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Best project on Digital Moms presented to Coca-Cola at the Martin Agency, 2012

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Digital moms coke

  1. 1. Filling the CracksPrepared BySloane Beaver, Rilee Harman, Divya Lulla, Cristina HallFor
  2. 2. Let’s talk about families.
  3. 3. How? Be more efficient Seek validationGive the family social momentum
  4. 4. Multi-taskRead parenting books Join the PTA
  5. 5. Her Digital Family 89% of moms are online regularly 61% of moms call themselves the Chief Technology Officer 50% of moms used a social networking site on the day their child was born
  6. 6. Be more efficient Seek validation How? socialGive the family momentum
  7. 7. Being faster Getting more productivity bangWhat for Being smarter is her energy buck. Mom Efficiency? Making it all happen
  8. 8. 90% of moms describe themselves as task-oriented internet users. When she’s online, she has a purpose.
  9. 9. 54% of moms say they always have multiple windows open at once.They’ve mastered the art of writing emails while looking up recipes.
  10. 10. Buy Buy clothes clothes Tell for the for me bedtim kids e Organi stories Plan zePay dinner Her carpoolbills Digital To-Do Check Find Facebo List exercis ok Plan e Spring routine Break Find Plan decorat Read Email birthda ing the friend y party ideas news
  11. 11. 89% of moms say thattheir smartphones are their personal assistants
  12. 12. Look up Notepad recipes Findplaces GPSto eatCamera Emails Find Banking phone numbers
  13. 13. Instagra Upload m to it Faceboo kTakephoto Tweet it Email it Who to wants Grandm cake? a
  14. 14. Moms are looking for reassurancethat they are helping their kids andWhat is Mom Validation?that they’re on the right track. They want to know they’re normal.
  15. 15. S toBefore Kristin was born, her mom hadThis is in her life more nothing Kristin. important than herself.
  16. 16. S g A Moms Over 30 message board allowed her to share the birth of her child, fears andfrustrations and her TMI “only a mom would get it” moments.
  17. 17. One of the membersimmediately sent her an email When Kristinsaying: 2 lbs lighter was born than her twin her mother posted a “Don’t worryto RAMOM. being photo about one smaller than the other. My twins were like that too.”
  18. 18. Kristin’s was received an email about She mom able to reassure colic from a friend. another mother in return.
  19. 19. Her mother used theKristin went through a Mean Girls internet to try to Phase in school. She stopped receiving invites to parties. understand bullying.
  20. 20. Keeping tabs on Kristin canWhen Kristin started hanging out withhelp her validate her effortsthe fast crowd, Mom used Facebook to make sure Kristin was doing ok. as a mom.
  21. 21. When Kristin left for college, her mom She asked knew where to find support. friends for an em
  22. 22. Helpi tractiHelping her kids get aheadWhat is Social Momentum? and knowing when not to Preve kids s hold them back Avoid stigm
  23. 23. Moms build Social Momentum for their kids When kids join Facebook, this is a huge game changer.
  24. 24. Nap Soccer time Game Laundry Fix-It WorkCook Digital is theFriends glue thatDinner fills the cracks Grocery Shopping Carpool Give PTA Advice Braiddaughters Clean hair Dentist
  25. 25. Who can you learn from?
  26. 26. Social Momentum Fill the cracks. Validation EfficiencyIs your brand one she feels IsIs your brand bringing your brand helping herdisparate worldsfamily? comfortable talking to? promote her together?
  27. 27. How can you be the glue?