share issues to raise finance / allow members + donors to invest freely in the activities.
  286. 286. Enables lending to finance projects / purchase of land / investment options.
  287. 287. No dividends so nobody is seen to be “making money” out of EIP although it can do everything else that an ordinary company can do.
  288. 288. It offers the most flexible option for potential future developments. </li></li></ul><li>
  289. 289. Proposals fortheClimate Change Conference<br />An opportunity to get onboard <br />with Ecoisland <br />
  290. 290. Knowledge Partners<br /><ul><li>We need help promoting the concept in Academic circles – we need as much smart help as we can get.
  291. 291. We are working with UCL on an Electric Commercial Vehicle trial ( fork lift / short delivery / tractor unit )
  292. 292. We need help with the science of Community Engagement Programme to improve our reach.
  293. 293. Data processing / analysis / reporting.
  294. 294. Make a contribution via Twitter / Facebook / Forum.
  295. 295. Share your knowledge and research.
  296. 296. Collaborative projects.
  297. 297. Invite us to give talks on our experiences and findings. </li></ul>HELPING TO REDUCE THE COST OF <br />LIVING AND RAISE THE QUALITY OF <br />LIFE FOR ECOISLAND RESIDENTS<br />
  298. 298. A Range of Partnership <br />Options has enabled a <br />Large number of Partners <br />To come on board.<br />The CIC Partnership Model<br />has the added benefit that <br />not only do you get support<br />and funding ( as you would <br />with sponsorship ) but you <br />also get a lot of goods in <br />kind and services PLUS the <br />benefits of their PR and <br />Marketing Teams. <br />
  299. 299. Business Partnership Outline<br /><ul><li>Since the very start Eco-Island has worked with business partners offering them a chance to use Eco-Island as a vehicle to get strengthen brand and come aboard the Eco-Island strategy.
  300. 300. Regardless of the level of partnership your organization can utilize the relevant partnership logo to its own devices. With so much public awareness of green issues it will help your business support eco-island and doing the right thing for society. It can also highlight your current and planned eco initiatives, products plans within your own business strategy.
  301. 301. Our partners pages used frequently in a wide range of media. Our business partners are often the first to receive opportunities that emerge from our green ventures. We regularly feature business through our press and media connections which can maximize publicity of an eco action or investment at your business.
  302. 302. Where possible we also can invite partners and potentially important clients to a range of appropriate events that eco-island hold. </li></li></ul><li> Business Partnership<br /><ul><li>Major Donation or contribution of services to the CIC
  303. 303. National company that has made significant financial contribution to the CIC
  304. 304. Local business that have made financial contribution to the CIC
  305. 305. Have made significant contribution from the start.</li></li></ul><li>HUB:<br />If this proposal has not been sent to you by email <br />then it has been printed on FSC paper <br />ECOISLAND AN IDEA WHOSE TIMEHAS COME<br />ONE PLANET – ONE ISLAND<br />