How To Earn Money With Web Videos


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This transcript is the seventh session from the Lights Camera Profit Seminar. It talks about how how to earn money with your web videos.

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How To Earn Money With Web Videos

  1. 1. VIDEO MONEY Time to cash in on what you've learnt. David: In this session, we’re going to talk about everything that you’ve learned now, how to take that and make some money out of it. We gave you all the different techniques, we’ve had a pretty full on day when you think about it. We started off, Ben talked about why video is important. Then we talked about what equipment you need, how do you record, how you go ahead and then start to edit that recording, then how do we distribute. Videos for Local Business Now I’m going to say, well, how do we take everything that you’ve learned today and then apply it into cash? A really good placed to start, you might already have a business or you might not have a business. If you don’t have a business, I thought I might give you a few little business models and ways to get started yourself. Some of these, you need to think about where you are in your own particular business right now and think about how you can incorporate it into what it is that you’re doing. Some of these may fit for you, some of them may not. Firstly, why not set up a business where you’re offering video services? There is a big demand for local business wanting these types of videos. We went over some pretty high level material and a lot of businesses out there have just no idea about this yet. They need it so badly. It’s a big part of what we’re now incorporating into what we’re doing with Melbourne SEO because I see that it is the biggest opportunity online. Web video is where it’s at. It’s the quickest and easiest wins that you can get, so you need to see what you can do to incorporate it into the business that you’re currently doing. If you don’t have a business, maybe you set up a professional looking site and you offer website packages where you give them fifteen videos for $2000.
  2. 2. Maybe you do the Mike Koenig’s 10 x 10 x 4. Ask them ten questions, what are the ten top questions that your clients ask, what are the top ten questions they should ask? Turn each one of those into a video and then sell that as a package for them. Get some basic editing in iMovie, upload it for them and then give them the list of the links and they can email their clients or embed it into their site. If it’s your own website as well, a really good place to start, your own or any other clients, I always like to think about, where you want to start is always starting at whatever is getting the most traffic. So whatever pages are getting the most attention, I find nine times out of ten, video will increase the conversion of that page. Very rarely have I seen video, in fact I can’t think of an example, where video has decreased the conversion on that page. That’s not to say it’s not out there but I think it always helps so start with the highest pages first. Some really good examples of what we’ve done, there are a few clients recently, I’ll just show you one of them, maybe Malta Business. This is a guy who helps Australian businesses set up businesses over in Malta, just because they’ve got some tax advantages over there. He came into our office, used out studio, Ben edited it up. We optimized it for the keywords that he wanted, then we uploaded it to YouTube. We set up a YouTube channel for him and then we charged him. Once that streams up I can let you play or you can go through those links in your own time. I’ll give it maybe ten more seconds. There we go, it’s starting to pick up speed now. Question: Why is he wearing black on black? David: He dressed himself and when he got there he was already in a set of clothes and we didn’t have a wardrobe out the back that he could change into. Ben: Also through the projector, he’s not as disappeared like that when you look at it on a screen. It looks just like a head and hands floating around.
  3. 3. David: So you’ve got the Malta business and there are a couple of other clients that we’ve done some work for as well. There’s a really good quick and easy way to get started. Set up some systems and procedures. Get a uni student that you hire to come in and you give them these videos or teach them the basics. Get them to do the work and maybe you go out and find the work and then give it to them to do. As Ben showed you, there are some finer details that you’d get with years of experience with editing, but it’s really not that hard when you just want to put something out to that quality. Getting Business How do you get businesses? There is a whole lot of different ways to attract businesses. I’m never one for cold calling, I really don’t like cold calling. Here’s something that’s a really hot technique that’s working at the moment. How about you go register domain names that are keyword rich for businesses in the local area? So it might be Melbourne and then insert your industry afterwards. So it might be Melbourne day spa, Melbourne chiropractor, Melbourne whatever. Register that domain name, set up a WordPress blog and build out a site on that. What it is that we’re looking to do is create a little bit of a bait for these local businesses, where we start to rank for their keywords. We start to come up under their business name and that’s a really good in for us then, to introduce ourselves as SEO experts and also we do video as well. There is another opportunity there as well where you could start to convert that directory into a proper directory where maybe they can upgrade their listing. You tell them, look, we’ve got this website, we’re happy to make you a featured listing on this website. For an extra $500, we’ll come out and shoot a quick video for you. You can use it on your own site and that just opens the door. It’s all about just opening the door. I’ll give you an example of what one of these sites might look like.
