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English proverbs
English proverbs
English proverbs
English proverbs
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English proverbs


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english proverbs with their equivalent in arabic

english proverbs with their equivalent in arabic

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Every dog has itsdayNew broomssweep cleanMan proposes, God disposesWhen in Rome do as the Romans doGrasp all lose allHe laughs best wholaughs lastOne mans deathisanother mans breathHalf a loafisbetterthan no breadThe proof of the pudding is in the eatingOut of sight out of mindMoney makes moneyA stitch in time savesnineSpare the rod and spoil the child
  • 2. anydoor come fromitwind Close itwhat drops fromyouwillneverclimbsyouagainfromyourmouth to the door of the sky )force behindyournoseif you go up itis the mustach and if you go down itis the beardlook to the goat face and getmilkThe absent party is not faulty>>>>Actions speaklouderthanwords>>>>Add fuel to the fire>>>>Address people in the languagetheycanunderstand>>>>Adviceisever in want>>>>After black clouds, clearweather>>>>Always has been, alwayswillbe>>>>Aftergreat effort, heexplainedthat water is water>>>>Birds of featherflocktogether>>>>A chip of the old block>>>>Charitybeginsat home>>>>Do as youwouldbedone>>>>Cutyourcoataccording to yourcloth>>>>Conciliation is the matter of the law>>>>A creakinggatehangs long>>>>Do good and castitinto the sea>>>>Easy come, easy go>>>>The end justifies the means>>>>Everytide has itsebb>>>>It is the end thatcounts>>>>To errishuman>>>>Everycloud has a silverlining>>>>Don’t put yourhead in the lions mouth>>>>A friend in needis a friendindeed>>>>A flash in the pan>>>>No gains without pains>>>>When a womanstealsyour man, thereis no betterrevengethan to let herkeephimNever regret. If its good, itswonderful. If itsbad, itsexperienceThe stupidneitherforgivenorforget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wiseforgive but do notforget.Forgiveyourenemies, but never, neverforgettheirnamesThe weakcanneverforgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strongForgive the people who truly love you and love the people who truly forgive youNo one can make you feel inferior without your consent
  • 3. Forewarned is forearmedGive the devil his dueDont wash your dirty linen in publicTheres no contenting some peopleBirds of a feather flock togetherTalk of the devil and hell appearActions speak louder than wordsCharity begins at homeIf wishes were horses, beggars might rideUnion is strengthThe rotten apple injures its neighborsBeauty is skin deepA hungry man is an angry manLove is blindPatience is a remedy for every griefA friend in need is a friend indeedMake a virtue of necessity
  • 4. A cat may look at a king (comment: Im not sure about this one)Eye for an Eye, life for a lifeThe end justifies the meansLike father like son