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'I want my mtv' ppt


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  • 1. ‘I WANT MY MTV’By: Halima Khan
  • 2. IntroductionMusic videos are known all over the world now a days and most of the audience enjoy watching musicvideos. In the early days, music videos were not known as editors did not have the technology tocreate a music video for the artist’s song. However in the early days, editors did create music videosbut it was not exactly a music video as it was just the artist singing a live performance. Liveperformances were used as the editors did not have the technology to create a narrative music video.Today, music videos are known well because when the audience hear a song they tend to go online tofind the official music video. Most of the audience do this because by hearing the song, they want topicture the video in their head through the lyrics. Today, now that we all have the technology, if a newmusic video for a new song comes out, everyone will know about it as it gets aired on the televisionand through the internet on YouTube. Artists also tend to enjoy creating music videos as part of thelyrics in their song could mean something to them, and by creating a narrative video could allow themto picture every scene in their mind. Once a music video is created and if the audience enjoy themusic video, a lot of people would like that artist as the music video could have an influence on theaudience. By liking the artist, they then listen to more music and more money is gained from the artistin the music industry. Music videos are made to promote a song and album so that more of theaudience can go listen to the artist and buy the album. For the rest of the presentation, it shows thestyles, techniques and conventions of music videos.
  • 3. PurposesExtension of outlets ( music channel, direct DVD and CD sales, website, download) :A music video can be accessed in many different ways such as DVD, CD, television channels,downloading from the internet or website. It is often accessed many ways as it gives the artist andcompany many ways to expand its potential audience. Now a days the audience rather prefers amusic video than an audio track as they want to see what the song is about. Now a days many musicvideos are shared on all over the internet through websites such as YouTube. Once the music video ispublic it is able to spread to other people and this helps to expand the audience. DVDS and CDS ismostly for fans or collectors where as having access to it on YouTube makes it easier for everyone towatch and spread opinions.Now a days there are still many CDS and DVDS available at different music stores as still fans andcollectors buy them and shops earn their money. But many people prefer to just watch the musicvideos through the internet as they can ‘like’ the music video through YouTube and can share theirideas or opinions to other people. Shows the amount of Comments below the page views and there are have people commenting buttons on liking or wether they like the music disliking the music video video or not and having and being able to comment conversations with other on it with other people people. below.
  • 4. PurposesPromotional:Making a popular music video increases publicity for the singer and for the company who financed it. A music video may be released early or have a trailer on a website for a certain time. This would create excitement for the audience and promote the company. A music video gives a singer a chance to show their image to the whole world. Listening to an audio track just gives an insight into a singers voice and style however having a music video allows the audience to see the singer visually. Music videos also help to improve the singers image as it makes them seem more talented from the clothes they wear and how they act in a video. Some videos were also banned as their was violence, religious views and animal cruelty which some audience liked and some didn’t. Now a days many music videos are better than the original songs as singers enjoy dressing up and creating an act in the music video. The audience also tend to watch more music videos because by hearing the song and lyrics they would want to picture what exactly the story or meaning of the song is and a music video shows the meanings extremely well. Also now that editors have the use of cameras and technology for editing, it is usual for editors to create effects for most music videos and make the audience find the videos unique and different to just listening to an audio track of the song.
  • 5. Purposes Extension of Income: Music videos are a great way for companies to make money because when a song is made, a lot of money is paid to the singer and many companies create success from that. A music video can be sold on DVD or broadcasted to other companies. Production companies and the main singer collects a lot of money from this. More money would be earned if the music video was going to be shown on TV as there is a wider audience and more people will see the video. For example singer ‘Rihanna’ had earned 29 million between May 2010 and May 2011. She has sold more than 25 million albums and 60 million singles world wide since the beginning of her career and here is an example of one of her songs that hit 221,750,371 views. Music videos are normally done to make money and the crew and cast collects their money as well.Singer‘Rihanna’collects alot ofmoneyfrom thismusicvideo andtheaudiencelike towatch it asshe is in it.