  4. 4. Here’s an example site, we’re just using a WordPress theme that adds a map in to make it look pretty nice. We’re starting to do some SEO sites on it. Each one of these is local businesses in the area. We went to Yellow Pages and ripped a whole lot of the websites that currently had listings on there. Based on areas, we set suburbs based on different tags and then we created posts, individual posts for each of the businesses underneath. Every post we then created a customized post for each website and added some images and made it look quite nice. So it’s a little bit of a directory site. We tell them, you type in your suburb and you’ll find businesses in your local area. Effectively we’re creating a directory site that we can then use for numerous things. We use it as lead generators to get clients for SEO. You can also use it for, like I said, once you start to do a bit of SEO to it and you start to rank and do really well for it, then you can start to approach them and maybe say, do you want to upgrade your listing, as I talked about. So there are some good ideas right there. That in itself right there is a golden business opportunity for someone if they’re just starting out and they haven’t got anything in place yet. Find an Expert or Be an Expert The other thing you can do is, how about you find an expert or become an expert in a particular niche? Trading is a really good example for me. When I first got started in trading, I aligned myself and started doing work with Stuart McPhee and he really became the expert. Although I have a really good understanding in trading and that type of thing, I also really like marketing. It’s the creative side that I really enjoy. So find an expert and then how about you bring a lot of what it is we’re teaching you about video to them and help them build up their profile but you start to take a piece of their business and their growth?
  5. 5. Here’s an example of what I did with Stuart, or perhaps another business model you could look at. How about going and setting up a blog in the industry that you want to connect with one of these experts on? You can start off by interviewing these experts. So you create an industry specific blog, so maybe it’s about trading or maybe it’s about a niche that you’re interested in. You find out who all the big guns are in that particular niche. Then you hop on the phone or you contact them and say, hey, I’ve got a blog, I want to give you some exposure. They give you some interviews. You start to build up some content. You get a little bit of a profile. You start to build up a rapport with some of these experts. After you’ve built up a rapport, you might pick out one or two of the top experts and say, hey, I want to run a workshop with you. You create all of the content, I’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. All you have to do is rock up, present your material, we’ll record it, we’ll create you a product and then I’ll help you market and sell that product on the back end. A lot of these book authors and things like that, they have a book and no back end product. There is no way to monetize their back end. So what you can do is help them build a back end. Imagine going to Amazon, looking at who all the top authors are, contacting then and helping them build these back end home study courses. You need to get some runs on the board though. You don’t want to start approaching some of these high profile people 'til you get some runs on the board. Either you’ve done this before or you’re positioning yourself as an expert or interviewing the experts on your blog. That’s why I suggest starting with your blog first because that gets you a little bit of credibility and gets you familiar. Then you run the seminar at break even. On the day, you get everybody to give a testimonial. You make sure they do a video testimonial and those of you who haven’t done a video testimonial yet, we’ll get you to do those at the end of the day as well. So you make sure you record a video testimonial for everybody. Then you can create a product out of running that workshop. When we run workshops, we make sure we run them at break even, so the cost that you guys pay will more than cover the costs of us running it. So effectively we create a product for nothing. Then we get your testimonials of you telling us how great that product is which is going to help with the marketing.
  6. 6. Then you do a product launch. If you’re not familiar with product launch, go get yourself a copy of The Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker. It will take you through the process of how to do a product launch. If some of these guys already have attention, if they’re already authors, chances are they’ve already got a following. They might have a twitter, they might have a YouTube, they might have got something like that. If they’re an author, they’ve got people who are watching what it is that they’re doing. You tap into that list, take them through a process of, here’s how we’re going to market your product to your list. They’re going to make sure they jump on board because they helped create the product. Then you do a product launch and you can do very well. You’ll make a big spike at the front end and then you can just build that into a business where you just keep on driving traffic to that website and keep on making sales of that product forever. The other thing I hear as well in regard to creating product, people talk about the idea that you don’t need high quality products. A lot of old school direct mail people talk about this where sometimes you’ll purchase one of their products and it looks really bad. That’s one thing I respect about what Ed does. Ed will make a CD and it’s got a very nice intro to navigate your way through it, he’ll get some nice graphics done for it and you want to make sure that you dress it up. Don’t just come out with average looking products. That works well when there is no competition but this is still low hanging fruit and you can get away with it. But for future pace and you think further down the track, you’re going to get a much longer life cycle out of that product, I think, if you create a higher quality product. Also if it’s a video course because they will have run the seminar, what do you do? You take that video course, you cut it up into snippets and then you load those onto YouTube. Those YouTube are just a search engine little bait, you put at the end of the video a call to action, hey, want to watch the rest of this workshop? Come back and make the purchase over here. It’s a great way to get some content. That right there is fantastic. That’s how I started off in my trading niche. It’s done incredibly well for me and that is an incredibly successful business model as well.
  7. 7. Triple Your Trading Profits An example of that, with Stuart McPhee, we did a seminar called Triple Your Trading Profits, TYTP, we recorded it, we got thirty- seven people in the room. We created the DVDs out of it, we did a product launch, we sold 113 copies at product launch at $340 each. So on product launch, we offered it at a cheaper price as an incentive to get people to buy. That was just off the product launch. That’s now an evergreen product that we just continue to sell time and time again. We used the snippets on YouTube which point people back to make that purchase. That’s what this course here is. Jump on Rent a Coder or something like that and get a good graphics person and that’s what the Triple Your Trading Profits course looks like. Information products are fantastic products because they are very low cost to deliver. It probably cost us $50 but we can sell it at a much higher value than that. The margins are so much better. When I compare it to my traditional business like Planet 13, where when you’re dealing with clothing you do 200% mark up, you do ten times the mark up with information products, so it is a really good place to start. That’s what we’re doing at this workshop here. We’re running it, that’s why we’re getting you guys to record those testimonials. You guys can stay back at the end if you haven’t done your testimonial, we’d really appreciate it. Videos Product Launch Then using videos for a product launch as well, here’s another really good example. We have a course called the Online Trading Mastermind which is a membership course that teaches people how to design trading systems. What have I got here? Building a list or tapping into a data base. I think at this point in time when you’re doing product launches, you will get the best effect if you either have a data base yourself that you’ve built up, or you can tap into someone else’s data base.
  8. 8. A lot of people don’t actually use their client data base but it’s just gold sitting there to be mined. So if you can find an expert or someone out there, like I was saying, who has that data base that you can mine or create your own, you can just go through something like this. We did a video launch where we gave away three free content pieces, they were each about an hour long, just video. You can see it at the Online Trading Mastermind, that’s a really good example of it. Three content videos and then the final video, we sold a high end product. The product was a bit higher end. The first video we got 2400 views. Fifteen percent of those watched it all the way through. Video 2, 1400 people watched it, 10% watched the whole way through. Video 4, which is our sales letter video, and I know I missed video 3, because video 3 we actually gave some content that wasn’t video. It was audio, but it kind of destroyed my flow, but I thought I’d still put it in here anyway. Video 4 we got 2500 people to watch it. We ended up selling twenty-two copies of that particular high end coaching program for $1697. I’ll just show you that really quickly, the course or the website. This is just using online video in your business. Something else to keep in mind, if you’ve got a business, I talk about the idea of finding an expert or becoming an expert. If you’ve got your own business, maybe you create a video product that, for your guys, let’s just say in your business, take what I’m telling you and then apply it to your own situation. You might run a day workshop about everything you need to know to make sure that your wedding runs smoothly. You run a day workshop, Karin, you jump up there, you present it, you talk about everything about here’s what you need to do to make sure your wedding runs smoothly. That can become a product and then it can either be a front end lead generator or maybe it’s a product that you use to entice clients to work with you. You’re the only marriage celebrant that gives them a home study course that teaches them how to run the perfect wedding. That’s a pretty good one.
