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Letter writting usman Letter writting usman Presentation Transcript

  • 4 Definition of “Letter” Letter “A written or printed communication directed to a person or organization.”
  • Introductory Components of a Letter
  • • Personal Address – Street address – City – State – Zip Code • Company Address – Company’s name – Street address – City – State – Zip Code
  • • Full Calendar Date – May 31,2009 – 31May 2009 • 2-4 spaces
  • • Address of the reader – Reader’s Name – Reader’s Title – Company Name – Company Street Address – Company City – Company State – Company Zip Code • 2-4 spaces
  • • IF you know the reader’s name, salutation will be – First / Last Name – Followed by Colon – For example • Dear Mr. Smith: • Dear Ms. Jones: • Dear Miss / Mrs. Jones: • Dear Chris Evans: • OTHERWISE – Use title • Dear Vice President: – Use department’s name • Accounting Department: • 2 spaces
  • • Includes – Introductory Paragraph – Discussion Paragraph – Concluding Paragraph • 2 spaces below salutation • 2 spaces b/w paragraphs
  • • Place a comma after complimentary close • Preferred close is Sincerely, • 2 spaces below body
  • • Sign your name legibly
  • • Type your name • Mention your title (Optional) • 4 spaces below complimentary close
  • Letter Formats Full-block format – All text typed on left margin – Spaces between paragraphs
  • Letter Formats • Simplified format – Same as full block format except • No Salutations • Subject Line introduced • No Complimentary Close
  • CLASSIFICATION OF LETTER Classficat ion Formal Informal
  • Formal Letter • A formal letter is a letter written to a business, a college, or any professional that are not considered friends or family. Name Address Phone number Email Example of layout: Dear (Name), (Body of letter) Sincerely, (Name) (Sign in pen under typed name)
  • Informal letter • An informal letter is a letter you would write to a friend of family member. It doesn't necessarily need a format, but there is a standard. Example of layout: Dear (Name), Body of letter Sincerely, (Name)
  • Format Explanation Address · The writer’s address is written at the top right-hand corner · For example: 25, Jalan Tebing 8/8, Seksyen 8, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Date · Written below the address. For example: 6 June 2011 For example: 6 June 2011 The format of writing an informal letter
  • Social letters Between friends and relatives, to promote communication and enhance friendship.
  • The structure of a social letter • Headings: the writer’s address and the date • Inside Address: the receiver’s name and address • Salutation: complimentary greeting as Dear John • Body of the Letter: introduction, purpose (matter) and conclusion • Complimentary close: Sincerely yours, etc. • Signature: Your full name, Christian name or a nickname • Postscripts (P.S.): supplemented information
  • ①Headings ② Salutation, ③ Body of Letter ------------------------ -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- ④ Complementary Close ⑤ Signature
  • heading 311 East College Street Stanley, N.C. 28164 August 15, 2004 greetingDear Phil, How has your summer been? Not too hot I hope. Did you get to visit your grandparents? Did you go on your trip to Toronto as you had hoped? They say Toronto is a beautiful city. This is my second season at Camp Bellaire. I just passed my swimming test. Now I can swim out to the raft and also use the boats. To pass I had to jump into the water with my clothes on (as if I had just fallen out of a boat). Then I had to take them off down to my trunks, even my shoes and socks, and finally swim back to shore. It was tough, but I did it! I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. There is lots of news to catch up on! body Your friend, Mike closing signature
  • What is an Invitation Letter? • An invitation is a request to attend an event. It could be an invitation to a barbecue, a night at the theater, a birthday or anniversary party, a housewarming, or a wedding. • It could be a formal event or a casual one, even a religious event.
  • Sample of Formal Invitation Letter Twila Lockard Davis and Gladys Lockard invite you to an Open House celebrating the fiftieth wedding anniversary of our parents, Thomas and Susannah Lockard Saturday, May 25th, 2002 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the home of Dr. and Mrs. David Hasbro 4776 Wailing Wind Dr. Indiana, Pennsylvania Please no presents, just your presence!
  • A Sample Informal Invitation Letter Dear Dr. and Mrs. Davidson, We will be celebrating Paula and Steve’s thirtieth year of ministry with a dinner at the Floribunda Commons Restaurant, Saturday, November 29th, at 8:00 p.m. Please let us know by Monday the 24th if you can join us on this happy occasion. With love, Armineh Izadi
  • What is a Business Letter? • A business letter is a letter written in formal language, usually used when writing from one business organization to another, or for correspondence between such organizations and their customers, clients and other external parties.
  • Writing a Business Letter • A formal business letter usually consists of six parts:  Heading,  Inside address,  Salutation,  Body,  Close,  Signature  Sometimes, notations are included, but they are optional.
  • Format 26 Brookbank Road, Chalkside, Surrey SN 5 3BQ The Managing Director, (sender’s address) Sinton Experts LTD, 3 Castle Chmabers, Chalkside, Surrey. (recipient’s address) December, 10th 2012 (date) Dear Sir, (salutation)
  • OFFICIAL LETTERS Official Letters also called Formal Letters
  • 45 Orange Close West Burnham West Yorkshire 23rd March 2000 The Manager Barclay Building Society Long Street West Hartlepool Dear Sir Thank you for your letter dated 15th March. I am afraid I cannot agree with your letter. I have studied my bank statement and still cannot find the charges you say are outstanding. This is the third letter I have sent and if no action is taken within the next five days I will contact my solicitor. I hope this matter can be settled as soon as possible. Yours faithfully (Ann Angry) ADDRESSES AND DATE Space for signature but write or type your name clearly underneath
  • LETTERS OF NEWSPAPER A written report and analysis of the news, often providing forecasts, typically directed at a special audience, as business people, and mailed to subscribers: a stock-market newsletter.
  • Perera No. 2, 1st Lane, ABC Aug 21, 2013 To, The Editor, The Indian Express, ABC-62. Dear Sir, With due respect, I wish to draw kind attention of the concerned authority and general public through your esteemed daily, towards increasing incidents of road accidents. Road accidents are a frequent feature of newspapers. Road accidents are on a rise especially in big cities. Persons sitting on steering do not have control over it. They do not have any regard for the traffic rules. Over-speeding, jumping red lights, overtaking from wrong side are common place. In most of the cases they escape unpunished due to their social status and corrupt bureaucracy. Every year, large numbers of people die in road accidents. It is one of the biggest reasons of unnatural deaths in India. In the past fifty years, more persons succumbed to death due to road accidents than in wars with our enemy countries. So the time has come to develop a movement against reckless driving. I hope, civic authorities and civilized people will pay heed to my prayer. Yours faithfully, XYZ