  • 6. Synergy (films and TV programmes): Purposes Synergy is when two products or companies combine to create a video and use the video as an area to give them both success in their own production. A music video helps create synergy for the artist starring in it, a popular music video helps to expand their audience and also helps the industry to be well known. If the video is show on YouTube, companies may pay to advertise on the video, this would give them synergy through the video and be associated with it in order to gain more publicity. An example of Synergy is below. The movie ‘Fast and Furious 5’ had made the song ‘Danza Kuduro’ famous as it was not well known. When the film was shown along with this soundtrack song, everyone watching the film wanted to download this famous song as it was appealing and was used in a very well known movie.The ‘Fast and Furious’ movie has scenes where the famous song ‘Danza Kuduro’ was being played and the audience wanted to know moreabout the song. This is synergy as a song was played during a film to gain more publicity.
  • 7. PurposesProducers Strategies (major label, independent, artist self-produced)For an artist to be successful in the music industry, they have to be confident and be able to show themselves to a global audience in order for their music to be recognized. Producers are the people responsible for the artist to get worldwide recognition.Sources such as MTV, different music channels and YouTube from the internet was beneficial to the artist as that way they were getting known for their own music. In the 1990’s artists and producers showed songs through TV channels but now a days producers upload the artists music over the internet onto YouTube to gain publicity from the audience all around the world.Artists are self produced and when an artist wants their music to become well known, they upload their music onto the internet where then people all around the world can comment. This is how producers find artists as they also look over the internet for singers that have talent. Many famous artists now a days were YouTube sensations as they were normal people adding videos of themselves singing onto YouTube. This is when producers watch their videos and look for singers that have talent. Some YouTube sensations that have made it into the music industry is ‘Justin Beiber and Greyson Chance’.
  • 8. StylesPopular Music Genres:There are many different types of music genres in todays generation as people have a wide variety of what they would like to listen and what not. Some popular music genres include: Classical music, opera, Ballroom music/ tango, Religious music, Military music/ national anthems, jazz, hip hop, pop, R&B, dance, house music, rock and roll, rap and folk music. Music genres have a wide appeal and the creators that target a type of audience for that type of music normally pick out these genres and start making songs from them. Many music now a days are famous for R&B , dance and hip hop as these type of genres are directly targeted at younger people because they listen to these genres more often. However there is not much music for classical or opera sold now a days as there is wider range of younger people and most young people enjoy the hip hop music and R&B music.In concert and ‘as live’ footage:Now a days many concerts and live footage have appeared in some music videos as it shows the artist how his/her life is and explains the artists story in the music video. It is a great way to show the audience how hard the artist has worked to become famous. An example of an in concert or live footage music video is ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction- Behind the Scenes. This music video features them live and shows the audience as they perform:
  • 9. Animation (stop motion, digital): StylesAnimation is the rapid display of many images that are 2-D or 3-D to create a movement. The most common method of showing this is either stop motion animation or digital animation. Stop motion is a technique to make a physical object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small places between many individual frames. When the sequence of frames are put together, it creates a movement to the physical object. Stop motion animation is mostly targeted for younger people and children and they enjoy watching physical objects come to real life and create movement. An example of stop motion animation would be this video, as it shows movement of objects in real life that do not exactly move and it creates an interesting effect to the film: animation which is also known as computer animation is the process used for creating animated images using computer graphics and effects. These effects are all completely fake and all films that are made digitally have been successful as it creates an effect to the picture and seems interesting as everything is non realistic. An example of digital animation is of the successful movie ‘Avatar’. This movie was successful because of the effects and graphics that were created to design a new human or person. This movie also targeted all audiences but mostly the younger audience as everything seemed unreal. Digital animation is not so much used in music videos now a days unless they have to create a story that is completely un realistic and is not seen to be natural in the real world.
  • 10. Styles Interpretative: Interpretative means something that looks like something else but has a different meaning to it. Interpretative music videos are normally made for the audience to make their own interpretation of what they think the music video is about. An example of a interpretative music video is ‘Rihanna’s Russian Roulette’. This music video has a clear meaning and allows the audience to think about the music video and what the story could be. This video is about a woman that appears to be in jail and shows that the guards are not nice to her. This shows that the audience themselves have to interpret their own meaning on the video as the video did not make clear of where she is or why she is there., as you can see the music video shows By now, this video should have made the Below, a screen shot shows that the‘Rihanna’ in prison and the guards being rude to audience think what is happening in the video does not tell what is happeningher. This music video was made for the audience video as the story is a mystery and no body as it just shows ‘Rihanna’ singingto interpret the story as it is a music video with a knows whats happening. herself in the jail.mystery to it.