  9. 9. Ok so the Online Trading Mastermind here, so we gave away three free bits of content and on the fourth video, that’s when we made the sale. It’s currently closed at the moment, but there’s a video and then there’s a little bit of a sales letter. Anyway, you can look at that in detail in your own time. As an Affiliate Some other ways you can make money using video is as an affiliate. What you want to do is, there are plenty of different affiliate programs out there, if you’re not familiar with the term, affiliate program, you can go out and research it. It just enables you to sell other people’s product and get a commission for the sales that you generate. So you might find other people’s products that you’re looking to promote. What I would suggest that you do is go ahead and register a domain name, then mask that domain name and redirect it, using your affiliate link. Let’s say John Carlton, I’m promoting John Carlton’s course. Maybe I recommend John Carlton SWS, so Simple Writing System is the name of his course. I might register So register that domain name. Then I grab my affiliate link and then I make sure that when people go to that domain name I just gave you,, it will redirect through my affiliate link. That way I can give out my affiliate link and it doesn’t feel like I’m giving you an affiliate link and it’s easier to do. That’s the first step that I suggest you do if you’re going to use video and use it as an affiliate. Here are some ways that you can do it as an affiliate. Offer video tutorials and include your affiliate link. So TradeSim is a good example of this. Let me just head over here, let’s just go to YouTube, let’s just type in TradeSim. We’ll see if any of my videos come up. There’s a play list as well, learn the art of back testing and we’ll just let this play for a little bit and you’ll see. [TradeSim Quick Start Tutorial video]
  10. 10. I give away a free tutorial, lower third, url. That url there links back to my website and then I sell that product. Here’s a free tutorial that we’re giving away about how to use TradeSim and then if we’re obviously getting some views to that and if people want to find out more, they’ll go back to the website and then we can sell them the product. That’s a way that you can use it as an affiliate link. Another way that you can use videos is using them to give video reviews of products and then you offer bonuses. So here’s an example video. I was promoting a John Carlton course and I created a video where basically I did a review. My Mum took this, I didn’t use a tripod, I probably should have. Ben is going to cringe when he watches this but it’s effective and it sold us some copies. [John Carlton's Simple Writing System Bonus (SWS) video] I go on to do a little bit of an offer about John Carlton’s course. That’s a great way. James Schramko credits me with the very first business model that he started. I’ve been doing that for lots of products. The one he saw me doing it on was for Ken Evoy’s SiteSell. That in itself is a very effective business model that you could make a great deal of money from. Some of you may or may not appreciate that each one of these are six and seven figure businesses, just each one of them. The other thing as well you’ve got here another thing I like to show people when I’m making a purchase. This is one I made for StomperNet. This is a screen recording and we’ll just let this cue up. I talk a little bit about why I like StomperNet, it’s just an internet marketing course. I open the video explaining how I’ve used StomperNet and I’m leading by example because then I jump into a ScreenFlow video where I show them me making the purchase for StomperNet. I’ll see if I can find that in here. I hope this is the video I was thinking. Yes, here you go. [StomperNet video]
  11. 11. So I just go through and I show me making the purchase, which is a really good way because I’m leading by example. I went and purchased it and I was putting money where my mouth was. I wasn’t just recommending something as a dirty affiliate who doesn’t really believe in the products he’s selling. This is one I haven’t tested but I think it’s a pretty good idea. How about you go to the next trade show that’s in your particular niche and you interview everybody on the different stands? You walk around and you get them to demonstrate their product, you get them to talk about it and then you have your branding throughout it. They’re experts, they know things inside and out about their product, you get to leverage off their expertise. Then you can use that either to promote their products as an affiliate or just position you as the expert. That’s another really good way to go. Don’t Be Sneaky Some other things are don’t be sneaky, ok be sneaky, but don’t tell anyone. Here’s another sneaky technique and I won’t give you any examples for this but I’ll tell you how to do it. Now that you know how to write a good script and we know that video can convert a lot higher, what you might do is create a video sales letter version of a product out there. So a product that you know is already a top selling product, create a video sales letter for it using all the techniques that Ben talked about. Once you create that video sales letter, then you set up your own web page for it and you embed that video into the web page. This is where it gets a little bit sneaky and it is against the terms of service for some affiliate programs, not all affiliate programs. What you can do is, you can then do what’s known as an invisible pop up. What it enables you to do, to do this I’ll probably explain the way that an affiliate program works. With an affiliate program, you’re given your own special link that someone needs to click on for you to get credit for that purchase.
