Dixon's flipbook

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Dixon Grant's Flipbook for Film 260. This will be filed under flipbooks for week 3: mobilities

Dixon Grant's Flipbook for Film 260. This will be filed under flipbooks for week 3: mobilities

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  • 1. Photo by Flickr user Kevin M. Gill
  • 2. In countries such as : The United ,Photo by The United States Government Works
  • 3. RSSIA,Photo by Flickr user paulafunnelli
  • 4. …and Spain,Photo by Flickr user Mojitopt
  • 5. Photo by Flickr user west.m
  • 6. Photo by FlickruserIntelFreePress
  • 7. Photo by Flickr userNanagyei
  • 8. Photo by Flickr user eperales
  • 9. Photo by Flickr user Cantorion.org
  • 10. Photo by Flickr user popturfdotcom
  • 11. Significant numbers also post their views on communityissues such as sports,Photo by Flickr user Dawn Huczek
  • 12. Photo by Flickr user ukhomeoffice
  • 13. Photo by Flickr user Daveness_98
  • 14. Photo by Flickr user @mist3ry30
  • 15. Photo by Flickr user Ndecam
  • 16. Photo by Flickr user Free Grunge Textures-www.freestock.ca
  • 17. JAPANPhoto By Flickr User tenaciousme
  • 18. …and GERMANY.The only twocountrieswhere lessthan half of allinternet usersparticipate insocialnetworks.Photo by Flickr user tjuel
  • 19. Photo By Flickr usermarkhillary
  • 20. Photo by Flickr user GoodNCrazy
  • 21. Photo by Flickr user Hugo Bernard
  • 22. Ultimately, the world hasbecome asmaller placedue to therising trendof globalsocial media.Photo by Flickr user Horia Varlan
  • 23. Photos• The photo on slide 2 was taken from theUnited States Government Works onFlickr.com• The photos on slide 1 and slides 3 through 23were taken from the Creative Commonssection on Flickr.com.
  • 24. Text Source• The quotes from slides 1 through 23 were alltaken from an online publication from PewResearch titled, Social Networking PopularAcross Globe, released on December 12, 2012.• http://www.pewglobal.org/2012/12/12/survey-methods-43/• The quote on slide 23 is my own in order toprovide a conclusion to the ideas presented inmy flipbook.