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R&d course efast-portal presentation

  1. 1. Research and Development IMSP Workshop Course and EFAST Information
  2. 2. Welcome!  Dr. Ryan Brown  ISU Course Instructor  Lead Instructor, EFAST Course  Topics:  ISU Courses  EFAST Course  Illinois Data Portal
  3. 3. ISU Courses  Fall 2013 Course: (covers Summer-Fall)  TCH 429.17: CeMaST Workshop  3 Credit Hours  Graduate Credit; Cannot be used toward a MS  Summer 2014 Course: (covers Spring/Summer)  TCH 493.16: IMSP Workshop  3 Credit Hours  Graduate Credit; Can be used toward a MS
  4. 4. Fall Course Requirements Lesson Design Activity  Design a lesson based on workshop content. Reflective Journal  Reflect on aspects of the workshop and your classroom implementation in a journal format. NGSS Activities  Conduct a review of the Next Generation Science Standards in terms of the lesson that you designed.
  5. 5. Fall Course Requirements Workshop Attendance and Participation *  During the workshop there will be a number of activities in which you will be expected to attend and fully participate. Content Test *  Complete a content test pre/post test to determine foundational knowledge of the content and teaching methods that serve as the focus of the workshop. Formative Assessment Modules *  Complete 3 of the 6 EFAST formative assessment modules using the EFAST System. Evaluation Materials *  Throughout the course you and your students will be asked to complete 5-6 surveys and provide data to ISBE through the Illinois Data Portal. *ISBE Requirement
  6. 6. Tentative Spring/Summer Requirements Lesson Implementation  Implement a lesson that was designed based on the content of the workshop. Peer Evaluation *  Working with a partner you will conduct a peer observations of lessons designed in the workshop Formative Assessment Modules *  Complete the additional 3 of the 6 EFAST formative assessment modules using the EFAST System. Evaluation Materials *  Throughout the course you and your students will be asked to complete 3-4 surveys, upload a student performance task, and provide data to ISBE through the Illinois Data Portal.
  7. 7. Course Questions??
  8. 8. EFAST System
  9. 9. Effective Formative Assessment for Students and Teachers (EFAST)  Online professional development program designed to engage you in formative assessment.  Hosted by the Illinois Virtual School  Designed based on work completed by a CCSSO committee on formative assessment.  Divided into 6 learning modules.
  10. 10. EFAST Topics  Module 1: What is Formative Assessment and Why use it?  Module 2: Focus on Data  Module 3: Formative Assessment Strategies: Using Exit Slips  Module 4: Descriptive Feedback for Writing in Math and Science  Module 5: Self and Peer Assessment  Module 6: Putting it all Together
  11. 11. EFAST Structure  EFAST is designed as a self-paced professional development course.  Most modules include:  An overview  Readings  Videos  Classroom vignettes/scenarios  Discussion/reflection questions  Activities for your classroom  Surveys
  12. 12. EFAST Access  STEP 1: Create an account  Visit: https://pd.ilvirtual.org  Create an educator account (see handout)  STEP 2: Enroll in EFAST  Enroll in EFAST for ISU IMSP WIP5 (see handout)  Use the authorization code provided  STEP 3: Access the course  Within 24 hours after enrolling you will have access to the course (see handout)
  13. 13. EFAST Orientation
  14. 14. EFAST Orientation
  15. 15. EFAST Orientation
  16. 16. EFAST Orientation
  17. 17. EFAST Schedule  Modules 1-3: Due by 12/1/2013  Modules 4-6: Due by 5/1/2014
  18. 18. EFAST Questions???
  19. 19. Illinois Data Portal WIP5 Data Collection
  20. 20. Illinois Data Portal  Purpose: to collect data regarding the teacher and student experiences that emerge this grant  Required by the ISBE (grant funding agency)
  21. 21. Portal Website https://ddip.lth5.k12.il.us Username: [School email address] Password: WIP5_### [See Attached List]
  22. 22. Usernames and Passwords Teacher First Name Teacher Last Name Username Password Rodger Baldwin rbaldwin@cusd15.org WIP5_268 Martha Warren martha.warren@estl189.com WIP5_14 Janelle Czapar czaparj@unit11.org WIP5_354 Stephanie Hiles hiless@unit11.org WIP5_898 Robert Blaus bblaus@elmhurst205.org WIP5_442 Shannon Penoff spenoff@lths.org WIP5_191 Alexa Schlosser Tancil atancil@mchs.net WIP5_384 Yvonne John yjohn@naperville203.org WIP5_361 Brandi Cooper Brandi.cooper@olympia.org teacher Jarrod Rackauskas jarrod.rackauskas@olympia.org teacher Joshua Krone jkrone@prairiecentral.org WIP5_53 Paul Meister pmeister@prairiecentral.org WIP5_263 Clifton Tucker ctucker@quincynotredame.org WIP5_207 Bartholomew Frey freyb@stark100.com WIP5_74 Jennifer Miller jmiller@wacohi.net panther
  23. 23. Portal Website Select the Data Collection Tab
  24. 24. Surveys Teacher Tools
  25. 25. Teacher Surveys  IMSP Teacher Participant Survey  workshop review  Teacher Demographics and Access Survey  teacher background and technology access information  Teacher Professional Development Survey  professional development background and expectations  Teacher Needs Assessment Survey  comfort level with curriculum design and technology use  Teacher Professional Practice Survey  overview or your instructional practice Complete by September 1st
  26. 26. Student Surveys - Links Right click, or CTRL- click to copy the link for the survey. Student Tools
  27. 27. Student Surveys  Student Attitudes Survey  Student Personal Skills and Activities Survey  Student Frequency of Learning Activities Survey  Student School Characteristics Survey  To be administered to your students twice:  Pre-Survey: Prior to Sept. 1st, 2014  Post-Survey: Prior to May 1st, 2014
  28. 28. How to Administer Student Surveys Your Students need four things to access the surveys:  A class link to the Surveys (which you provide, details in the next slide)  A class password (which you provide)  Name  Birthdate
  29. 29. To Create the Link  In your account, right click and copy the link.  Paste it to somewhere that your students can access it: email, class website, etc…  Should look similar to this: https://ddip.lth5.k12.il.us/surveys/LoginStudent.aspx?su=17&sc=3440 Inside the Teacher’s Account Right click, or CTRL- click to copy the link for the survey.
  30. 30. Passwords For Your STUDENTS Inside the Teacher’s Account  From your account, select the Passwords tab.  Select the Create Passwords button  The passwords are good for two hours.
  31. 31. Passwords For Your STUDENTS Inside the Teacher’s Account
  32. 32. Student Access  Students:  Click the link you provided  Enter the password you provided  They select their grade and first letter of last name
  33. 33. Student Access  Then select their name and enter their birthdate
  34. 34. Student Access  The survey should then appear.
  35. 35. Other required portal items  Teacher Peer Observations  Student Performance Tasks  Student Products  All to be discussed at a later date!
  36. 36. Portal Questions???