Get More Traffic & Leads Using YouTube Marketing


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You may have already read case studies that demonstrate the power of online video marketing. The Old Spice commercials, for example (, are reputed to have doubled product sales. However, it isn’t necessary to create something as glossy and ambitious as those produced by multi-million dollar campaigns. Online video works primarily because people like to do business with a person, rather than a faceless corporation. Using video to put a face on your website allows you to add personality to your business, and the process is far easier than you think.

Check out my presentation on how to best use YouTube marketing for small business. And then check us out at

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Get More Traffic & Leads Using YouTube Marketing

  1. 1. Video Crusher Video killed the radio star.
  2. 2. WHAT IT DOES FOR YOU People do business with people, and videos connect you to your clients. Videos keep things real. Your authenticity comes across. Gives you expert positioning. Makes things easier, especially for your clients (who wants to read?). You’ll get to enjoy easier rankings.
  3. 3. WHERE TO USE IT HOMEPAGE Get your clients to connect with you by describing their frustration, offering a solution, and providing a call to action. SERVICES What are you offering your clients? Make it crystal clear. ABOUT US Telling your clients about your story is key. AUTORESPONDER Determine the top 10 questions your clients frequently/should ask and make TIP: Have a look at your Google Analytics, find out which are videos answering each one of those. your most visited pages, and put videos on those pages first.
  4. 4. TESTIMONIALS Collect Other sample testimonials questions: from your How were things going before us? How did you find us? clients. BEFORE What were your problems? DURING How easy was I to work with? AFTER What type of results did you get? Why did you choose us? How was it working with us? What were the results? What did it mean to you? Why would you recommend us? Anything else you’d like to add?
  5. 5. > An example of a testimonial page on a business website.
  6. 6. WHAT YOU’LL NEED Lights Microphone Camera iMovie or Movie Maker Tripod ScreenFlow or Camtasia
  7. 7. CHECK ONE, TWO LIGHTS Turn off external light sources. Follow the 3-point system. Balance: contrast is key.
  8. 8. DON’T BE PERFECT 300+ videos in 3 years Quantity VS Quality - sample video: click here. Start with 4-5 videos.
  9. 9. MY RECORDING TIPS ✓ Speak to the camera. - Imagine your avatar on the other side of the camera and talk to them like you would to a friend. ✓ Don’t read from a script. - Have your bullet points planned out. ✓ Don’t be Danoz Direct. ✓ Zoom in and out at cuts.
  10. 10. THE STRUCTURE OF VIDEO INTRO: start with a creative yet professional hook. LOWER THIRD: always get people back to your website. Place your web URL OUTRO: finish your video with a call to action. MUSIC: bring more sound to the work that you do. “Want to find out more? Visit” Compose simple tunes
  11. 11. CHANNEL SECRETS How to make sure your channel stands out on YouTube: Select your user name. - Go for the keyword. Change background image. - Get creative with the design. Set your channel type. - Never go for generic ones. Tell people to subscribe. - To boost your ranking.
  12. 12. OPTIMISING YOUR VIDEOS Similar to on-page SEO, it’s about selecting the right keywords and putting them in the right places. > Keywords - What are they searching for when they’re on YouTube? > Titles > Description - Remember to include your URL. > Tags > What is your competition doing?
  13. 13. UNDERSTANDING THE ALGORITHM What Google takes into account when deciding on which video to display: > Backlinks & Embeds > Views, Ratings, & Comments > Age > Playlist > Channel Views > Subscribers
  14. 14. Dave’s secret: Embed your videos on to high page rank pages.
  15. 15. PROOF IN THE PUDDING Keywords Trading System Sample Keywords: Position/Rank #2, 3, & 5 Best stock broker #1 Trading plan #1 Achieve financial freedom #1 Forex Seminar #1 Daryl Guppy OWNED
  16. 16. VIDEO IDEAS Live video, screen capture, Keynote, animation, & slide shows Workshops, interviews, tutorials, Q&A, reviews, & parodies. Make it easy on yourself. Click here to watch the video!
  17. 17. BE WARNED Be careful of building your business on someone else’s third party. You don’t want a business that’s reliant on something else.
  18. 18. Moral of the story: > Look at back-up strategies. > YouTube alternatives: - Vimeo,Viddler, BlipTV, etc.
  19. 19. ACTION PLAN Open a YouTube account. Embed videos on pages with high traffic. Collect as many testimonials as you can. We can do it for you:
  20. 20. Keen to learn more about connecting to your clients via the wonders of video production? Visit: