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Showcase Presentation 2009 Final
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Showcase Presentation 2009 Final


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Web 2.0 technologies with Honeycomb. Barbara Heath Assistant Head and AST in ICT Gorsemoor Primary School Staffs.
  • 2. Setting the Scene.
    • 500 Pupils on roll
    • Pilot school for Staffs LA
    • AST for ICT
    • Espresso Ambassador School
    • NAACE Mark
    • ICT Register School
    • ICT Mark reaccredited.
  • 3. Around School. 2 Computer suites with 18 stations in each.
  • 4. Eco policy now determines energy saving computers.
  • 5. Lapsafe Trolley.
  • 6. Why Web 2.00 in the Primary Classroom?
    • Access anywhere provided they have access to a good internet connection.
    • E-safety is bound up with the use of Honeycomb.
    • Accepted wisdom that all children spend huge amounts of time on creating web content.
    • In reality, probably not, with a few exceptions.
    • At Gorsemoor 95% of Key Stage Two pupils have broadband internet.
  • 7. Web 2.0 Technology?
    • Is your ICT limited to within the walls of your classroom? Or do your children venture beyond?
    • At the heart of all Web 2.0 tools lie three skills, creation, communication and collaboration .
    • Active participation rather than passive end user.
    • Encourages creativity and engages children in their own learning.
    • The user is in control. They become the editors of information.
  • 8.
    • Many pupils have their own computers and use mainly to play games on not specifically for ‘learning’.
    • 30% of Years 5 and 6 pupils use Facebook.
    • However, there is no doubt that Web 2.0 is engaging.
    • Wolverhampton LA EDA project.
    • Pupils are not only engaged in homework task, their priority is sharing music and photographs .
    • Nintendo project at Gorsemoor.
  • 9. Why Honeycomb?
    • Links with Softease (Lightbox)
    • A safe Web 2.0 environment. Previous experience with blogging using Blogger and Edublog.
    • Ease of installation and user account setup.
    • Technical support.
    • E safety awareness.
    • Copyright issues are faced head on.
  • 10. Our Journey
    • Began at BETT 2008
    • Introduced at school June 2008. Pilot group in Y3 and Y5
    • Rolled out in September to all Y3 – Y6
    • New version of software November 2008
    • New pilot in Oxford Reading Tree with Y2 and Y3 about to begin
    • Collaboration with another LA Spring 2009
  • 11. FIZZ or BUZZ
  • 12. My Class Home Page.
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15. The next steps
    • Hopefully bolt onto the school Learning Platform.
    • Collaboration within and outside of the LA.
    • Extend to Year 2