  • 11. Styles Narrative: A narrative music video is a video that tells a story and describes events normally shown in a short film. Narrative music videos are normally very popular as it engages the audience in the story and the story might be able to relate to some of the audiences experience. For example, a break up or death in the family. A large range of editors now include narratives into their music videos as its different to usual music videos and audiences really find it interesting looking at a music video with a story to it. Most narrative music videos are targeted to the younger audience as they find it more interesting and they have something to think about in the end. Editors create narrative music videos also as it may be a special topic for them or something they feel strongly for. For example, a music video about the misuse of drugs or gangs. An example of a narrative music video would be the song by ‘Bass hunter Now Your Gone’. This music video definitely tells a story and allows the audience to think afterwards along with the song.These screen shots show that there is a story in the music video and the audience have something to thinkabout while watching a romantic love song.
  • 12. StylesSurrealist:Surreal music videos are videos that are so strange and bizarre that the audience does not believe it is real. Mostly animated videos are surreal as nothing is true and everything is created. Not many surreal music videos are made now a days as the audience don’t find it interesting watching animations in a video. Many people enjoy watching narrative music videos as it is more interesting and appealing to the younger audience. Some surreal music videos have been successful as the editors mixed in the real world with a few animations to create an effect. An example of a surreal music video would be ‘Chris Brown’s Forever’. This video is about him telling a girl he loves not to go away from him and it shows animation making the video surreal as most of it is unreal and would not happen in todays world. As you can see this video uses real visual images and well as animated combined into one. I feel that this video is very successful and appealing to the audience as its different compared to most music videos and its unusual. These screen shots of the music video show animation and how it would not happen in the real world.
  • 13. StylesPastiche and Parody:Pastiche and Parody in music videos mean the same. Pastiche is an imitation of the song that inspired itself to create a parody. Pastiche is normally more respectful rather than a Parody as most parody’s are made fun of. Parody is a spoof, it is imitative work created to mock or comment on the original work or artist. Meaning imitating the artist or music in a humorous way. Parody music videos are not the most popular way in order for artists to choose and promote his/her music, however it is becoming more and more popular amongst the audience as it is done in a humorous way. An example of a Parody would be of the artist ‘Taio Cruz’ from his song break your heart. This parody was created by this man and he creates the video in a very humorous way. It can be rude as he is making fun of the song but some of the audience would enjoy watching this parody as it is funny and entertains the audience. As you can see from the screen shots below, this parody was made for fun to entertain the audience as it is a very humorous music video.
  • 14. StylesReferencing and influence of commercials:Many people now a days know about latest music videos that just came out through commercials either on TV or the internet. Before every music video plays on YouTube, there will be at least a minute of commercial’s that you must watch and can not skip. This a great way for people around the world to look at a commercial and see what the commercial is about. Most of these commercials are about an artist promoting their new song or album, so that people all around the world can go listen to their songs and like them if they want to, then go buy the CD or album. That is the purpose of these commercials before watching a proper music video on YouTube. Commercials like these are likely to come on TV as well during breaks as the audience can watch it too. Recently on YouTube, when you click to watch a music video, before any video plays, this commercial of the artist ‘Justin Beiber’ has a one minute talk telling the audience to go buy his latest album and to listen to his latest song. This allows the audience to listen and take note that his latest song will be a hit and you should go listen to it.
