Hair transplant


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“Hair’s only solution” clinic is best, reputed and brilliant quality provider. We are specialist and mastered in hair transplantation surgeries. Our team, staff and Dr. Rahul Verma are caring, friendly, professional in planning and dedicated himself in hair restoration. We have more than 10 year experience in this sector.

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    This is Amelia. Thanks for shearing this presentation. I am Jr. Hair Transplant Surgeon at Harley Hair Clinic in London. I want to know What does a trichologist do? Can you shear your experience?
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Hair transplant

  1. 1. HAIR’S ONLY SOLUTION India’s largest hair restoration centre Hair Transplant  Painless  Quick  Affordable  Scarless  Safest
  2. 2.  Dr. Rahul Verma M.B.B.S.M.S. (General Surgery), is widely regarded as one of the best hair transplant surgeon in the world. He is mastered and dedicated himself in hair transplantation field. Dr. Rahul Verma, expert in FUHT, BHT, & IFHU latest hair restoration techniques.  He is registered with Delhi Medical Council, Uttaranchal Medical Council & U.P. Medical Council. Losing Hair will not let you down anymore
  3. 3.  Follicular Unit Hair Transplants.  Follicular Unit Extraction.  Eyebrow Hair Transplants.  Laser Hair Removal.  Hair Transplant Repair.  Sample Hair Transplant.  Body Hair Transplant.  Artificial Hair Transplant. Transforming Life By Transplantation
  4. 4. FUT is a process where a strip of skin along with hair follicles is take from back of head. After that doctor make tiny holes(recipient area) in the patient’s scalp where grafts are placed. No Matter Where you are, get free online guidance
  5. 5.  FUE is the process or removing healthy hair follicles directly from donor area.  FUE deliver more natural looking with no scar, no stitches & no pain. High Quality Hair Transplants By Highly Qualified & Skilled Professionals
  6. 6.  In case of poor donor supply, patients go for Body Hair Transplant, in this process doctor use patient body unwanted hair from:-       Abdomen Armpits/auxiliary area Back, Back of hand Beard, Chest Forearms, Legs Thighs & Pubic Natural Growing Hair…………… forever
  7. 7.  It is safe and secure process for removing unwanted hair from legs, arm and other areas. Benefit of laser hair removal Safe- laser can accurately target and leaving surrounding unscathed skin.
  8. 8. Call now to schedule your consultation
  9. 9. Hair’s only solution A-360, Sector 19, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India Ph:- +91-0120-4544995 Mobile:- +91-9818899771, +91- 9911170709 Email:-,