Reaching Next Gen Asian Americans, Jan 2009 ver


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Reaching the next generation of Asian Americans, January 2009 version, by DJ Chuang

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  • Reaching Next Gen Asian Americans, Jan 2009 ver

    1. 1. Reaching the next generations of Asian Americans DJ Chuang Executive Director L 2 Foundation
    2. 2. L 2 Foundation <ul><li>Developing leadership and legacy for Asian Americans </li></ul><ul><ul><li>bless & empower the next generation </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>connecting leaders for innovation and healthy leadership development </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>mobilizing legacy partners to invest in the next generation </li></ul></ul>
    3. 3. 2 print-on-demand books <ul><li>Asian American Youth Ministry </li></ul><ul><li>Conversations: Asian American Evangelical Theologies in Formation </li></ul>
    4. 4. reaching next gen Asian Americans <ul><li>signs </li></ul><ul><li>statistics </li></ul><ul><li>structures </li></ul><ul><li>stories </li></ul>
    5. 5. <ul><li>When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red’, and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. Matthew 16:2-3 </li></ul>
    6. 13. <ul><li>50+ </li></ul><ul><li>U.S. churches close each week </li></ul>from
    7. 14. <ul><li>80% </li></ul><ul><li>U.S. churches plateaued or declining </li></ul>from
    8. 15. 4 stages of organizational decline Cf. Mark Driscoll’s Confessions of a Reformission Rev pp.141-144
    9. 16. 5% of the US Population is Asian American (July 2006) Population estimates <>
    10. 17. 14.9M Asian Americans in the US (July 2006) Population estimates <>
    11. 18. 33.4M Asian Americans by 2050 (projected) Population projections <>
    12. 19. 2042 when there will be no racial majority in the USA (projected)
    13. 20. 86% of Asian Americans are high school graduates (age 25 and older) 2006 American Community Survey <>
    14. 21. 49% of Asian Americans are college graduates (age 25 and older) 2006 American Community Survey <>
    15. 22. 20% of Asian Americans have graduate degrees (Masters, Ph.D., M.D.) 2006 American Community Survey <>
    16. 23. $64,238 Highest median household income of any racial group 2006 <
    17. 24. 10.3% Poverty rate for single-race Asians (up from 9.8% in 2004) 2006 <>
    18. 25. 15.5% without health insurance: single-race Asians 2006 <>
    19. 26. the “browning” of Asian America
    20. 27. 56% Asian Americans unchurched
    21. 28. 25.5% Asian Americans under age 18 2005-2007 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates
    22. 29. 42% Asian Americans born in the USA
    23. 30. 69.7% Asian Americans who speak English “very well” derived from the Census 2000 report &quot;Language Use and English-Speaking Ability&quot; at
    24. 31. 450M native English speakers around the world From “Why Asians Speak English”
    25. 32. Four stages of organizational decline Cf. Mark Driscoll’s Confessions of a Reformission Rev pp.141-144
    26. 33. window of opportunity
    27. 34. <ul><li>For when David had served God’s purpose in his own generation , he fell asleep; he was buried with his fathers and his body decayed. </li></ul><ul><li>Acts 13:36 </li></ul>
    28. 35. house
    29. 36. duplex
    30. 37. townhouse
    31. 38. mansion
    32. 39. hotel
    33. 40. multiplex
    34. 41. ethnic church structures <ul><li>Multi-lingual </li></ul><ul><li>Multi-department </li></ul><ul><li>Multi-organization </li></ul><ul><li>Multi-Asian </li></ul><ul><li>Multi-ethnic </li></ul><ul><li>Multiplying: church planting </li></ul>
    35. 42. <ul><li>Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved . Matthew 9:17 </li></ul>
    36. 43. <ul><li>Evergreen LA </li></ul>
    37. 44. <ul><li>NewSong (Irvine + NOC + LA + Bangkok + more) </li></ul>
    38. 45. <ul><li>Quest Church (Seattle) </li></ul><ul><li>photo credits: BENJAMIN BENSCHNEIDER / The Seattle Times, </li></ul>
    39. 46. 10 things about Asian American youth <ul><li>Many feel excluded and misunderstood </li></ul><ul><li>Mixed race kids are proudly identifying as Hapa, supplanting terms like Ameriarian, biracial, and blasian </li></ul><ul><li>Secret fans of “easy listening” adult contemporary music </li></ul><ul><li>“ Hero gap” being filled by activists from other cultures </li></ul>Report from SnapDragon consultants,
    40. 47. 10 things about Asian American youth <ul><li>Most refer to white people as “white people” as African-Americans do </li></ul><ul><li>Underage gambling is huge. Power obsession is nothing new. </li></ul><ul><li>Want an end to the hyper-nerdy images and want to see more punked-out skater and graffiti DJ images, i.e. craving more street credibility </li></ul><ul><li>Universally hate the question, “where are you from” </li></ul>Report from SnapDragon consultants,
    41. 48. 10 things about Asian American youth <ul><li>All things Koreans are hot and getting hotter. Korea is the new Japan. </li></ul><ul><li>The 15-minutes of seemingly benign American Idol fame for William Hung had a surprisingly negative effect… Hung perpetuated the worst stereotypes… and gave non-Asians permission to indulge in 2 years of racial stereotyping and mocking </li></ul>Report from SnapDragon consultants,
    42. 49. <ul><li>Lakeview Church (Chicago) </li></ul>
    43. 50. <ul><li>Grace Covenant Church (Philadelphia) </li></ul>
    44. 51. <ul><li>Vox Veniae (Austin, Texas) </li></ul>
    45. 52. <ul><li>100+ </li></ul><ul><li>English-speaking Asian-led churches less than 10 years old </li></ul>
    46. 53. some characteristics <ul><li>spirituality </li></ul><ul><li>creativity </li></ul><ul><li>inspiring worship </li></ul><ul><li>social justice </li></ul><ul><li>leadership </li></ul><ul><li>excellence </li></ul>
    47. 54. $50,000 Sarang Community Church’s annual fund for church planting by 2 nd Generation Koreans and other minorities
    48. 55. what existing churches can do <ul><li>evangelizing in new ways </li></ul><ul><li>cultivating creativity </li></ul><ul><li>raising up young leaders </li></ul><ul><li>supporting church planting with prayer, people, and funds </li></ul><ul><li>“ To reach people no one is reaching, do things no one else is doing.” (Craig Groeschel) </li></ul>
    49. 56. options for English ministry? <ul><li>Co-exist peacefully with status quo </li></ul><ul><li>Small changes over a long time </li></ul><ul><li>2 churches 1 campus </li></ul><ul><li>Launch out as a church plant </li></ul><ul><li>Church split </li></ul><ul><li>Move to a new ministry </li></ul>Based on discussions from metro DC area English pastors fellowship, 2006-2007
    50. 57.
    51. 58. these slides + more @ DJ Chuang L 2 Foundation [email_address] 949-870-5726