  • 15. ConventionsLyric Interpretation:Lyric interpretation in music videos are songs that artist create with meanings to it. Many people watchmusic videos to understand the story of the song and what is happening, but most people listen to thesoundtrack and lyrics to try and understand what type of genre the artist is creating and if there is astory to it. Music videos help the audience to understand lyric interpretation more as there are imagesand the audience can see what exactly the story is about. When editors create music videos, they alsolisten to the lyrics of the song to understand what genre the artist is singing so that the editor cancreate scenes in the music video relating to the lyrics of their song. Another word for lyric interpretationis music video analysis. It means analysing the music video by listening to the lyrics and watchingscenes in the video to understand what the story is exactly about. All music videos have lyricinterpretation as all songs have lyrics that have a meaning to it. Most lyric interpretations are targetedto everyone in the audience as people tend to think about what this song can refer to and why theartist is singing this type of song. Some song lyrics can not have an interpretation as some songs don’thave a story or meaning to it. It is then the editors job to create a music video that has scenes in whichlyrics relate to the scene to create a story, this catches the audiences attention as more people tend toenjoy watching and listening to a song that relates to each other. Basically, lyric interpretation isanother word for music video analysis and is when the audience understands the true meaning of thesong along with the music video.
  • 16. ConventionsAn example of lyric interpretation:An example of lyric interpretation I found was of ‘Lady Gaga’s You and I’ music video.Link to ‘You and I’ official music video: to the Lyric Interpretation of the song ‘You and I’ : are many lyric interpretations and analysis of music videos over the internet but I found this music video veryinteresting because the lyric interpretation made for this video matches perfectly and the lyrics match along with thevideo, telling a story. The editor that created the official music video for Lady Gaga’s song did a great job as theaudience found the story very interesting because it relates to the lyrics of her song. Below are some screen shots ofthe lyric interpretation showing the video as well as the meaning and story to it. These screen shots show the meaning and story of the whole music video:
  • 17. ConventionsExtending or consolidating songs meaning:Extending a songs meaning is basically making the song reach out to the audience, or simply makethe song lyrics or video hit the audiences mind or heart. It also gives the video more meaning than thesong potentially has. Extending and consolidating song meanings also mean that the music videoscenes match up with the lyrics the artist has sang.If the music video does not match up with the lyrics, the audience will get confused as to what thesong actually means and If it has a story to it or not. Most music videos in the industry that are madetoday, have relation between the lyrics of the song to the images of the music video as most editorswant to attract the audiences attention. Attracting the audiences attention means matching the story ofthe music video to the type of genre of the artist and the specific lyrics he/she uses in the song, so thatit gives the audience a greater understanding of what is happening and why he/she is singing.Editors that do not match the music video scenes to the lyrics of the song are normally un successfulas the audience don’t understand what the song is about. It rarely happens now a days in the industryas many editors want to get the audiences attention by creating a music video that looks good with thesong as well as the artist in the video.
  • 18. ConventionsExtending or consolidating song meanings:An example of extending or consolidating song meanings in a music video is below:Like I said in the previous slide, many editors create music videos that catch the audiences attention and my catching their attention, the editors have to create scenes in the music video that match along with the lyrics to show a story and give detail about what is happening. An example would be ‘Eminem ft. Rihanna’ with the song ‘Love the way you lie’. This video does consolidate with the lyrics quite a bit as the name of the song is ‘Love the way you lie’ and in the video it shows a narrative story of a couple being upset with each other and having many problems with each other. It consolidates in many different ways through out the whole song and video. It also shows the audience and makes them think that this song could relate to one of the artists real life. A scene from the music videoRihanna and Eminem singing below as The lyrics of this song and expressions showing the couple havingsolos could indicate and show the match along with the music video allowing problems. This shows theaudience that something like this story the audience to understand what is audience that the song titlemight have happened in their own lives. happening. ‘Love the way you lie’ links with the music video.
  • 19. ConventionsLinks to other artists:Having links to other artists in music videos are very common now a days in the music video industryas more people tend to enjoy watching more narrative music videos that have links to the artists reallives. The meaning of links to other artists mean having more than one artist in your music video andhaving them sing with passion in order to create tension in the audiences mind. Creating tension in theaudiences mind will allow the audience to think that this music video could have relation to one of theartists life. The way the artist creates expression and movement in the music video will allow theaudience to have thought about if the music video links with the artists real life. What the artists sing inthe music video could relate to their real life as the lyrics might have an impact on their own lives. Linkto other artists also mean having more stars and artists appear to sing in the video. An example of thiswould be the music video of ‘Cobra Starship, You make me feel good ft.Sabi’. Two artists sang thissong and as you can see there are links to other artists in this music video as both of them tell a storyin the video. The audience enjoyed watching this as there were a lot of views, and the lyrics to thesong related to the artists real life. These screen shots below show the two artists singing and telling a story in the video that relates to their lives.