  12. 12. What I would suggest you do, not suggest, here’s something you might do. Let’s say this is the affiliate program that we’ve joined and this is their website and they’ve got their sales letter that’s converting ok but it’s text. They’ve got a Buy It Now link half way down the page and then you’re given your affiliate link. As an affiliate, how you make money is by sending people to this affiliate link and then it redirects to this website. So basically they get tagged as your referrer to that website and you get a percentage of their purchase should they go ahead and purchase. That’s the basics of how an affiliate program works. What you might do, possibly, is set up a website and create a video sales letter here and then you’ll rip their Buy It Now link here so it links directly to their Buy It Now page. Usually if someone clicks this link, it’s not your affiliate link. Unless we do something else to let the affiliate program know that we sent them, we’re not going to get credit for this sale if we rip just the Buy It Now button. So basically we’ve got the video, we add the Buy It Now button directly underneath or wherever you want to add it on the page. Then what you need to do is use what’s called an invisible pop up. The way I got introduced to those was through a book called The Affiliate Black Book. The guy calls himself Mr X, but if you just search invisible pop ups, there are different products that you can go out there and purchase. What it does is you basically take you affiliate link, load it into this invisible pop up software. It will give you some JavaScript that you cut and paste so you’re given new text. Instead of using your affiliate link now, you use this new text and you load that into your little web page. What it does is it opens up this web page in a 1 x 1 pixel. What’s actually happening, the user is technically visiting this website but they don’t have to click the link to go visit this website. It’s displaying the website and they don’t even know they’re seeing the website. So what that enables us to do, it’s like we’re going to drop the cookie, we get credit for them visiting that web page even though they haven’t visited that web page. That’s something that you could experiment with. Basically it gives you an opportunity to start to improve on their sales process.
  13. 13. Once you start to improve on their sales process selling their product, you’re getting credit. Once you know the numbers and you say, well, I know how much I’m converting, I know how much traffic I’m driving. The reason you do this is so you can get your metrics, you’ll install Google Analytics, you’ll know where your traffic is coming from. Then yon can sit there and you know all your numbers. You say, ok, maybe it’s worthwhile now that I create this product. Let’s cut them out of the picture and then you’ve got a sales letter, it’s already written and then you can just modify that video and then it becomes your own product. It’s a good way to test out products before you go ahead and roll that product out and you know that it’s going to sell before you go and spend the time and go and actually create it. Was that whew! for some people? That is another thing that you could have a look at. Ride Launch The other thing that you could do using video, and I suppose this is something Darren had talked about, the idea of riding on those current news events. You can ride the launch. When products are coming out and you know they’re about to be getting launched or maybe Oprah is interviewing some author and they’re getting blasted across all the media outlets, that might be a good opportunity for you to ride that launch. Maybe what you do is you create videos based around whatever product or service is being launched. You might either take screen shots of it, you might do reviews, you might buy the product yourself and record yourself unboxing it, you might review the product, whatever you do, just to create videos based around these products that are coming out. Then you can target, using all of the SEO work I talked about, target the product name, target words like whatever the product name is, pre order. So it might be iPhone4 pre order or pre order iPhone4 or something like that, something that you know is getting a lot of media. Add the word bonuses and reviews. So maybe reviews, people search for reviews of products, so maybe it’s iPhone4 review. You can start to ride on all of that traffic that’s coming out. What do you do? In that video that you create, you might include your affiliate link or that domain name to then get someone to make a purchase through your particular link. That’s another pretty good idea too.
  14. 14. Super Leverage Ok, so what are some ways to super leverage what it is that you’re already doing? I like to create one piece of content and then repurpose that as many times and in as many different places as I can. One of the ways I’ll do it, I’ll try to get the most out of what I’ve got. Let’s say I record a video, whether it’s an interview with someone or maybe I make a recording on my iPhone. Then once that audio recording is done, then you want to plug systems in to make sure your assistants and people part of your team take that and maybe they convert that audio, they create a slide show which creates a video or they create a slide show first. Then they match up the audio with that slide show. We talked a little bit about that work today. Then you can create a video out of that interview. Now out of that interview then you can slice it up into pieces and then you upload it to YouTube and you’re creating content. You can also take the audio that you create and get the transcripts done for it. So maybe you get the transcripts of the video that you’ve done or the interview, then that can get cut up and turned into articles that can then get used in your SEO campaign to try and help drive traffic to your website. So what you really want to try and do is how do you squeeze the maximum out of all your efforts? So you only have to create and do a little something and then it gets repeated many times. I also have people now, the videos Ben was talking about, those FAQs, I recorded ten or fifteen different FAQs for Melbourne SEO Services. Now I’ve got another assistant who is taking those videos and posting them onto our blog and creating a blog post for each one of them. That’s another way to keep leveraging that content and also you’re getting an SEO benefit out of that as well.
  15. 15. Pitching Ideas Pete has an example. I don’t know if we want to go over, you know that screen shot. We’ll jump straight into StyleLife. This is another really good way for using video. Pete: Some of you guys might know of Neil Strauss? He wrote the book called The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. It’s basically a story about how he went from being a really big time geek, he was a writer for Rolling Stone and New York Times. He got given an assignment to write a story about this underground society of pickup artists. He changed his whole persona in life around and become known as the world’s greatest pickup artist. He wrote a book about it and a membership program and so on. What I did, I put together a video to actually do an iPhone app with Neil which we did and was very successful. I will just show you exactly how I pitched Neil using video to get the deal. I won’t show you the whole video. Basically all I did was went to a freelance designer and got a series of iPhone app designs mocked up of how I thought the iPhone app would work. I threw them into Keynote on the Apple Mac and just did a ScreenFlow recording. I’ll just quickly jump through the slides. The iPhone app that you’ll see in iTunes right now is completely different to how the original designs were. But I basically walked my way through how I thought the iPhone app would work. This is what the app would do, this is how it would work, these are what the benefits would be for him and his community and just the sales pitch type thing. This is where John Carlton’s sales course kind of thing is worth having because it applies to anything you’re doing.
  16. 16. I sent the email off to Neil and I think in seven and a half minutes I got a reply from this guy, saying that was the most eloquently executed and engaging proposal I’ve ever seen or something like that. This is a guy who is a New York Times best selling author, he currently still writes for Rolling Stone and all that sort of thing. So he has a fair bit of email and a fair bit of correspondence and in seven and a half minutes I got this email back saying let’s make it happen. It was purely by just putting together what we now know is a simple Keynote presentation and then ScreenFlowed it. It wasn’t a hard to do thing, it was just got a designer to do some work, $100 probably even less, to get the designs mocked up quite quickly and then put together a quick video. I’ve done this a few times for a few different projects and businesses. For people who don’t get this, they see that sort of video and it blows their mind. So it’s just what’s possible, what you can do, just with some simple skills that no one else knows. Just what we take for granted now after this sort of session, you can apply to a range of different things to pitch things and it can be very effective and blow people’s minds. Question: Can I just quickly follow on from that? On a much smaller scale, it’s very easy to do this on Facebook. So I like to talk about Facebook, I’ll be really quick. You can search for people who are interested in your topic and if they ask a question on Facebook, you can answer it with a video. With just a two minute, one minute video you answer it and immediately you stand out from the crowd. Then they contact you almost right away and they want to work with you. So it’s a fantastic way, even for small jobs. David: Yes, when I heard Pete talk about the way that he did that, I haven’t really heard anyone do that sort of thing before. Pete’s really good at coming up with those ideas and thinking a little bit outside of the square as well. Pitching ideas, that right there is gold. Imagine thinking about some of those Amazon best sellers, these people who don’t understand about having a back end product. If you married what Pete was talking about with what I was talking about, maybe you use a video to pitch the idea of running an event for them that you run and then you ride on the coat tails of that. That right there is awesome.
  17. 17. Ben: Can I just add to that? You can also do it with people who are trying to get published as authors. You can make a video trailer for them. It introduces the book and you can set up a deal that, once they get it published, then you can get a percentage of it or something like that. It’s something that’s starting to grow, there are courses about how to do it now, not make the video, but use YouTube and things like that to get yourself published. There are so many writers and so few publishers who will actually publish content. If you’ve got someone you believe in or who is in the industry that you want to do, that’s another thing you can do as well. David: How about this for another gold one? This isn’t even on the slides. I saw this guy wanted a job, it was in one of my RSS feeds. This guy wanted a job in Silicon Valley. What he ended up doing was he started bidding on keywords of all the big name CEOs using AdWords at some of these companies that he wanted to work on. Every now and then people Google their own name. So he would run this little ad that came up on the side of Google which said, hey, blah, blah, I’ve made a video for you. Click here to watch it. They’d go over to the site, then he made a little video that was a video resume which said, hey, I’m the bomb. Here are some examples of what I’ve done, blah, blah. He ended up getting a job. It ended up going viral, they made a little video out of it, but he ended up getting a job at one of these Fortune 500 companies by using a combination of AdWords and video. So that’s a pretty good one too. There are just tons of ideas. If you’re stuck for ideas now, there is probably no hope for you! There are so many different ideas there. You only have to take one of them and run with it. The problem that I find with a lot of these seminars you’ll go to, you’ll get so many ideas. I gave you my best ideas today. Each one of those you could make a huge amount with. What you need to do is pick one of them, just choose one and implement it into your business. You’ve got a big long list of to dos, try and figure out what the order of priority is. Ben is going to finish up in the final section talking about well, how do we take everything that we’ve learned and then start to put a little bit of an action plan so that you’ve got something that you can take away. So we might finish up with that.