IMT Lecture: Transfer of Technology from.R+D MM-Biztel-29Jul09


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IMT Lecture: Transfer of Technology from.R+D MM-Biztel-29Jul09

  1. 1. Transfer of Technology from Research & Development Lecture by: by: 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- IMT MM-Biztel MM- 1
  2. 2. Transfer of Technology from Research & Development Definition and Scope 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- IMT MM-Biztel MM- 2
  3. 3. The Transfer of Technology The process of sharing of skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among governments and other institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services
  4. 4. IBM R&D Division (H.Cohen, S.Keller, D.Streeter) H.Cohen, S.Keller, D.Streeter) Sangat bebas dalam ber-improvisasi dan tidak ber- terganggu oleh divisi lainya. lainya. Berkontribusi dalam produksi dengan dukungan teknologi terbarunya. terbarunya. Menemukan alternatif baru untuk berkontribusi dalam peralihan teknologinya Membantu dalam memenangkan keuntungan finansial masa depan 27 cabang tersebar di dunia, 3 Lab dunia, Pengembangan utama di Yorktown-heights, Yorktown- San- San-Jose, dan Zurich.
  5. 5. Japan Experience (Clark & Fujimoto 1983) Pengalihan teknologi utk kompetisi jangka panjang. panjang. Face to face Menganut pengalaman sukses yang lalu dalam improvisasi berdasar spesifik pasar. pasar. Perlu dorongan dari level manajer eksekutif Kontrol dilakukan di semua lini sampai ke pemasarannya. pemasarannya.
  6. 6. Prequisites Advanced Technology Group Advance technology competes with research Voice of Customer (Outsider) Pressing from external market place Maintain the “skunk work” in research Joint participation from the major stakeholder Physical Proximity
  7. 7. Knowledge Transfer Primary Factors Technical Understanding Feasibility Advance Development Overlap Growth Potential Existence of an Advocate Advance Technologies Activities in a Development Laboratory External Pressure Joint Programs
  8. 8. Knowledge Transfer Second Factor Timelines Internal Users; Government Contracts High- High-Level Involvement Individual Corporate Responsibility Proximity
  9. 9. Transfer of Technology from Research & Development Challenge and Strategy 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- IMT MM-Biztel MM- 9
  10. 10. ISSUES RELATED WITH NEW TECH STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNIT Resources Management Champions Market integration w/ Funding tech. Funding Market / Operational Shareholders Customer Customer Benchmarkin Supplier Piloting & g Relationship Prototyping Introduction Phase Operational Experience Ancillary Technical & Supporting Processes People Innovation Government Relationship Communication / Involvement Support Support and Supplier Cross Functional Team Other Stakeholders Personnel Selection Employee Evaluation & Remuneration Training Organization Culture Change Modification Organization Structure 10 Driving Org Change
  11. 11. PAVITT ON 21ST INDUSTRIAL CHALLENGE 1. Supplier dominated; 1. Fluid State; 2. Scale intensive; 3. Information intensive; VS 2. Transitional State; 4. Science based; 3. Specific State 5. Specialist Suppliers PAVITT’S 1990 Abbernathy & Utterback’s 1978 11
  12. 12. FOUR BLOCKER GENERIC CASES high UNSTABLE CORE POSITIONS TECHNOLOGIES technological attractiveness DEAD END LEFTOVER TECHNOLOGIES TECHNOLOGIES low low technological high competitiveness 12
  13. 13. FOUR BLOCKER STRATEGIC CASES high selective full investment commitment follower strategy technological attractiveness weak no investment investment low low technological high competitiveness 13
  14. 14. Strategic Frontier To Be Explored N Frontier to be explored In the Discovery Process Strategic Frontiers W Current E Business Incremental Business Opportunities S
  15. 15. Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- STMB MM-Biztel MM- 15
  16. 16. Technology Transfer Organization 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- STMB MM-Biztel MM- 16
  17. 17. Technology Transfer: Buy or Make 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- STMB MM-Biztel MM- 17
  18. 18. An Evolutionary Framework in Established Firms Autonomous Strategic Strategic Context action Concept of Corporate Strategy Induced Structural Strategic Context action
  19. 19. Designs For Corporate Entrepreneurship 3 6 9 Special business Independent Complete Operational relatedness Unrelated units business unit Spin- Spin-off 2 5 8 Partly New product New venture Contracting related department division 1 4 7 Strongly Direct Micro new Nurturing and related integration venture contracting department Very important Uncertain Not important Strategic importance
  20. 20. From Research to Commercialization Item Gagasan Start – up Penumbuhan Penguatan Market Study; Precomm B A; Screening; FBA; Prod. start- Kegiatan Market & Tech. Market launch Prod. Dev; up. Assessment Validation; Trial Prod. Pembiayaan Pre-seed Seed Venture Capital Expansion Business Dana Pribadi; Stock Market; Sumber Angel; Bank; Pemerintah; IPO; Pembiayaan Pemerintah; VC Company. Sponsorship. Sponsorship. Persentase 5.63 % 46.48 % 21.11 % 26.78 % Pembiayaan 20
  21. 21. Technology Transfer Strategy 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- STMB MM-Biztel MM- 21
  22. 22. Technology Transfer Directions 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- STMB MM-Biztel MM- 22
  23. 23. Idea Initial Screen G-1 (must meet and should meet criteria) Preliminary Investigation Stage - 1 Scoping of project Second Screening G-2 (must meet and should meet criteria) Detailed Investigation Stage - 2 Decision on Business Case (Business Case Development) Financial Analysis Business plan and justification G-3 Development Stage - 3 Design and development of Post Development Review product Design, customer value, G-4 production capabilities Testing and Validation Stage - 4 Test trial in lab, market place to Pre-commercialization verify and validate the product and Business Analysis its marketing and production G-5 Quality, production capabilities, marketting, etc Full Production and Stage - 5 Post Market Launch Commercialization full Implementation production and selling Review
  24. 24. Indonesia Technology Transfer INAICTA- INAICTA-2009 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- STMB MM-Biztel MM- 24
  25. 25. Transfer of Technology from Research & Development Conclusion & Final Words Fahmi-Indris. Knowledge- Transfer 5m 29-Jul-09 29-Jul- IMT MM-Biztel MM- 25