  • 20. Techniques Cutting to beat: Many editors now a days have to cut to the beat when creating a music video as it’s the most important thing to do when finishing a music video. If editors don’t cut to the beat then the scenes would be mixed up along with the song lyrics and the audience would get confused. Cutting to the beat is when editors use programs to match the music along with the scenes of the music video. At times it may be very difficult especially when the song has a lot of beats to it and its hard to match the beats along with the video. It can be easy at times because the song by the artist may not have many beats and might be a simple song. This way the editor wont have much trouble matching the song along with the music. The audience enjoy watching many music videos because the story matches along with the song perfectly. Lip syncing also has an impact on this and I will explain that in the next few slides. It isnt rare to find any music videos now a days that have not cut to the beat as it will be known as an unsuccessful music video. It will also not be appealed to the audience as they will find it confusing to what song they are listening to and why the scene in the video is misplaced.An example below of an editor using a program to cut to the beat. Itshows the video along with the audio and the editor can see where tocut to the beat.
  • 21. TechniquesEffects:There are many effects used in the music video industry that editors like to use for creating music videos. Many effects are done now a days through using programs such as ‘Final Cut Pro’. Editors use this program when creating a music video as its known as the best for playing around with different effects and creating a better picture or movie. In the early days, effects were definitely not used as editors then did not have programs such as these and they did not have the technology to create effects. Some effects that are used in the industry today include the video filers. Video filters and animation include effects such as video transitions, saturation, black and white filters, sepia filters etc. Most effects that are used in the industry are normally colored effects as changing the color of a picture makes the picture look a lot better than real life. The effect that has a great impact on the image of the music video is Saturation. When a editor saturates a scene in the music video, the scene becomes a lot more brighter in the picture and brings a lot more color or brightness to it. This is good for when the scene is a happy or joyful story in it. If the scene has a dull and sad story to it, the editor will try to add an effect to that particular scene such as black and white creating a dull and sad picture. The audience enjoy watching a lot of music videos now a days as most music videos are edited with a lot of color and effects to make it look better.
  • 22. TechniquesMiming and lip sync:Music videos now a days are very famous and known for artists that mime and lip sync to their song.An artist must lip sync to their song because they recorded their original song in a special studio. Theartist will not sing again during the music video live as it will not sound so good than singing in aproper quiet studio. Lip syncing and miming means having the artist move their mouth and create anaction that looks like they are actually singing but are not as their original song was recorded earlier. Italso looks better as the audience enjoy watching more videos that have a faster mouth action and notboring and slow like live performances. In the early days, Lip syncing and miming were not used asthey did not have the programs and technology to create effects along with the video. That’s why in theearly days many famous artists did live performances in front of a large crowd and recorded it as theirmusic video. Now in the industry, editors have all the technology and programs to create effects and allartists then don’t have to take so much trouble to perform live for every music video made. Below aresome screen shots of the artist ‘Katy Perry’ lip syncing to her song in the music video. As you can see below, Katy Perry is not actually singing and she is just lip syncing for the music video.
  • 23. TechniquesPlayback and lip sync:Playback and lip syncing are related together in music videos. They are similar as both work welltogether and are always used in music videos now a days. Playback in music videos means playingthe song that the artist sang during the production and filming on set so that when they are making themusic video the actors and actresses can sing and dance along to it. They play the song on the set sothat the actors and actresses can lip sync to the song so that it looks like they are really singing it inthe music video. Playback is done by playing the song during the set on loudspeakers or amplifiers sothat everyone on the set can hear it. Sometimes editors normally record live dialogue while a playbackis going on in the background, this is when editors have to provide silent payback. Silent payback isvery simple and most artists use it when singing in a music video. It is when artists have small earpieces with a wire connected to an antennae which helps them to sing along with their own song. Inthe early days, they never had the technology to be able to lip sync in music videos and that is whymost singers just performed live and recorded that as a music video. Now editors have the technologyand loud speakers to do lip syncing in music videos which make it a lot more easier for artists as theydon’t have to perform all the time. Brittany Spears below, is known for always lip syncing even during live performances.Artists use these for silent As you can see below, she’s wearing the wires for silent playback and is lip-syncing.playback.
