Bni 8 Minute 2 B Final
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Bni 8 Minute 2 B Final



A brief overview of the digital marketing world today

A brief overview of the digital marketing world today



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  • I start with a conversatio.n about business structure and goals
  • Business had better follow the market. Every type of communication is going digital, especially reputation management
  • Veterans/Seniors communicate in traditional ways; mostly by face to face and phoneFor Boomers, you know who you are, there is a slight shift toward email and cell phone but still strong reliance on traditional communications methods.Gen xers have a much more balanced acceptance of digital communications.Gen Y(Millenials) have almost no face to face/ traditional communications and have in fact eschewed even cell phone communications in favor of IM, Twitter
  • Over 70% of respondents turnedto search to either learn more about a product or service or compare it against alternatives. Whenwe add reading reviews as a possible intent, the total is over 80%. These all indicate that searchactivity will precede the actual purchase, sometimes by a significant period of time.
  • Less than 10% of searchers are ready to buy now. Over 90% are researching for a purchase that will happen a week or more from now
  • Continuously analyze on line activity on your site to improve and adjust to market reality
  • Take a look at this next video and tell me Who is the advertiser and What are they selling?

Bni 8 Minute 2 B Final Bni 8 Minute 2 B Final Presentation Transcript

  • W.S.I.Toronto, Canada
    • The Largest, most Successful, Internet Marketing Company in the World.
    • 1700+ Consultants in 1200 Offices World Wide
    • Trend Setting and Innovative
    • Best Products and Services available today
  • Market Edge Consulting
    • MBA Marketing
    • Fortune 500 and Small Entrepreneurial Companies
    • 15 years Retail Experience
    • 25+ years Marketing and Sales of Consumer Products
    • 20 years in the Florida Market
    • 185 hours WSI Internet Marketing Training
  • Every success story starts with a plan
  • Where do you want your business to be in three years?
    If you don’t set goals and measure the results how will you know if you have been successful ?
  • Online Marketing Presentations
    • How to plan your online presence
    • What questions you need to answer, to help you plan a successful online presence?
    • How to duplicate your “Real World” business.... online
    • All in plain English
  • Let’s get the answers to these business questions ...for your online presence
    • What is your most profitable product or service?
    • Who is your Target Market?
    • How do you get your business today?
    • How many more customers do you need?
  • Website Visitors
    Business Needs Today
    Online Credibility
    Lead Generation
    Nurture Current Clients
  • All Media is Being Digitized
  • Today *
    5 Years From Now
    10 Years Ago
    Your Clients are being Digitized& the pace is increasing
  • Lead Generation
    Online Credibility
    Customer communication
    5 Years From Now
    10 Years Ago
    Manage Reputation
    ...and so is Your Businessbecoming digitized every day
  • Duplicate Real World Business, Online
  • Preferred Communication Changingare you ready to change?
  • Why do they use search engines?
  • Purchase research cycle
    5 Years From Now
    10 Years Ago
  • Analyze your online competitors
    Monitor what they do & benchmark your website
    Check their online initiatives
  • Measure your online effectiveness
    Continuously improve your website
    Understand what visitors are doing
  • Organic Search
    Pay Per Click - 12.2%
    Pay Per Click 13.5%
    Where do they click?
    5 Years From Now
    10 Years Ago
  • Now, Let’s See How We Can Duplicate Your Business?
  • The scene is set….
  • Market Edge Consulting
    Marketing Strategies
    • Email Newsletter campaigns
    • Content Marketing
    • Search Optimization
    • Social Media Campaigns
    • Reputation Management
    • Mobile marketing
    • Paid Search
    • Guaranteed Results
    Internet Solutions
  • Ideal Clients
    • Invisible on line
    • Have a good site but not enough business
    • Needs more customers
    • New products/service to launch
    • Targeting new markets
    • Competition’s killing them