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CFP from Mahesh Tutorials ppt

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  • 1. Role, Scope and Opportunities for Wealth Creators in Indian Economy
  • 2. Overview
    Retail Financial Services Industry
    Over 100 Million Retail investors and still growing
    24,000 + Bank Branches in the Country
    5000+ Insurance Services Branches
    10000+ Brokerages Service Branches
    100,000 + CA’s
    Growing number of Financial Products
  • 3. Aspirations to Create Wealth..
    Some Statistics from Income Tax dept
    Rs. 200,000+ in mutual funds by 320,000+ investors = Rs. 685,000Cr.
    Rs. 100,000+ in primary issues by 60,00,000 investors = Rs. 60,000Cr.
    Rs 495,000Cr Invested in Gold
    Rs. 200,000+ spent by 300,000+ credit card holders = Rs. 6400Cr.
    1000,000 cars sold = Rs. 5000 crores
  • 4. Mutual Fund Companies
  • 5. Life Insurance Companies
  • 6. Broking Companies
  • 7. Banks
  • 8. Abundance
  • 9. Confusion & Fear
    …need for someone Trustworthy, who can hold his hand
  • 10. What does the Personal Finance Customer wants ?
    Implement Budgeting and Spending Plans
    Identify Goals that have financial implications– Home, Children’s education, Marriage, Vacation, Manage Life Style after retirement
    Optimization of Insurance Premium
    Identify Investment Options to meet goals
    Manage Debt efficiently
    Take maximum benefit of tax laws and regulations to create additional surplus for investment
    Distribute Wealth according to his wish and not according to laws
  • 11. Retail Consumers in more than 20 countries depend on..
    Emergence of this profession in India….
  • 12. Whatis CFPCM?
    Certified Financial Planner course is an internationally renowned certification program in the field of Financial planning, Wealth management and Financial advisory services.
  • 13. How many CFPCM professionals in other countries?
    58,830 US (250 Million Population)
    17,230 in Canada (About 60 million population)
    15,802 in Japan (120 million population)
    1463 in India (1000 million population)
    India needs at least 50,000 CFPCM professionals
  • 14. Why to opt for this Programme?
    Rapidly changing Investment Scenario
  • 15.
  • 16. Career Prospectus for CFP Certificants
  • 17. Who offers this course?
    • FPSB India in agreement with FPSB ltd. US is the sole licensing body that awards CFP certification in India.
    • 18. Currently CFP certification is offered and recognized in over 24 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, USA, etc…
  • To get certified as a CFPCM Professional, there are 2 pathways:
    1. Education Provider Path way-
    Enroll with FPSB India’s Authorized Education Provider (MT Educare)
    Complete Five Modules of education
    Pass Examinations 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
    Have at least 3 years of relevant working experience
  • 19. 2. Challenge Status Path way-
    A candidate must be a CA, CFA (US), ICWA, CAIIB, CS, LLB, PhD, M.Phil, PG, Licentiate/Associate/ Fellowship of Life Insurance, Actuary, FFSI & FLMI from LOMA, Civil Service Examinations by UPSC.
    Pre CFP Certification Exam (3 Years in Financial Services industry & 5 Years in Non-Financial Services Industry)
  • 20. Modules Covered
    • Introduction to financial planning.
    • 21. Risk analysis and Insurance Planning.
    • 22. Retirement Planning and employee benefits.
    • 23. Investment Planning.
    • 24. Tax planning and estate planning.
    • 25. Advanced Financial Planning.
  • Registration, Examination and Certification fees:
    • Registration fees: Rs. 11000 (valid for 1 year).
    • 26. Exam 2-5 fees: Rs. 2000 per exam per attempt.
    • 27. Exam 6 fees: Rs. 5000 per attempt.
    • 28. CFP certification fees: Rs. 5000 and to be renewed annually.
  • Thank youand have a great life ahead…