  • 24. TechniquesChroma key:Chroma Key is a special effect and technique of layering images. It is when two images or videostreams are layered on top of each other to create an effect. When creating music videos, someeditors prefer to have filmed in a studio rather than a proper location. In the music video, the editorwould not want the studio to come in as a scene so he will layer it with effects called the Chroma Key.By layering the images on top of each other he could create a background location instead of thepicture of the plain studio. The audience will not take notice of this when watching a music video as itis very hard to guess weather the Chroma key effect was added in for the editing. The editors makethe video so clear and accurate that everything in the video seems real, when really only the artist didnot do much work as it was set in a studio. Most editors use the blue or green screen for the Chromakey effect as the blue or green screen will allow the effect to happen while editing so that the editorcan just add the image layer on top. For the artists, if the Chroma key effect is used in their musicvideo then the there are rules for clothing as well. The clothing must not match to the colors of thegreen or blue screen as it may be replaced with the background video. Materials and lighting are veryimportant when using the effect of the Chroma key as well because there must be even lighting inorder for the images to become clearer. If materials are used, materials that are shiny will be far lesssuccessful than those that are not. There are a set of rules in which editors have to follow when usingthe Chroma key effect as everything will be edited on a program and has to be accurate so that theaudience does not feel like the music video is fake. When editing, the editors of the music video use aprogram in which it has all the effects including the Chroma key. The editor will layer all the images hewants to appear including the background of a location any where around the world. It will make themusic video more realistic and the audience wont take notice that an effect was used here.
  • 25. TechniquesChroma Key effect:Below are some images of what a Chroma key effect looks like, how they set it up and how it becomes a proper layered image in the end. To the left is an example of a Chroma key effect and how it shows the editing of just a person standing in front of the green screen in a different location.
  • 26. TechniquesLow key lighting:In music videos, low key lighting means dark and dull images with little or no contrast. Low key lighting is usually used in horror or thrillers. Most editors use grey or blue filters over the camera lens to make the picture more dark and dull. Some audience enjoy watching low key lighting music videos as it has an enigma to the story and can create tension. Low key lighting creates tension because if the music video has a mystery or horror story to it, most editors would tend to show low key lighting at the start of the music video to let the audience know that the song will have a upsetting story to it. Now a days in the music industry, low key lighting is not really used in music videos as most songs are more joyful and bring happiness. There are some music videos though that do have low key lighting due to the song being very upsetting or depressing. The songs that are upsetting and depressing are the ones that editors create low key lighting in the music video as it should match with the theme of the song. Low key lighting creates an effect to the image as its mostly dark, dull, boring and depressing. In my opinion, low key lighting matches well with a upsetting music video of someone being heartbroken or losing someone you love as the theme matches well together and creates a feeling in the audience’s mind. Low key lighting’s are normally filmed in a dark room or area that has not much light or being able to film in the heavy rain if the weather is bad.
  • 27. Techniques Low key lighting example: An example of a low key lighting would be the singer Justin Timberlake’s song ‘Cry me a river’. Low key lighting is used in this music video to build up tension and emotion. This is a video about feelings of revenge on his ex girlfriend. The lighting shows the emotions as it’s a very dull scene and a blue filter is used to bring an effect of a cold and wet theme. The only light that appears in this music video seems to be the natural light from outside. If the audience were to watch this music video, the lighting to them would be the real night time light but on set its actually just an effect to trick the audience and create a realistic look to the video. Due to the grey and blue filters, when watching this video the audience would be able to feel the artists pain through his voice and just by the use of dark lighting. When editing, the editor would have added more effects and filters in order to give this video a sad, dull and upsetting theme.Below are some screen shots of low key lighting being used in this music video. As you can see, most of the shots are indark and dull areas and a lot of black and grey filters are used to create a upsetting effect and build tension.
