Basic steps of the divorce process
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Basic steps of the divorce process

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Divorce involves various complicated legal steps. You need to educate yourself on divorce laws before filling divorce papers.

Divorce involves various complicated legal steps. You need to educate yourself on divorce laws before filling divorce papers.

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  • 1. Divorce Process Presented by Lee Ray
  • 2. Basic Steps of the Divorce ProcessDivorce involves various complicated legal steps. You need to educateyourself on divorce laws before filling divorce papers.
  • 3. The Divorce ProcessUnderstanding the Process:2)Overview of the Divorce Legal System3)Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce4)Trial Preparation and Discovery for Divorce5)Expert Witnesses in Divorce Cases6)Divorce Hearings and Trial7)Appealing a Divorce Case8)Divorce Mediation and MarriageCounseling9)Family Court Masters or Magistrates10)Judicial Indifference in Divorce11)Divorce Settlement
  • 4. Grounds for Divorce:2)Annulments3)The Reason for the Divorce4)Fault versus No-fault Grounds5)Liberalization of Divorce6)Adultery and Divorce7)Cruelty and Divorce8)Abandonment and Desertion in Divorce9)Abandonment and Desertion in Divorce10)Alcoholism and Drugs in Divorce11)Insanity and Divorce12)Fault Grounds Reconsidered13)Historic Defenses to Divorce14)No-fault Divorce
  • 5. 1)Pro Se Divorce (filing for divorcewithout a lawyer):2)Doing Your Own Divorce - Pro Se3)When to Do a Pro Se Divorce4)What Are the Advantages and Disadvantagesof a Pro Se Divorce5)Can I Really Do a Pro Se Divorce On line?6)Pro Se Divorce Kits7)When Does Filing a Pro Se Divorce NotWork?8)Do I Need a Lawyer to File a Pro Se Divorce?9)Pro Se Divorce Popularity10)Pro Se Divorce and the Courts11)Filing a Pro Se Divorce12)Pro Se Divorce Documents
  • 6. Prenuptial Agreements:2)Prenuptial Agreements3)The Uniform Premarital Agreement4)Romance and a Prenuptial Agreement5)Prenups are Not Just for the Wealthy6)Consider a Prenup Before Saying I Do7)Prenuptial Agreements Set Out aFinancial Inventory8)A Warning About the PrenuptialAgreement9)Upholding the Prenuptial Agreement
  • 7. Support & Custody Modifications:2)A Change in Circumstances May WarrantGoing Back to Court3)Modifying a Custody Order or Agreement4)Modifying the Child Support Order orArrangements5)Modifying Spousal Support or Alimony
  • 8. Post-Judgment Divorce Litigation:2)Post-Judgment Litigation in the DivorceProcess3)Appealing a Divorce Judgment4)Appealing the Marital Settlement Agreement5)Modifying the Divorce Decree
  • 9. Reference links How to File for Divorce Divorce Legal Advice Divorce Statistics Divorce Tips
  • 10. Follow Me 40,000 forms and related papers are available here Email : Thank