  • 28. TechniquesHigh Key Lighting:High key lighting means lighting that produces tones that fall mostly between white and grey with very few black tones. Compared to low key lighting, high key lighting is bright and cheerful. The audience enjoy watching both high and low key lighting in music videos as it only depends how they are feeling that day. High Key lighting tends to brighten up some ones day as it’s a bright music video and brings happiness to the person watching it. In the industry now a days, many editors tend to use high key lighting only if the story is a happy story or if the artist is singing a bright and joyful song. An example of high key lighting would be from the band ‘One Direction’ with their song ‘What makes you beautiful’. This high key lighting music video is bright, sunny and warm. The effects on this makes the audience feel happy and joyful. This music video is also shot on a beach when the weather was perfect and the sun was out. It shows that the lighting effect is bright and having a nice warm, sunny day makes the audience feel like it’s a great day and it shows happiness. This music video is about happiness, joy and romance which makes it completely different to Justin Timberlake’s Cry me a river music video that includes low key lighting. Lighting is the most important in music videos as one can tell from the specific lighting weather or not this video is about a sad story or happy story.
  • 29. Techniques High key lighting example: The effect of the boy band singing and standing in the waters shows that it’s a beautiful day and it will attract the audiencesThis screen shot below of What makes you beautiful, shows attention because of the high key lighting asthe warm, sunny beach and how the lighting brightens up all of its very bright and the waves of the watera sudden as the sun comes out. look great. As you can see the camera moves far away from the boys in a few shots as they want to show the beautiful beach to the audience and create a joyful mood to it.
  • 30. TechniquesCamera movements:Camera movement is the most important tools in film making because its all about the movement ofthe camera and what types of shots you can take. There are many different types of cameramovements. Some that are included are:•Dolly- A dolly shot travels along tracks. The large camera is put on a dolly and records the movementof the scene. Dolly shots are used in filming to get a different angle movement and to allow the camerato get closer to the action and collect more footage of the action in a different way. It also creates adifferent effect for the audience as the camera is moving along with the action which will make theaudience feel as if they are in that scene.•Dolly Zoom- A dolly zoom is a technique in which the camera moves closer or further from thesubject while adjusting the zoom angle to keep the subject the same size in the frame. The effect isthe background changing size while the subject size stays the same. It creates a un natural effect asits something the audience would not see in reality. It is used in films or adverts quite often as it makesthe audience have a fast reaction, for example for a dramatic event and creates a sudden realizationto what just happened.•Pan- A pan movement is a horizontal movement in which the camera moves left and right, known asthe swiveling movement and is known to also be unsteady so the camera is unstable on purpose. Thepan movement is used for the audience to feel as if they are in the music video or scene themselvesas it looks more realistic compared to the dolly zoom effect which is un natural.•Tilt- A tilt is a vertical camera movement in which the camera points up and down on purpose tocreate an effect in the scene. For example if you put a camera on your shoulder and nod it up anddown, it is tilting.
  • 31. Techniques The camera moves horizontally along with the movementCamera movements examples: that creates an effect in the Camera is put on a dolly, and the shot travels along tracks background.Dolly shot Dolly zoom Pan shotTilt shot The camera zooms in but creates an effect that shows the background The tilt effect is a another way of moving as well. taking a different type of shot as it’s a different view from the audiences eyes. These are all the examples of the camera movement shots and what it would look like in an image or film. The audience tend to enjoy watching these types of shots as you don’t see this normally in reality and it’s a different shot or angle compared to the way people see it in real life.
  • 32. Techniques Camera angles: There are many different types of camera angles that are used in music videos. Camera angles are basically when the camera is facing the object at a different angle to create a unique image. The audience prefer a lot of camera angles in music videos as it gives a lot of information and makes them think about the variety of shots an editor can create. Many of the angles include: Eye Level shot: An eye level shot is when the camera is placed at the same height of the subject or character. This angle allows the audience to feel as if they were there in the scene. Most eye level shots are close up and this brings an emotional and thoughtful feeling to the audience as the eye level shot is looking straight at the audience and can be an interesting effect on the screen. Directors normally use this shot often as it shows feeling to the audience and creates emotion through the pictures eyes to the audience itself. As the audience look straight into the screen or at the character, eye level shots can create feelings in the audience such as understanding what is happening and brings emotion. Allows the audience to engageEye level shots can show the Eye level shots bring emotion and feelings to the audience with the character and feel as ifcharacters expressions clearly and because the character/ subject is looking straight at the they are there with thecan get the message to the audience audience and could tell a story. character.quickly.
  • 33. Techniques Low angle shot and High angle shot: Low angle shots is when the camera is put lower than the character and below the action taking place. Its when the camera is facing up towards the character. The low angle shot allows the character and gives the character the feeling of the illusion of being larger in life. Directors use this shot often because it shows the audience power, strength and confidence. As the audience is looking up at the character, it brings feelings to the audience of fear and can make them feel a bit scared. However high angle shots are the opposite as it is when the camera is put higher than the character and action that is taking place. High angle shots are when the lens are aimed down towards the character and the character is looking up towards the camera. This angle brings the effect of the character being small and directors use this shot often to catch attention from the audience and catches the audience attention into what the story or scene is and what might happen. As the audience is looking down at the character it can create feelings of authority and will create thoughts in the audience’s mind as to what the story is about. It also creates the effect of the person being smallThe low angle shot shows the character This picture below shows the High angle shots, as you can see and looking up into thecoming down at the audience and creates effect of the character looking below, show the effect of sympathy camera.fear and insecurity as the characters are down onto the audience and and gives the effect to the audience oflooking down upon the audience. being confident. having a story behind the scene or picture.
  • 34. Techniques Birds Eye View: Birds eye view is when the camera is put right above the action taking place with the lens aimed straight down towards the character and view. It is also an establishing shot in music videos as it’s a angle showing the whole layout and view of the place where the character is. This angle also makes the audience feel as if they are the sky and are looking down upon everyone in the area as it’s a birds eye view. Directors use this shot normally at the beginning of a music video to show the audience where the story is taking place and the overall location of the place. As the audience look upon the location and above everything it creates feelings of patience and control that they are understanding where the location is and to what will happen next. It’s a very useful shot and a lot of directors use it at the beginning of scenes or music videos because it can really tell the audience a story and an overview of where the scene is taking place. It makes the audience feel very god- like as wellExamples of birds eye view shots are below: These shots show the overview of as it makes them feel as if they are looking downlocation and what the setting looks like. It can blow the audience away as well as into the story and location.some settings and views can be very beautiful.
  • 35. Techniques An example of different camera shots and angles used in a music video would be this music video called ‘No Regrets’ by the singer ‘Dappy’. This music video shows a number of different angle shots to make this music video interesting compared to other narrative music videos. In this music video, it shows a lot of panning shots as well as a lot of low angle shots to make the character feel more stronger and confident above the audience. There are also many close up shots to bring emotion from the character and to the audience. There are fade transitions between each scenes to make the video seem a bit more slower and emotional so that the audience can understand what the characters are trying to show through their expressions. I feel as if the audience would really understand this music video and enjoy the video because the different camera angles and shots would allow them to let thoughts go through their mind as the lyrics are also very emotional. I think this video is narrative and shows a story of the character having no regrets throughout the whole video and how the lyrics also match along with the shots. The use of different angled shots allows the audience to see the scene in a different angle and allows them to also understand what is happening around the character and through the characters emotions.An overview shot showing the view and establishment, letting The different shots and angles the editor has created to show thethe audience know where the scene took place. expressions and create emotions in the audience’s mind. A variety of shots are used with different angles. There are a lot of side angles showing the expressions of the characters and this is a sad song so the editor created an emotional music video with all the angled shots.
  • 36. ConclusionTo conclude, overall I think the creation of music videos was good as most of the audience, includingme tend to enjoy watching music videos. I think that the techniques and and conventions used inmusic videos are very successful in promoting the band or artist. Also the angles and shots used astechniques in the music video makes the music video look more interesting and the audience tend toenjoy watching a narrative music video with a lot of shots and angles as it tells a lot to a story and thelyric meaning. I also feel that from the technology today we have is very good as without thetechnology we would not have music videos like the early days. The audience also enjoy watchingmusic videos because just by hearing an audio soundtrack, people don’t tend to listen to thosesoundtracks anymore, and by hearing the soundtrack the audience would want to search up for theofficial music video. Music videos tell a story and sometimes people enjoy watching their favoritesinger or band sing in a music video and act. Overall, I think music videos are very helpful and usefulto the audience and it can also help the artist a lot by selling their songs and promoting their album.